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Why The Hell - CD
Dr. Scott Hahn

In 1999, the wire services were humming with late breaking news from the Vatican. The story? Hell is real. There is a devil. And malicious powers are at work in our world - and in our everyday lives. Of course this isn't really news in the wake of September 11th, the Enron and WorldCom scandals and the shocking, faith-threatening revelations of the worst sort of sexual misconduct among the clergy of the Catholic Church. As the actions of political, business and religious leaders alike remind us of the pervasiveness of sin, the words of the Holy Father remind us that all sin has dire, perpetual, everlasting and very personal consequences. In short, there will be hell to pay.

Get Behind the Questions
Even in the midst of all this confusion and corruption, we may still wonder: Why would a merciful God maintain a hell? Who's going to hell? Might hell be empty? Could I (or someone I love) really end up there? We all have a lot riding on those questions, but in order to get answers, we must get behind the questions. We need to address the mystery of sin - its causes, consequences and cure. That's precisely what best-selling Catholic author Dr. Scott Hahn did in the newly re-mastered series, Why the Hell?. Digitally produced on six CDs, you'll listen and learn what the Scriptures say about how hell began; why it continues even after Christ's triumph; how even the high angel, Lucifer, could fall into sin and drag us down with him; how Adam and Eve "dis-graced" us through Original Sin (hint: its not a myth!); and how Jesus and Mary - the New Adam and the New Eve - can lead us infallibly to heaven.

A Battle You Can't Miss
On disc number one, Sex, Lies and Sacraments, you'll discover how hell has worked its way into many families and answer the question, "Is your family prepared to resist it?" Disc two, Why the Hell?, reveals the shocking things Scripture has to say about hell. Too many sell these passages short - don't miss the real meaning! The third disc, Original Sin, explores the biblical book of Genesis to discover how things in this world got so messed up. In Why the Devil?, Scott reveals what we know about the wicked angels, and explores how a good angel could go bad. Explaining why sin must be dealt with at its source, disc five The New Adam, looks to Romans chapter five to answer who can do it - and how! The final disc, The New Eve, unpacks Revelation twelve to reveal that just as Satan took on the first Eve, so God created a second Eve to wipe out "that ancient serpent." This is a battle you can't afford to miss, because the fighting is mighty close to home!
Scott Hahn's masterful explication of the mystery of sin (and what you can do about it) is a must for all Catholics who desire to be able to grasp this essential concept and also to relate it to others before its too late! The Bible has plenty to say about hell, and none of it is very pleasant. One thing is very clear: hell is too close to us for comfort. So order today and begin the lifelong work of "getting the hell out of here!"

In This Series You’ll Learn:
Why Lucifer - the highest of God's Angles - refused to serve
What the Pope meant when he said hell was not a place, but a "state of being"
Why so few theologians today believe in hell
Why some theologians believe hell is empty
The most seductive modern error about hell
What even good Catholics fail to understand about Original Sin
How Catholics and Protestants differ on Original Sin
How a mistaken view of Original Sin leads to major mistakes about justification
What the devil knows about Mary -and wants to keep us from finding out
And so much more! (Disc 1) Sex, Lies, and Sacraments-How hell has worked its way into many families. Is your family prepared to resist it?
(Disc 2) Why the Hell?-The Scriptures have some shocking things to say about hell. Don’t miss the real meaning. Don’t sell these passages short.
(Disc 3) Original Sin-How in hell did the world get so messed up? Is there any truth to Genesis?
(Disc 4)Why the Devil?-What do we know about the bad angels? How could an angel go bad?
(Disc 5)The New Adam (Rm 5)-Sin has to be dealt with at its source. But who can do it? And how?
(Disc 6)The New Eve (Rev 12)-Just as Satan took on the first Eve, so God created a second Eve to wipe out the monster. This is a battle you don’t want to miss, because the fighting is mighty close to home.

Item Number: 5601
Unit Sale Price: $34.95


Dr. Scott Hahn, Michael Cumbie, Dr. Brant Pitre,
Alex Jones
, Dr. Brant Pitre, and Prof. Michael Barber,
Rob Evans, Bishop Cordileone, Katrina Zeno, Jesse Romero,
Father Joseph Fessio, S.J, Ed Vizenor, Professor Ed Mazza and Many more
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