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Catholic Spirituality
Catholic Audio CD, Tapes, DVD and Videos

A More Perfect Way

(PC: 8571-CD) Alex Jones The signs are everywhere. There is a great movement of the Holy Spirit. Ordinary people who have a passion for God are coming together to experience a renewal of faith and love for Christ and His Church. And yet there is also great sufferi... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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A New Beginning

(PC: 8504-CD) Ken Hensley This exegetical unfolding of the Annunciation, Visitation and Nativity are beautifully placed in their historical context, along with the OT prophesies, NT parallels, and wonderful quotes from Mother Teresa, and G.K. Chesterton. Not just an Advent se... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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A Window into our Saviors Heart 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

(PC: 5218-CD) Scott Hahn For three hours Jesus suffered the agony of crucifixion. It was difficult for Him to speak. Yet, He spoke seven times from the cross. He spoke to us, His words as poignant and mysterious today as when he first uttered them. Dr. Scott Hahn prov... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Abandonment to Divine Providence Book on tape

(PC: 908-CD) Jean-Pierre De Caussade Although recognized as a work of profound spirituality, Abandonment to Divine Providence is a book that gifted 18th century cleric Jean-Pierre de Caussade did not even know he had written! It was actually compiled and published over a century... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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An Exorcist Tells His Story Book on Tape

(PC: RC05-CD) Gabriele Amorth In this powerful new audio book, An Exorcist Tells His Story, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome, tells of his many experiences in his ministry as an exorcist doing battle with Satan to relieve the great suffering ... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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Bernard Lives!

(PC: 6865-CD) Ralph Martin Discover St. Bernardês Step-by-Step Guide to a Deeper Relationship with God Schism, Church scandals, partisan politics, war in the Middle East. Although these sound like contemporary problems, one medieval saint effective... (More) CD - Sale Price: $30.95
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Crisis in Culture

(PC: 5506-CD) Fr. George Rutler It has been said that when you separate God from society, you end up with a culture destined to destroy itself. According to Fr. George Rutler of St Patrick's Cathedral, New York, the nihilism and vulgarity of contemporary art and literature, have... (More) CD - Sale Price: $34.95
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Demonology Satan's Role in Salvation History

(PC: 6662-CD) Fr. Clement Machado How to Protect Your Family from the Wiles of the DevilÄ Discover Powerful Weapons for Your Personal Arsenal in the Battle Against Satan The Enemy. The Accuser. The Evil One. How real is he? Do we really need to defend ours... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Enduring the Winter of Unbelief

(PC: 6898-CD) Fr. Shannon Collins Ever since Vatican II the faithful have been told that the Church is experiencing a –New Springtime.” But if this is true why has the number of Catholics that attend Holy Mass steadily decreased until it is fewer than twenty percent in some Amer... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Fount of Life

(PC: 7756-CD) (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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Holiness in Everyday Life The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales

(PC: 6863-CD) Ralph Martin Money. Family. Work. School. Church. So much to do, so little time. And yet you long to develop a deeper commitment to family, community and most importantly, God. But how do you start? Where do you find the time? Is there an a... (More) CD - Sale Price: $30.95
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Interview With an Excorcist

(PC: 9108-DVD) Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea Many current movies like Constantine, Hellboy and Exorcist: The Beginning feature dramatic portrayals of spiritual warfare and exorcism. But how accurate are these special effects-laden Hollywood extravaganzas? Is demonic posse... (More) DVD - Sale Price: $19.75
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Jesus I Trust in You: Discovering Divine Mercy

(PC: 9109-DVD) Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is one of today's most popular Catholic devotions. Now you can experience God's Mercy in your own life as you discover how a humble Polish nun became a powerful apostle of God's plan of mercy for the world. In Jesus... (More) DVD - Sale Price: $19.75
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Listening to the Lord:Scriptural Reflections For Today

(PC: 5518-CD) Fr. George Rutler Do you ever have difficulties understanding God's Word and applying it to your life? When was the last time you heard a stirring homily at Mass or heard a stimulating sermon that motivated you to deepen your spiritual life? Now, you can finally lea... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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Lord Have Mercy The Healing Power of Confession

(PC: 5623-CD) Scott Hahn Doesn't it appear that the world is literally "going to hell"? Things seem to be getting worse all around us, but what can ordinary believers do to change the world and touch the lives of people around us? How can we make a difference? <... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Luminous Mysteries:New Light in a Time of Darkness

(PC: 6113-CD) Archbishop Fulton Sheen Fr. Bill Casey Fr. Mitch Pacwa In October 2002, in the midst of scandal and uncertainty, Pope John Paul II celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of his extraordinary pontificate by proclaiming a "Year of the Rosary", issuing an apostolic letter on the topic, and to the s... (More) CD - Sale Price: $17.96
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Marys Role in the 3rd Millennium

(PC: 5239-CD) Mark Miravalle Scott Hahn Illuminate your understanding of Mary's God-given role as "God's Masterpiece" in His redemptive work for your soul. Drs. Scott Hahn & Mark Miravalle share keen insights as proof that the superabundant gift of His love and glory is found in Mary.... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Meditation on the Passion of Christ

(PC: 9106-DVD) Radix One of St. Joseph Communications all-time Best Sellers just got better! Doug Barry's tour-de-force one-man performance of the Meditation on the Passion of Christ has been moving audiences to tears and sending thousands to the confessional for ... (More) DVD - Sale Price: $19.75
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Moments of Grace

(PC: 8020-CD) Grace Mackinnon Do you ever look around and think, if my life were as easy as my neighbor's I'd be a saint? We often think that our sufferings are keeping us from becoming holy, but this isn't true! "In Heaven, our... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Our Final Hope

(PC: 6606-CD) Fr. Bill Casey Tough times demand tough love. And that's what you'll discover on the all-new four tape set, Our Final Hope with Fr. Bill Casey, Superior General for the Fathers of Mercy. It's no secret that because of the recent scandals, Catholic ... (More) CD - Sale Price: $21.56
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Our Lady and this Present Darkness

(PC: 6091-CD) Fr. Benedict Groeschel No one doubts that the Catholic Church in the United States is in the midst of the greatest crisis it has seen in all our country's 220-year history. But in many respects, the scandal that has rocked the Church is substantially a media event, and as... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Padre Pio-The Wonder Worker Book on Tape

(PC: RC06-CD) Various The first part of this book is a biographical sketch of the famous Capuchin. Padre Pio had many gifts including bilocation, prophecy, reading hearts, healing and other extraordinary charisms. Examine his incredible story and gain the insights of sev... (More) CD - Sale Price: $38.95
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Pray the Rosary With the Psalms

(PC: 9102-DVD) Matthew Arnold NOW ON 2 DVDs, (60 Min. Each DVD)!! This is not "just another Rosary video!" In Pray the Rosary with the Psalms, you'll discover a powerful new way to focus your mental prayer that is both Scriptural and true to Tradition. In this digitally m... (More) DVD - Sale Price: $19.75
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Prepare Ye the Way Meditations for Advent

(PC: 503-CD) Fr. Philip Chavez New! Meaningful Meditations on Advent for You and Your Family Prepare Ye the Way: Meditations for Advent Father Philip Chavez, S.O.L.T. Why is it that so many Catholics fail to achieve peace in their lives? Why do so many act contrary to what... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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Preparing For the Spiritual Battle

(PC: 6607-CD) Alex Jones Fr. Bill Casey What did Pope John Paul II mean when he stated early in his Pontificate, "we are now living at the time of the greatest battle between good and evil the world has ever known"? Was he prophetically warning us to prepare for war? How can we ... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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Renewal and Reconciliation

(PC: 56-CD) Archbishop Fulton Sheen We live in an age that has literally lost the sense of sin and sadly forgotten its fundamental need for God. No longer do people-including baptized believers-willingly submit their intellect and will to what God has revealed. It is as if we a... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.21
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Saints For Sinners Book on Tape

(PC: RC15-CD) Alban Goodier How do you respond to the universal call to holiness required by the Church? How do you overcome human weakness in the face of trials and tribulations? What do you do to resist the temptation to desperation or resentment over personal fai... (More) CD - Sale Price: $30.95
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Sign of Contradiction Good Friday and Beyond

(PC: 55-CD) Archbishop Fulton Sheen On April 8, 1977, a record crowd of over 6,000 worshippers came to St. Agnes Catholic Church in New York City to attend the Good Friday Service given by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. This was the very same church where, 50 years before, Shee... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.21
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Spiritual Solutions

(PC: 7390-CD) Too many Catholics today are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Frantically searching for guidance and direction, they mistakenly travel down the dead-end roads of pop psychology, secularized sociology and even the occult in hope... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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St. Catherine of Siena: Growing in Love

(PC: 6862-CD) Ralph Martin Throughout the history of the Church, God has raised up men and women to boldly proclaim the Gospel message of salvation and communicate its truths to others. These people-often times uneducated yet devout believers-lived intense lives of ... (More) CD - Sale Price: $34.95
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Surrendered to Love: The Wisdom of Thþrúse of Lisieux

(PC: 6864-CD) Ralph Martin Now! Go Beyond Popular Preconceptions and Encounter the Real –Little Flower” Surrendered to Love: The Wisdom of Thþrúse of Lisieux Ralph Martin –Humble and poor, Therese shows the •little wayê of children who confide in their Fath... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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The Greatest Gift

(PC: 6975-CD) Clayton Bower Scott Hahn Tim Staples Learn what Christmas is about from the perspective of a theologian, a "Scripture" apologist and a "popular" apologist. Dr. Scott Hahn, Clayton Bower and Tim Staples join together and bring to light three overarching themes: the... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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The Imitation of Christ

(PC: 927-CD) Thomas š Kempis The Great Catholic Spiritual Classic Finally Available on CD! The Imitation of Christ Thomas š Kempis Read by Al Covaia The words of Our Lord in Saint Lukeês Gospel, –If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cr... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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The Most Holy Rosary

(PC: 5617-CD) Scott Hahn It is the most distinctively Catholic of all devotional pract... (More) CD - Sale Price: $16.95
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The Mystery of Christmas

(PC: 6903-CD) Fr. Shannon Collins On three inspirational CDs (or cassettes) Fr. Shannon Collins, CPM, rector of Mother Angelicaês Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, sheds new light on our beautiful Catholic traditions of Christmas. His delightful presentations focus on the true ... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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The Mystery Of Suffering

(PC: 6406-CD) Jeff Cavins "If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross every day and follow me." Luke 9:23 Like death and taxes, none of us can escape suffering. We all suffer through personal problems lik... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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The Mystery of the Trinity Living in the Image of the Triune Family

(PC: 5607-CD) Scott Hahn The Trinity is the deepest mystery of Christian faith. It is unfathomable in its depths. But we can come to know it more deeply every day. In this three-tape series, Dr. Scott Hahn shows how God has revealed the doctrine of the Trinity through Sc... (More) CD - Sale Price: $23.95
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The Quest for Masculine Spirituality

(PC: 8800-CD) Fr. Philip Chavez Give Your Men the Keys to Discover True Happiness through their God-given Vocation to Lead, Protect and Provide! The Quest for Masculine Spirituality Father Philip Chavez, S.O.L.T. At a time when 85% of the ministries...CD

The Secret of the Rosary Book on Tape

(PC: RC17-CD) St Louis De Montfort I wish to give you a rose-a crimson one, because the Precious Blood of Our Lord has fallen upon it. With these words St. Louis de Montfort invites you to discover a spiritual treasury of mental and vocal prayer blessed with the divine... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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The True Meaning of Christmas

(PC: 51-CD) Archbishop Fulton Sheen Fondly remembered for his pioneering work in Catholic broadcasting, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was one of the best-loved and most influential preachers of the 20th century. Now in this new digitally mastered presentation, St. Joseph Communicat... (More) CD - Sale Price: $8.96
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The True Meaning Of Easter

(PC: 52-CD) Archbishop Fulton Sheen Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Makes the Story of Our Lord's Passion, Death and Resurrection Come Alive! Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was one of the best-known and best-loved Catholic prelates of the ... (More) CD - Sale Price: $8.96
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The Way

(PC: 6040-CD) Saint Josemaria Escriva Now on CD! Discover –The Way” of a Modern-Day Saint for Our Times The Way How do you discern Godês Will and act upon it with confidence? How can you achieve holiness through everyday life, no matter what your oc... (More) CD - Sale Price: $30.95
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Union with God Learning from Teresa of Avila

(PC: 6860-CD) Ralph Martin Do concepts like, "Union with God" only apply to saints and the very holy? Do you desire to increase your prayer life but have trouble just getting in a daily Rosary? Have you ever attempted to read the writings of the great mystics only to w... (More) CD - Sale Price: $26.95
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Walk With Him Catholic Men's Conference

(PC: 7700-CD) Jeff Cavins Jesse Romero Ralph Martin Scott Hahn Dr. Scott Hahn, Jesse Romero, Bishop Dornan, Ralph Martin, Jeff Cavins and more gather to discuss issues of particular importance to Catholic men. A perfect gift for husbands, fathers and single men who desire to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ fo... (More) CD - Sale Price: $34.95
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Dr. Bernard Nathanson

BEYOND ABORTION A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation By Suzanne Rini


IS THE FETUS HUMAN? By Eric Pastusek




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The Massacre of Innocence - DVD

A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure - DVD

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Life: It's A Gift And A Class Project-DVD

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One Day In May - DVD

Right And Reason

Amazing Grace For Those Who Suffer


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From San Giovanni to Heaven - New Video on Canonization of Padre Pio

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Spanish Edition - La Historia De Sor Faustina

Sister Faustina - The Promise of Mercy

The Beatification of Sister Faustina - Join the Celebration

A Celebration of Padre Pio - Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry

Spanish Edition - Homenaje Al Padre Pio

Padre Pio - At The Gates of Heaven

Padre Pio's San Giovanni - "I Can Refuse No One"

Medjugorje - The Miracles and The Message

Padre Pio's Way of the Cross


The Passion of Christ - DVD - Film of Mel Gibson


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Refugee from Socialism - Record Album


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