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Pope Francis
The Pope from the End
of the Earth

By: Thomas J. Craughwell

Item No. SB1361
ISBN: 9781618901361
Publication Date: April 2013
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 120 pgs

On March 13, 2013, the world waited in hushed anticipation, eyes fixed on a small chimney atop the Sistine Chapel. Just after 7 p.m. Rome time, a billow of white smoke erupted and Catholics the world over rejoiced. Habemus Papam! We have a pope!

An hour later, Jorge Maria Bergoglio, the humble Cardinal from Argentina emerged onto the loggia and chose the name Francis, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.

After taking in the scene of Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis greeted the pilgrims:

“You know that the work of the conclave is to give a bishop to Rome," the new Pontiff said. "It seems as if my brother cardinals went to find him from the end of the earth, but here we are. Thank you for the welcome."

These words encapsulate the humility, gentleness, and humor of the Church’s newest pontiff. In Pope Francis: The Pope from the End of the Earth, best-selling author Thomas J. Craughwell gives a first look at the life and journey of the first pope from the New World – and offers a glimpse of what his pontificate could mean for the Church.

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About The Author

Thomas J. Craughwell is author of more than two dozen published works. Among them are his highly acclaimed Saints Behaving Badly (Doubleday, 2006) and Saints Preserved: An Encyclopedia of Relics (Image, 2011). His book, Stealing Lincoln's Body (Harvard University Press, 2007), has been adapted into a History Channel documentary. His articles have been printed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Inside the Vatican, and Our Sunday Visitor. A popular speaker, Professor Craughwell has appeared on EWTN, CNN, and Ave Maria radio to discuss saints, the canonization process, and Catholic history. He writes out of his home in Bethel, Connecticut.


A Message From Our Publisher

Habemus Papam!

Since Benedict XVI announced his resignation, Catholics around the world have been bombarded by a secular media that sees a Church in crisis and chaos, marginalized and becoming ever more irrelevant. What ignorance! As He did with Blessed John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the Holy Spirit has sent once again the right man for our times.

“Francis, rebuild my church…”

Our Lord’s charge to St. Francis of Assisi inspires us to publish the new and classic writings that preserve the great traditions of the Church. The fundamental purpose of all great works of spirituality is not merely to enlighten our minds, but to spur us on to live the Christian life.

Saint Francis of Assisi is often recognized as an “alter Christus” (“another Christ”), and for good reason. He was a man of the beatitudes, as each and every one of us is called to be.

It would seem that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has chosen St. Francis of Assisi as his namesake for this very reason. As his life-story unfolds, we are all presented with the testimonies and images of him as a Cardinal—living the corporal works of mercy with simplicity, humility and charity in a sinful and dark world. He took the bus to work; he sold the diocese's fleet of cars; he cooked his own food; he bowed down to kiss the feet of AIDS victims and bowed even lower to ask the crowd in St. Peter's Square to ask God's blessing upon him.

We have a humble pope. We have a pope who loves the poor and lives Christ’s message in his daily life. This is the way of Christ, and this, dear readers, is the purpose of our books. It is with great joy, then, that we humbly submit to him as our new Holy Father.

God has not abandoned His Church, He has been positioning it since the papacy of Leo XIII in the early 1900s to face the power of evil at loose in the modern world. Our new Holy Father Francis is yet another gift from God, and God’s way of saying: “The gates of Hell shall not prevail.”

It is, therefore, with fidelity, hope, and confidence that we welcome our new pope. And it is with full hearts that we offer our prayers for Pope Francis and commemorate his election with our new biography—Pope Francis: The Pope from the End of Earth by the best-selling author, Thomas J. Craughwell.

Robert M. Gallagher





The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

St. Ignatius of Loyola

s it time to take your spiritual pulse, re-orient yourself to your Creator, and seek His guidance to live your faith more seriously? The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola outline the rigorous self-examination and spiritual meditations St Ignatius set forth. Readers will learn how to make a new beginning on the path to holiness, repenting of their sins and attaining freedom from Satan's power. Though St Ignatius wrote The Spiritual Exercises as a handbook for a four week guided retreat, this edition contains step by step explanations suitable for independent use over any time period. This is the original TAN edition now with updated typesetting, fresh new cover, new size and quality binding, and the same trusted content.

St. Ignatius of Loyola was born in 1491 in Guipuzcoa in the Basque country. He was brought up in the household of Ferdinand and Isabella as head treasurer and joined the army in 1517. In 1521, while defending the citadel of Pamplona his leg was broken by a cannon ball and, having nothing to read but the Life of Christ, and the Lives of the Saints during his recuperation, he became inspired to direct his competitive spirit toward heavenly goals. In 1537 after many trials he was ordained a priest and in 1541 founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). He died at Rome in 1556, and was canonized in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV. 

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius (Paperbound)

Item No:   TC1592 (Grouped)
Pages:   344
ISBN:   9780895551535
Publication Date:   2010
Binding:   Paperbound and eBook
Dimensions:   5.5" X 8.5" X 0.75"

Sku: TC1592
Price: $16.95





Saint Ignatius Loyola
F. A. Forbes

A short, popular biography of the ardent Spanish soldier who, while recuperating from a battle wound, was converted to the service of Christ by reading a Catholic book. He initially did great penance, became holy, went to study at the University of Paris, wrote his Spiritual Exercises, gathered a following of brilliant holy men, and then founded the Jesuits.

Mother Frances Alice Monica Forbes, also known as F.A. Forbes, was born in 1869 into a Presbyterian family. She converted to Catholicism in 1900, and entered the Society of the Sacred Heart as a postulant when she was thirty-one. She was a strong-willed and intelligent woman, and used both these gifts to generously make the sacrifices that the Lord wished of her daily. F.A. Forbes authored a considerable amount of books based on the saints, including St. John Bosco: Friend of YouthSt. MonicaSt. Catherine of SiennaSt. Benedict, and The Gripfast Series of English Readers. She died in 1936.

Item No:   1571
Pages:   94
ISBN:   9780895556240
Publication Date:   2009
Binding:   Paperbound
Dimensions:   4.25 X 7 X 0.25

Price: $7.95





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