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Rafael Brom
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Rafael Brom

Original Christian Progressive Marian Songs and Music

(Record Album - CD music and songs on Medjugorje made for non-believers)
This Record Album Received ASCAP's Annual Award

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1 hour long record album on CD
CD Promo Sale Price: $9.95


Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)
Contact - Mailing Address: COSMOTONE RECORDS
1990 Contact - Mailing Address: COSMOTONE RECORDS
Product Number: CD-2004 AL
UPC / Product ID: 634479358241
Distributed by marianland.com

Peaceful meditation healing music and songs on apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje
with testimonies of visionaries and pilgrims which will touch your heart and soul.
Composed, Performed, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Rafael Brom at Brom Studio, Pasadena, California.
Record Album Illustration and Design by Rafael Brom
Digitally Remastered by Colin Kennedy of Tortuga Music, Glendale, California.
Song: "Hail Mary" Music by Mahler/Brom.
Rafael Brom : Midi Guitars, 12 String Guitars, 6 String Guitars, Samplers, Keyboards and Vocals.
Backround Voices by Louise Pisani, Bob Dobson and Brian Devine,
from a speech of Prof. Libor Brom at the Woodlands Conference on Capital Preservation, Houston, Texas, (1980)
and Testimonies from Ernest Williams Video "Dear Children" - Used by Permission


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Songs and Instrumental Music:

Medjugorje Story
The Queen of Peace
Medjugorje Angels
Nun in the White Veil
She Looked at Me
Glorious Holy Queen
All My Love to You Jesus
Divine Gift
Sounds of Angels
The Most Beautiful Woman
Love of Mary
Hail Mary (Zdravo Marijo)
Our Father for the Middle East
Pierced Heart of Mary
Beautiful Queen of Peace
Divine Love

From Outer Shell Music Magazine, Pinellas Park, Florida:

PEACE OF HEART - RAFAEL BROM - This has really intrigued me and it certainly is different from what I normally listen to, and certainly only for a select few. Amidst gospel/choir type instrumental vocal music are testaments from people who have seen visions of the Virgin Mary. This is quite dramatic in its presentation, and the execution of the music is very stirring and thought provoking. If you are a "Christian", or simply like a change to some Gospel music, this is a superb release, I give it an "A-plus".
LETTING YOU KNOW - Reviews by Roy Harper, Editor
Outer Shell Music Magazine, Pinellas Park, Florida

CD - Product Number: CD-2004 AL
UPC / Product ID: 634479358241

Order CD
1 hour long record album on CD
CD Promo Sale Price: $9.95


Song: The Sounds Of Angels - Rafael Brom

Lyrics in Croatian:

Nema lazi u Tvom srcu
Jer si pjesma Duha Svetog
Ti si preljepa jer ljubis
Ti lubis kada molis
Zdravo Djevo Kraljice Hrvata
Ti si Majka Cijelog Svijeta
Ti si najljepsa zena svijeta
Jer Tvoja ljubav je prava i cista
Zdravo Marijo Kraljice Mira
Slavna Majko Bozjeg Sina.

Lyrics in English translation:

There are no lies in your heart
Because you are the song of the Holy Spirit
You're Beautiful because you Love
You Love when you pray
Hail Mary Queen of Croatians
You're the Mother of the whole world
You are the most beautiful woman in the world
Because your love is real and pure
Hail Mary Queen of Peace
Glorious Mother of the Son of God.






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DVD - Medjugorje: The Miracles and The Message
Catholic DVD

As Seen on EWTN of Mother Angelica
A JPN Production

An objective look on alleged apparitions at Medjugorje by
Award-winning British film director, J. Paddy Nolan

Before starting his production in Medjugorje, the Director asked Vicka, one of the visionaries, what kind of film she thought Our Lady would like him to make. And Vicka answered, "Our Lady will show you." A comprehensive update of the Medjugorje story. "...serious... significant... different... professional... excellent... suprising... informative... Revealing interviews with world-renowned authorities whose lives have not been the same since their "Medjugorje Experience." - Sister Briege McKenna; Father Michael O'Carroll; Wayne Weible - Medjugorje Apparitions - Medjugorje; Gay Russell; Heather Parsons; Abbe Rene Laurentin; Vicka Ivankovic. The attitude of the Pope and the Church about apparitions is examined. See the sun-spinning phenomenon with testimonies from people who have witnessed it. MEDJUGORJE - THE MIRACLES AND THE MESSAGES was written and directed by award-winning British director, J. Paddy Nolan. (As Seen on EWTN of Mother Angelica).

The Blessed Virgin Mary has reportedly been appearing to six young people in Bosnia and Hercegovina (former Yugoslavia), since 1981. Throughout the period since the Blessed Virgin first appeared to them, the visionaries claim to have received specific information and teaching from her. The Madonna has repeatedly told the children that the world is on the brink of a major catastrophe. She pleads with us to believe that the great catastrophe facing us can only be turned away through prayer, fasting, and penance. The Virgin has repeatedly stated that sin is what causes the lack of peace in the world; and that as long as man continues to ignore God, we will never have peace.

80 minutes DVD - $24.95
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Latest Monthly Message to the World from
Our Lady the Queen of Peace
(Latest Monthly Message to the World from Medjugorje)



Live Performance - DVD

Download Movie
Rafael Brom Unplugged - Live
Song: Dance for Padre Pio


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From Country of Geniuses To Country of Idiots - MARXIST FUNDAMENTALS by Prof. Libor Brom


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