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   Baby Steps: 16 stages of Pre-Birth Development 

Live from the womb amazing 4-D Ultrasound Imagery features preborn babies, 7 weeks to 22 weeks old, as they roll, yawn, spin, smile, blink, stretch and sneeze.
   Dead in the Water: Combating the Culture of death on the High Seas 

Dead in the Water is the definitive account of HLI's battle wit the imfamous "abortion boat" when it traveled to Ireland in 2001. The abortion boat, which is literally a floating abortion clinic, is brought to the shores of pro-life countries, where expecting mothers are shuttled out to the seas in order to kill the developing child in the womb. HLI's friends in Ireland, led by Patrick and Therese McCrystal, countered the attempts of this operation with their own pro-life campaign. You will be inpsired by the results of their heroic work!
   Demographic Winter: The decline of the Human Family 

As a result of birthrates world wide that are below replacement levels, deomgraphers are saying we are heading toward a deomgraphic winter. It will have catastrophic and economic consequences due to shrinking populations that are a result of the breakdown of the family, use of contraception to limit family size and young men and women who have no desire to get married and have children. This ground breaking documentary will change the way you think about economics, family, religion and children. This is a great po-life tool that shows the results of the use of abortion and contraception and how it is impacting society and the world.
   Hard Truth 

A provocative film on the absolute horrors of abortion. A pro-life classic with no narration, this video merges Kemper Crabb's haunting song, "A Malediction" with uniquely convincing visuals. Runnign time 10 minutes.
   Love Is A Choice: The Life of St. Gianna Molla
This film tells the beautiful and deeply moving story fo the life of the new modern saint Gianna Molla. A wife, mother and medical doctor, she heroically sacrificed her own life to save her unborn child. This powerful documentary includes interviews with her husband and children, friends and relatives, excerpts from her letters and great film clips of Gianna herself. It also includes footage from her canonization ceremony in Rome when she canonized a saint by Pope JOhn Paul II on May 16, 2004.
   Preserving Africa's Culture of Life 

In this video documentary, HLI takes you to the frontlines of the battle on the fertile soil of Africa, where the enemies of life relentlessly try to subvert a culture there that is deelply pro-life. Learn about the origions and strageties of the Culture of Death and how its global agenda threatens to decimate the people of the world, nation by nation. Also learn how Human Life International counter attacks, and give people the tools and education needed to preserve their life and values.
 St. Gerard Majella: A Saint For Our Times 

St. Gerard Majella: A Saint For Our Times 

This dramatic video tells the story of St. Gerard Majella, a Redemptorist Brother from Souther Italy, whose purity, faith, love of God and obidence to our Lord and his Superiors are models for us today. Shot on location in Itlay, Ireland and the United States, this video brings to life the extraordinary passion and devotion of ST. Gerard... from his erliest days to his all too brief life as a religious, when he performed so many miracles that he became known as the "Wonder Worker". Get to know St. Gerard and why he may soon be the patron saint for the unborn.


 The Mission of the Pro-Life Movement 

In this DVD Dr. Clowes relates amazing stories of pro-life leaders and what they have accomplished. You will hear of the successful abstience program in the Phillippines, How HLI has trained over 10,000 priest and seminarians around the world in the last five years. You will learn how the anti-life revolution has gained control of our society and what must be done to counter this revolution and much more.

 Dr. Brian Clowes   $19.75 

 The Silent Scream 

The modern technoligy of the real time ultrasound now reveals the actual responses of a 12 week old fetus to being aborted. As the unborn child attempts fo escape the abortionist's suction curette, her motions can be seen to become desperately agiated and her heart rate doubles. This is a film that reveals the truth of abortion that most people will never know about or want to know of.



Love is a Choice - The Life of St. Gianna Molla
Salt and Light Media, Canada

This film tells the beautiful and deeply moving story of the life of the new modern saint, Gianna Molla. A wife, mother and medical doctor, St. Gianna Molla (1922-1962) heroically sacrificed her own life to save her unborn child. "A woman of exceptional love, an outstanding wife and mother, Gianna Molla gave witness in her daily life to the demanding values of the Gospel." - Pope John Paul II

DVD Sale Price: $19.75


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An Evening with an Exorcist - Fr. Thomas Euteneuer


Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor

(2 Hrs Long)

Most complete report on Anti-Christ ever made. Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor. Fr. O'Connor shows how we will be able to recognize the Anti-Christ through Bible and Current Events, that he is alive and prepared to enter world seen, about infiltration of Catholic Church, about the New World Order, end of US independence, One World Socialist Atheist Government, Wars, Paper Money, Homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church, Our near Future, How to prepare our self for persecution and more ... Must see. Best Seller.

(DVD 2hrs) ...........$ 20.00
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