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Christian Documentary Films on DVD


5 FILMS IN ONE BOX SET! The God Makers 1 The God Makers 2 Temple of the God Makers The Mormon Dilemma The Secret World of Mormonism
IN STOCK SKU mormon-bundle
Price: $99.00




The Godmakers

Landmark documentary which exposes Mormonism as a pseudo-Christian religion with pagan roots.
Reveals heart-breaking accounts of families and lives destroyed by the Mormon Church.
DVD Price: $21.75


The Godmakers II

This shocking video uncovers new evidence which further peels back the "Christian" veneer of Mormonism
to reveal a religion so bizarre that its leaders must go to extreme lengths
to conceal their beliefs from the public. Fully documented and for mature audiences.
DVD Price: $21.75



The Mormon Dilemma

A compassionate and informative dramatic presentation designed to help bring a Mormon to Christ.
Contrasts Mormon beliefs with the teachings of the Bible.
DVD Price: $21.75



The Latter Day Empire

Examines mormonism and its purposes in being the largest business corporation
in the western United States. A volume of the 13-part Pagan Invasian Series.
(48 minutes)
DVD Price: $21.75



Joseph Smith's Temple of Doom

Goes behind the closed doors of the Mormon Temple,
quizzes its secret rites and meanings. A volume of the 13-part Pagan Invasian Series.
(48 minutes)
DVD Price: $21.75



The Secret World of Mormonism

This eye-opening video investigation reveals the truth behind Mormonism,
from its inception during the 1800's to its growth today into one of the largest
and most powerful business corporations in the world. You will learn about founder Joseph Smith's first vision,
the church's history and practice of polygamy, the secret temple rituals, and what one must do in order
to gain entrance into the celestial kingdom. This vitally important video is "must viewing"
for all who wish to know the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
DVD Price: $24.95



Temple of the Godmakers

An explosive documentary which takes you inside the secret Mormon ceremonies.
The pagan nature of these rites and rituals, practiced by an elite few in the Mormon Church,
are exposed here for the first time on film.
DVD Price: $21.75




Pagan Invasion Series Complete BoxSet

Examines paganism from Halloween, evolution, meditation, to Satanism. 13 programs on 7 discs.

Halloween: Trick or Treat?
All the seemingly innocent symbolism of Halloween - black cats, snakes, broomsticks, bonfires, "trick or treat," jack-o'-lanterns, apple dunking and costumes - has its roots in Sorcery, Witchcraft and Satanism. Parents' responsibilities are challenged to decide whether to allow their children to participate in celebrations which glorigy Pagan Occultism.

Invasion of the Godmen
This DVD examines eastern thought and its spawning in the West.

Meditation: Pathway to Deception
Seeking knowledge of God?

East Seduces the West.
Analyzes many psychotherapies -- are they forms of black magic?

Dawning of a New Age
The New World Order and warning signs to watch out for.

Evolution: Hoax of the Century?
Why are many scientists abandoning their belief in traditional evolution? What the concept of evolution can not explain?

Evolution: Pysics to Metaphysics
How is the theory of evolution now taking a mystical turn?

Preview of the Antichrist
Methods of former "would be" anti-christs are compared to the significance of a coming global "New World Order".

Secrets of Mind Control
For mature audiences -- a look into the ability to captivate and control men's hearts and minds for one's pleasure - as used in cults.

Latter Day Empire
Examines mormonism and its purposes in being the largest business corporation in the western United States.

Joseph Smith's Temple of Doom
Examines the non-christian teachings and practices of the Mormon Church. Certain sins require a blood atonement as Christ alone, it is taught, can not save you; baptism for the dead again because belief in Christ alone, is taught, is not enough.

Religion vs. Christianity
A compelling presentations for those who want to know what they believe and why.

Doorway to Satan
With satanism symbolism now tolerated; A disturbing rise in the practice of Satanisms; Recruitment efforts and their need to destory innocents.

DVD Price: $129.95



Revival Of Evil & Cult Explosion - DVD

Cult Explosion: Cults Exposed By Those Who Escaped & See candid shots inside Anton LaVey's First Church of Satan, hypnotic regression to "prior lives", and psychic "revelations" from UFOs.

Three classic documentaries on the oocult and cults on one DVD
Ever since Revival Of Evil and Cult Explosion were first released, their message remains timeless and pertinent. In an increasingly confused world, more people are being deceived by cults and the occult than ever. From the New Liberty Videos archives comes these two classic hard-hitting documentaries that expose the spiritual darkness of these two cultural phenomena.

Revival of Evil: The Occult In America
Is today's Revival Of Evil setting the stage for the antichrist? Join David Hunt in this fascinating journey into the world of the occult. See candid shots inside Anton LaVey's First Church of Satan, hypnotic regression to "prior lives", and psychic "revelations" from UFOs.
Occultism also masquerades as the latest in science, education, parlor games & movies. Through candid interviews learn the truth about witchcraft in famous rock groups, psychic powers and seances among teenagers, demonic possession through yoga, and the true power behind Ouija boards as told by those who are still involved and others who have been triumphantly delivered through Jesus Christ.

Cult Explosion: Cults Exposed By Those Who Escaped
People are confused, and for good reason. These groups sound like Christianity, they look like Christianity; they even claim to have the truth. Surprisingly, 78% of all cult groups are made up of people who have previously attended Christian churches.
Cult expert Dr. Walter Martin and former Hindu Guru Robi Maharaj explain the attraction of cults. Testimonies from ex-cult leaders disclose the secret inner core of: People's Temple, Worldwide Church of God, Hare Krishna, Christian Science, Scientology, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, T.M., Black Muslims, Unity and the Manson Family.
Bonus Material:
Is There Life After Marriage - a documentary featuring Charles Swindoll and six other married couples who give testimony to the power of Jesus Christ in healing their marriages

DVD Price: $19.75

Hillary Uncensored: Banned by the Media - DVD

Let My Children Go - DVD

Halloween - Have you Been Tricked?

Why Catholics Cannot be Masons

The Last Days of Planet Earth



Photos from movie "The Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson

Movie Book: "The Passion"
A very impressive book!
Actual photos from Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ"
Includes corresponding Scriptural passages, taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible.


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