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Prepare Ye the Way - CD

New! Meaningful Meditations on Advent for You and Your Family
Why is it that so many Catholics fail to achieve peace in their lives? Why do so many act contrary to what they believe deep down inside? How is it possible for Christ to be present, but not grow within your soul? How can Catholic families today overcome these and other obstacles by more fruitfully “preparing the way of the Lord” during Advent?

Powerful Preaching
Recorded live on three CDs, powerful mission preacher Father Phillip Chavez, S.O.L.T. reveals the hidden mysteries of Advent for your life today. In this remarkable series, Father discloses the truth about many issues of modern life and why we are powerless against them without Our Lord’s “Divine Surgery” on our souls. By meditating on the Person of Jesus in this way, you will come to see Him in His Mysteries and be empowered to “become as little children” with a profound sense of being redeemed.

No Room in the Inn
As Father Chavez relates the historical conditions surrounding the birth of Christ, you’ll come to see the deeper meaning of the stable, the manger, the animals, the shepherds and what they represent. It is a sad fact that, just as there was no room in the Inn for the Holy Family, there is often no room for Jesus in the “Inn of our Souls.” Now you’ll discover why Christ comes to the world in humility and poverty—because it is precisely in our weakness and spiritual poverty where we need to meet Him.

Where are You Going?
As Bishop Sheen used to say, “You must know where you come from to know where you are going.” In Prepare Ye the Way: Meditations for Advent you’ll examine the events leading up to the birth of Christ and their great significance to your life. In our day, when much of the younger generations are only interested in what is new and are rejecting faith and family, you’ll discern how to experience the Church’s great legacy of faith in your own home and in your parish. Order now, and create your own Advent family legacy that will help you and your children discover your place in the Divine Plan.

Why Divinity is always where you least expect to find it
How to become rich by imitating Christ’s poverty
Why we fail to accept Jesus when we fail to accept our weaknesses
How to see God working in all things, including your limitations
Why Jesus prefers to be known in His humility than in His greatness
When you know where He came, from you’ll know where He’s taking us
Why Scripture is the best way to get to know Our Lord
How the rejection of Christian history begets the abortion mentality
Why we often don’t perceive the operations of angelic guidance
What the dead have to teach us
And much more

Item Number: 503
PRICE: $23.95



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