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Catholic Books on Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Photos from movie "The Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson


BETHLEHEM By Fr. Faber Fr. Faber explores the hidden meanings of Our Lord's Incarnation, birth, infancy and early life and expands his theme to a wide-ranging discourse on the entire Catholic Faith from the point of view of the Sacred Infancy. Nothing that Jesus did or allowed Himself to undergo is without meaning, and Fr. Faber explores those hidden meanings with a profundity one would hardly believe possible. Fr. Faber was one of the 19th-century masters of English literature as well as a fount of rare spiritual insights. Only $21.95 Ordering Information

THE BOOK OF INFINITE LOVE By Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche A powerful little book aimed at all Catholics. Expounds upon the nature of God and His love for mankind; in particular, shows how God's love is meant to be manifested throughout the world by the love of Christ in His priests. Based on communications Mother Louise Margaret received from Our Lord, of which she said that He (Christ) is the true author. A real surprise in a small package! Only $7.50 Ordering Information

A BRIEF LIFE OF CHRIST By Rev. Leslie Rumble Absolutely excellent for students and for adult review. Capsulizes the main events and sayings of Our Lord. Map of the Holy Land. A chronological outline. Perfect for a refresher. Only $4.00 Ordering Information

A CALL TO SOULS By Sr. Josefa Menendez Striking words of Our Lord from The Way of Divine Love. Awakens the slumbering human heart to the mysteries of God's love and mercy. Shows how to return His love each day and how we can help save souls from Hell. Only $1.50 Ordering Information

CHRIST'S APPEAL FOR LOVE By Sister Josefa Menendez This short biography of Josefa Maria Menendez, coadjutrix sister of the Society of the Sacred Heart, together with the notes she wrote under obedience to her Superiors, are extracts from the life and complete notes published under the title of The Way of Divine Love. They reiterate Our Lord's consuming desire to attract souls to the merciful love of His Sacred Heart, an appeal which began in the Gospel and which Our Lord has continued up to the present time to renew through those He chooses for this purpose. Only $9.95 Ordering Information

DEVOTION TO THE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE The fascinating story briefly told, plus the famous "miraculous" prayers and devotions along with the Litany to the Infant Jesus. Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $1.50 Ordering Information

DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART OBJECTS, ENDS, PRACTICE, MOTIVES By Fr. Louis Verheylezoon, S.J. This might well be called "the complete book of devotion to the Sacred Heart." Covers all aspects: First Fridays, 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart, St. Margaret Mary, St. Claude la Columbiere, her confessor. Gives the nature of the devotion; its object, purpose, and the method of practicing it; the motives for doing so, and Sacred Heart associations. Absorbing, thorough, and easy to read. Only $16.50 Ordering Information

THE DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS How to Practice the Sacred Heart Devotion By Fr. John Croiset, S.J. THE book on devotion to the Sacred Heart! Commissioned by Our Lord Himself through St. Margaret Mary and received, through her, His endorsement. Responsible for the early, rapid spread of the Sacred Heart devotion. Contains the Saint's life, her prayers to the Sacred Heart, the Sacred Heart Promises (far more than the famous "12 Promises"), and much, much more! Great! Only $16.50 Ordering Information

THE DOLOROUS PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST FROM THE VISIONS OF Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich Faithful to the Bible story of the Passion and death of Jesus, it fills in many details and is edifying and inspiring beyond belief; plus, it is surprising and heart-rending. It will melt a heart of stone. This book is the best on the Passion we have seen. It is also wonderful on the Blessed Mother's role in our redemption. Includes a short biography of Sr. Emmerich. A great, great book for the whole family! Only $18.50 Ordering Information

THE GOLDEN ARROW The Life & Revelations of Sr. Mary of St. Peter (1816-1848) on Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. At Tours, France, she received this devotion from Our Lord 1) to fight Communism, 2) to make reparation, 3) to be an unfailing tool of prayer. Approved worldwide. Only $15.00 Ordering Information

THE HOLY MAN OF TOURS The Life of Leo Dupont (1797-1876), Apostle of the Holy Face Devotion By Dorothy Scallan From Martinique to Tours, France, his life was guided toward successfully promoting this devotion. World famous for his miracles. One of the best books we have ever published! Companion book: The Golden Arrow. 5,000 Sold! Only $15.00 Ordering Information

THE HOLY SHROUD AND FOUR VISIONS By Rev. Patrick O'Connell & Rev. C. M. Carty A fascinating study of the Winding Sheet Our Lord was wrapped in (now in Turin, Italy) with a comparison from the visions of four famous mystics: St. Bridget of Sweden, Ven. Mary of Agreda, Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich and Therese Neumann. Most moving. Only $3.50 Ordering Information

"It was revealed to me that through the intercession of the Mother of God, all heresies will disappear. This victory over heresies has been reserved by Christ for His Blessed Mother...Before the Second Coming of Christ, Mary must, more than ever, shine in mercy, might and grace in order to bring unbelievers into the Catholic Faith."
Venerable Mary of Agreda - Seventeenth Century

I WAIT FOR YOU Jesus' Lament over Man's Indifference By Sr. Josefa Menendez Jesus' own powerful words from The Way of Divine Love showing His displeasure over mankind's neglect of His love, especially of His Eucharistic Presence. Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $ 1.50 Ordering Information

IMITATION OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS By Fr. Peter J. Arnoudt, S.J. Recommended to us as even better than The Imitation of Christ, and we think it is! Written for everyone, and everyone should own it. In this book Jesus is speaking to the reader--through the author, of course--in short, easy-to-understand chapters that are filled with wisdom. Thereafter the student of the spiritual life--representing ourselves--speaks to Jesus. Renders a unique and powerful effect upon the soul! Only $18.50 Ordering Information

THE INCARNATION, BIRTH AND INFANCY OF JESUS CHRIST By St. Alphonsus Liguori Every facet of the early life of Jesus. Consoling lessons about His childhood and His love for us; how He suffered for us from the moment of His conception. Absolutely sublime reading for Advent. Only $13.50 Ordering Information

THE LIFE AND MESSAGE OF SR. MARY OF THE HOLY TRINITY By Rev. Alain-Marie Duboin, O.F.M. Life story of Louisa Jaques (1901-1942), author of Spiritual Legacy of Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity, a Poor Clare of Jerusalem, to whom Our Lord gave messages about the love of His Heart for souls. Her Protestant childhood and youth in Switzerland, religious and philosophical yearnings, great love for her family, guilty friendship with a young married doctor, conversion, vocation and early death. 22 pictures. Plus messages from Our Lord (from The Spiritual Legacy), arranged by topic. Includes an article on the Poor Clares of Rockford, Illinois, with 31 photographs of the nuns. Only $12.00 Ordering Information

THE LIFE AND WORK OF MOTHER LOUISE MARGARET CLARET Containing a Message from Our Divine Lord for the Clergy of the World Compiled from Original Sources by Fr. Patrick O'Connell, B.D. A 20th-c. St. Margaret Mary who received revelations from Our Lord about His irrepressible love for mankind and how He desires to communicate it to the world. This book will surprise readers with its profundity and many spiritual revelations. Only $12.50 Ordering Information

THE LIFE OF CHRIST AND BIBLICAL REVELATIONS By Anne Catherine Emmerich Incredible revelations about the beginning of the world, events from the Old and New Testaments, plus the background and early life of Mary and Jesus--all from the visions of this famous mystic. Covers the 3-year public life of Our Lord, with many events not mentioned in Scripture. Also, the early life of the Catholic Church--alone worth the Price of the book. Incredible facts about Our Lord, His ancestry, His work, and the early Church. A now famous book and a spiritual classic beloved by many. (Softcover) Only $60.00

THE LITTLE BOOK OF THE WORK OF INFINITE LOVE By Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche A brief summary of her life and mission. Includes her revelations about the Sacred Heart and the priesthood, showing how Our Lord desired to transform the world by love--in particular, by the superabundant supernatural love His priests should show men. Also contains a description of the "Priests' Universal Union of the Friends of the Sacred Heart," which she founded, an outline of their duties, and a selection from her writings--which are suffused with simplicity, directness and that holy penetration common to all the Saints. Only $3.50 Ordering Information

THE LOVE AND SERVICE OF GOD Containing a Message from Our Divine Lord for the Clergy of the World Messages given by Our Lord to Mother Louise Margaret (1868-1915) about the burning love of the Sacred Heart for men. 274 short extracts from her intimate notes, conferences and letters. Says God demands docility to His will and absolute confidence in His paternal love and that His very essence is "Infinite Love." These writings have been translated into many languages and been spread far and wide. Only $15.00 Ordering Information

LOVE, PEACE AND JOY Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus according to the method of St. Gertrude the Great By Fr. Andrš Pršvot Based on the actual words of Our Lord to St. Gertrude as recorded in her famous Revelations. Shows little-known ways to gain great graces quickly and advance rapidly in divine love, especially by placing all of our own prayers in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that they might be perfected and made more pleasing thereby. St. Gertrude is one of the greatest Saints in the Church, and here indeed are the secrets of a Saint! Only $8.00 Ordering Information

THE MAGNIFICENT PRAYERS 15 famous, inspiring and powerful prayers composed by St. Bridget of Sweden after her visions of the Passion and death of Jesus. Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $4.75 Ordering Information

MESSAGE OF MERCIFUL LOVE TO LITTLE SOULS By "Marguerite" Personal messages of Our Lord to a Belgian lay mystic from 1965 thru 1973. Our Lord says He wants to establish through these messages a company of "little souls" (little-known people) who will offer prayer, penance and sacrifice to Him in reparation for sins and especially for the conversion of poor sinners and the salvation of the world. Really moves you to rectify your life and offer it all to Our Lord through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Do not miss this one! Only $18.00 Ordering Information

MIRACULOUS IMAGES OF OUR LORD FAMOUS CATHOLIC STATUES, PORTRAITS AND CRUCIFIXES By Joan Carroll Cruz 42 remarkable, true accounts about miraculous manifestations of Our Lord from various parts of the globe, richly illustrated by actual photos. Miraculous statues, crucifixes and other holy images. Includes The Holy Shroud, Veil of Veronica, Infant Jesus of Prague, San Damiano Crucifix (cover photo) from which Our Lord spoke to St. Francis, etc., etc. Shows Our Lord's infinite love for us--causing Him to manifest it through His venerated images. A well of inspiration; a buttress to our faith in Christ! Only $16.50 Ordering Information

MY IDEAL JESUS, SON OF MARY By Fr. Emil Neubert, S.M. A famous little book based on the teaching of Fr. Chaminade. "Conversations" between the disciple of Mary on the one hand and Jesus and the Blessed Mother on the other. All about imitation of Our Lord's filial love for His Mother. Leads the soul to be an apostle in daily life, bringing others to Jesus and Mary. A complete, practical program of life, uniting one to Jesus and Mary. Beloved spiritual classic of many Only $11.95 Ordering Information

THE PASSION OF JESUS AND ITS HIDDEN MEANING By Fr. James Groenings, S.J. Undoubtedly the best meditation on the Passion and death of Jesus because it is taken entirely from the Bible--and nothing from private revelations. It is absolutely amazing how much we know about our Saviour's suffering and death from the Bible alone! It also interprets the lessons we should derive from each episode of the Passion. Gives a host of comparable lessons most people never even dreamed were there. . .and the hidden meanings of each event of the Passion. Anyone imagining he knows all about the Passion is in store for an eye-opening surprise from The Passion of Jesus and Its Hidden Meaning! Only $15.00 Ordering Information

THE PRECIOUS BLOOD By Fr. Faber Fr. Faber calls it "the Price of our salvation," for Our Lord died from loss of blood. Says, "it is out of the Precious Blood that men draw martyrdoms, vocations, celibacies, austerities, heroic charities and all the magnificent graces of high sanctity." Says the Sacraments are God's machinery for keeping His Precious Blood always flowing in the Church and that the evils on earth and the pains of Hell would be much worse without the shedding of Our Lord's Precious Blood. Full of keen insights into our entire religion from the standpoint of the Precious Blood. Wakes us up to points of our Faith we may have forgotten or never thought about before! Only $16.50 Ordering Information

REVELATIONS OF ST. BRIDGET on the Life and Passion of Our Lord and the Life of His Blessed Mother Excerpts from her revelations. Actual words of Our Lord and Blessed Mother to St. Bridget of Sweden, giving intimate details of their lives on earth, including the hidden life of Our Lord and Our Lady in Nazareth, plus the early life of Our Lady and the birth of Our Lord. Includes the famous 15 Prayers of St. Bridget. First published in 1492. Breathes the spirit of holiness and faith. Excellent on the Passion. A classic of the Church, a perennial Best Seller and a real treasure! Only $4.75 Ordering Information

THE SACRED HEART AND THE PRIESTHOOD By Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche From her lifetime conversations with Our Lord; written to strengthen priests in the love of their sublime vocation and unite them more closely to the "Eternal Priest." Only $10.00 Ordering Information

THE SPIRITUAL LEGACY OF SISTER MARY OF THE HOLY TRINITY Poor Clare of Jerusalem (1901-1942) Ed. By Rev. Silvere van den Broek, O.F.M. Our Lord's revelations to a Poor Clare nun about His love for us and how we should live to please Him. Similar to Way of Divine Love, but reveals yet another side of Our Lord's Heart. Explains the "Vow of Victim" and the delicate nuances of fraternal charity--especially the fruitful effects of kindness, which enables souls to open themselves to the love God asks of them. Includes a brief life story of Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity. Profoundly moving. Only $13.00 Ordering Information

THE TWO DIVINE PROMISES By Fr. Hoppe 2 powerful private revelations of Our Lord. Says that anyone who receives Holy Communion worthily 30 consecutive days and says certain prayers, will save his own soul and that of another. Affects everyone! Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $2.50 Ordering Information

THE WAY OF DIVINE LOVE Unabridged Large Edition By Sr. Josefa Menendez 20th-c. revelations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to a young Spanish nun. Undoubtedly TAN's most inspiring and influential book. Makes lasting devotees. In print since 1949. Large. Only $21.00 Ordering Information

THE WAY OF DIVINE LOVE Unabridged Small Edition By Sr. Josefa Menendez 20th-c. revelations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to a young Spanish nun. Undoubtedly TAN's most inspiring and influential book. Makes lasting devotees. In print since 1949. Pocket. Only $12.50 Ordering Information

THE WAY OF THE CROSS By St. Alphonsus Liguori Easily the most popular and best-loved Way of the Cross ever. Traditional, edifying pictures. The Stabat Mater in Latin and in English. Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $1.50 Ordering Information

THE WAY OF THE CROSS Franciscan Text We consider this the best Way of the Cross we have ever seen. Traditional, edifying pictures. The Stabat Mater is given in Latin and English. Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $1.50 Ordering Information

WONDERS OF THE HOLY NAME By Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P. Few Catholics today know about the amazing power of the Holy Name of Jesus. Urges us to invoke the name of Jesus often. By reverent use of the Holy Name, we can glorify God, call on His aid, pay our spiritual debts, assist the Poor Souls, etc. Remarkable! Note: For quantity discounts, see lower half of page. Only $2.50 Ordering Information

WORDS OF LOVE REVEALED TO THREE NUNS IN THE 20TH CENTURY By Fr. B. Gottemoeller, O.C.S.O., Ed. Intimate revelations of Our Lord to three 20th-century mystics: Sr. Josefa Menendez, Sr. Mary of the Trinity, and Sr. Consolata Betrone on a host of subjects. Surprising revelations on how and why Our Lord acts as He does toward people. Beautiful! Only $8.00 Ordering Information


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