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Renewal & Reconciliation - CD
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

We live in an age that has literally lost the sense of sin and sadly forgotten its fundamental need for God. No longer do people-including baptized believers-willingly submit their intellect and will to what God has revealed. It is as if we are living at the end of Christendom with the Church in dire need of Renewal and Reconciliation.

Convincing Others Through Holiness
On six powerful CDs or cassettes, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen meditates upon what each of us must do to be faithful followers of Christ today. Recorded live, these twelve spiritual conferences will stir your soul to respond with greater faith to the many "tests" you encounter today. Rather than succumbing in fear and hopelessness, Bishop Sheen's rich insights pave the way for you to face these challenges and embrace the tremendous graces poured out in abundance to those who seek them. Once this happens, you'll discover why the Archbishop asserts, "the only argument that is left to convince others is holiness."
By reexamining our fallen nature and probing societal conditions, Bishop Sheen covered timely topics such as guilt and sin, social justice and human suffering, prayer and the demonic, and much more! Sheen's compelling stories, literary references and Scriptural exegesis powerfully reinforced the important points presented and made them tangible and easily applicable to everyday life.

Revolutionize Your Life
Renewal and Reconciliation provides keen insights and practical guidance to help you recommit your very life to Christ Jesus with renewed passion and restored vigor. Learn how to carefully and consciously live in these modern times and to overcome the mediocrity that often limits our wholehearted search for sanctity. Allow Archbishop Sheen's wit and wisdom to fan the flames of God's burning love in your soul and revitalize your quest to conform your life to Christ. Purchase a set for yourself, one for a friend or loved one, and another for a priest or religious you may know in urgent need of spiritual transformation. This retreat will revolutionize your life!

What Church history tells us concerning the present moment we live in
Why we are living at the "end of Christendom" but not Christianity
How God always works through "minorities" and never through "majorities"
Why we possess the "Crossless Christ" in our Western world
How the "standard of Christ" differs radically from the "standard of the world"
Why mediocrity so gradually overcomes us that we fail to recognize it
How sin is tragically "in the blood" and can only be remitted by the shedding of blood
Why priests must strive to always make themselves available to others
What the Biblical example of Judas teaches us about discipleship
Why Satan is at the root cause of much of the crisis afflicting and infecting the Church

Item Number: 56
PRICE: $34.95




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