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Speculative Theology


Convergences: to the Source of the Christian Mystery

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Von Balthasar stresses the need for all the elements of Christianity, which are diverse and specialized, to return to unity in God.

153 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95 . . . CSCM-P (ISBN 0-89870-0329)
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Dare We Hope "That All Men Be Saved"?
With a Short Discourse on Hell

Hans Urs von Balthasar

The Church's teaching on Hell has been generally neglected by theologians, with the notable exception of Fr. von Balthasar. However, what he has said has stirred controversy both in Europe and in the United States. Here he responds in a clear and concise way, grounding his reflections clearly in Scripture. Revelation gives us neither the assurance that all will be saved, nor the certitude that any are condemned. What it does require of us is the ``hope that all men be saved'' rooted in a love of Christ that reaches even into the depths of Hell.

255 pp, Sewn Softcover, $14.95, DWH-P (ISBN 0-89870-2070)
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Explorations in Theology

Volume I: Word Made Flesh

Hans Urs von Balthasar

The first of five volumes of von Balthasar's many essays and conferences. Each focuses on a specific aspect of theology or spirituality and presents it with all the richness which comes from his immense erudition, but in a style that is directed and intelligible since few of these essays were intended for scholarly audiences.

These volumes present a rare opportunity to experience Balthasar's synthetic and comprehensive treatment of major themes in theology without having to make one's way through much more extensive works which cover a much wider scope.

These volumes will provide an excellent introduction to the thought of von Balthasar for those unfamiliar with him, and their chapters will focus on specific themes treated throughout his works for those who are familiar with him. An excellent overview of the writings and thought of one of the outstanding theologians of this century.

277 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, ET1-P (ISBN 0-89870-2658)
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Volume II: Spouse of the Word

In this volume, von Balthasar looks at the Church, ``the Bride of Christ,'' as both unspotted and unfaithful, the Church of saints and of sinners. He goes through Scripture and tradition looking at both sides of the Church and what they mean.

490 pp, Sewn Softcover, $26.95, ET2-P (ISBN 0-89870-2666)
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Volume III: Creator Spirit

In this third book, Balthasar presents various ways in which something of the Creator Spirit should be experienced through his manifestations: in the way in which he leads human persons to the living God ("Faith"), in the way in which he distinguishes the spirits of this time ("Crisis"), in the way in which he initiates into the mystery of the Incarnate One ("Night"), in the way in which he breathes through the finite structures of human life as that which is incomprehensibly open ("Breath"), and in the way in which he reveals himself as love ("Spirit").

545 pp, Sewn Softcover, $29.95, ET3-P (ISBN 0-89870-4375)
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Volume IV: Spirit and Institution

This fourth volume is built around the theme of Spirit and Institution, the two central features of the Church which Balthasar approaches from different angles.

470 pp, Sewn Softcover, $26.95, ET4-P (ISBN 0-89870-5436)
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Faith and Certitude

Thomas Dubay, S.M.

Dubay gives a thorough and concise analysis of the critical questions and issues concerning faith and certitude in our day. Investigating the roots of error, whether scientific or religious, particularly problems of biblical criticism and theological certitude, Fr. Dubay shows how any person committed to an honest love of truth and goodness can attain a solid religious certitude which will not be shaken by developments in human events and academic studies.

Faith and Certitude explains how ordinary intelligent people can be objectively sure in their religious commitment. It likewise faces problems of biblical criticism and theological pluralism that upset the faith securities of so many sincere men and women.

"An exceptional book, Fr. Dubay is one of the best writers in the Church today. This book alone could restore sanity and common sense to the Church. A golden book of wisdom, a book of healing." -- Fr. Richard Gilsdorf

266 pp, Sewn Softcover, $14.95, FC-P (ISBN 0-89870-054X)
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Glory of the Lord: A Theological Aesthetics

Volume I: Seeing the Form

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Volume one of the long-awaited English version of von Balthasar's masterwork, Herrlichkeit.

700 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . GL1-H (ISBN 0-89870-0310)
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Volume II: Clerical Styles

Volume two gives us a series of monographs designed to illustrate the different ways in which theologians have shaped their works.

370 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $39.00 . . . GL2-H (ISBN 0-89870-0485)
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Volume III: Lay Styles

A continuation of monographs in Volume II in which the aesthetical dimension of theology, its intrinsic beauty, is traced through some of the great Christian thinkers of modern times.

500 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . GL3-H (ISBN 0-89870-0388)
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Volume IV: The Realm of Metaphysics in Antiquity

Surveys the understanding of the transcendental, ``the beautiful'' in ancient literature and philosophy. This is in effect a history of Western philosophical thought gathered under the rubric of beauty.

450 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . GL4-H (ISBN 0-89870-2461)
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Volume V: The Realm of Metaphysics in the Modern Age

Von Balthasar explores the main streams of metaphysics which have developed since the `catastrophe' of Nominalism, with its denial of the divine light in creation. Three paths have been taken, each with its own dangers. In a series of studies of representative mystic theologians, philosophers and poets, glory is traced through such figures as Eckhart, Ignatius, de Sales; the attempt to relocate theology in a recovery of antiquity's sense of being and beauty through figures like Holderlin, Goethe, Heidegger; the metaphysics of spirit through Descartes, Spinoza and the Idealists.

624 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . GL5-H (ISBN 0-89870-247-X)
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Volume VI: Theology: The Old Covenant

This is von Balthasar's study of the biblical vision and understanding of God's glory. Starting with the theophanies of the Patriarchal period, with the appearance of the divine glory in the sensible world, it shows how such glory is most fully expressed in the graciousness of the Covenant relationship as God allows Israel to enjoy his justice, peace and truth. But the breaking of that relationship by Israel means that in the later books of the Old Testament, the divine glory is seen in God's willingness to bear with his people in the dark side of their history, for his glory to be revealed through the rejected prophets and the Suffering Servant of Isaiah.

468 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . GL6-H (ISBN 0-89870-248-8)
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Volume VII: Theology: The New Covenant

In this final volume, Balthasar reflects on the New Testament vision of God's revelation of his glory in Christ. In Christ's incarnation and resurrection the Christian vision is truly expressed and the joining of God and the world in the new and eternal covenant is realized.

571 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 ... GL7-H (ISBN 0-89870-2496)
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God's Human Face
The Christ Icon

Bishop Christoph Schönborn

Schönborn, the principal editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, presents the sources of meditation on the mystery of God's human face from the great Masters of early Christianity. Artists and theologians have meditated upon the mystery of God's human countenance and tried to express it. This book seeks to present the great sources of this meditation--sources which today are widely unknown, or have become foreign or obscure. These sources are above all the great masters of early Christianity. In their meditation upon Christ, Bishop Schonborn seeks the sources of the art on the Icon.

The reader will find not only an engaging introduction to the meaning and beauty of Icons, but an invitation to draw closer to the One who inspired these Masters of theological expression and holy art. Includes beautiful color Icon illustrations.

260 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, GHF-P (ISBN 0-89870-5142)
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Ignatius the Theologian

Hugo Rahner, S.J.

Hugo Rahner shows how the better-known Ignatius is the natural conclusion of his remarkable theology, founded on perceiving God in prayer. This book's penetrating analysis demonstrates the centrality of Christology in Ignatius, born of his direct mystical experience of God.

250 pp, Softcover, $17.95 . . . ITT-P (ISBN 0-89870-2909)
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The Mystery of Death

Adrienne von Speyr

Von Speyr addresses the perennial and ultimate human question--the question of death. This book is not only a synthesis of the Christian view of death. It is also an antidote to the insipid sociological sentimentalism of so many books written about death and dying today. Death is not just the last stage of growth or something we must cope with or accept, nor something we must help people do without any fear or feeling of guilt. None of the merely human answers can satisfy because death is a mystery that only God and his Revelation can begin to explain.

"If God had not instituted death, man could have imagined that, each time he offended God, he could subsequently make it good, supply what he had failed to do, obliterate his turning away from God by turning toward Him. He would have felt that guilt and atonement were within his own power, that he could choose a punishment, a penance that would reconcile him with God if he persisted in it long enough. In other words he would have imagined that he was basically able to redeem himself. But by death and the finite time which leads up to it, God has shown man that his turning-away is far more serious than he thought, so grave that of himself he cannot make it good." -- Adrienne von Speyr

128 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, MD-P (ISBN 0-89870-2046)
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The Mystery of the Incarnation

Christoph Schönborn

Bishop Schonborn, the highly respected member of the International Theological Commission who is mainly responsible for editing and assembling the Catechism for the Universal Church, has written a very beautiful summary of the central mystery of our Faith, the Incarnation. Written with a simplicity of spirit, the Dominican friar's charming book provides a clear, reassuring presentation of the mysteries that surround the awesome reality of the Son of God becoming man.

Using beautiful icons to illustrate his meditations, Shonborn comments on the three articles of the Creed that relate to the Incarnation: the descent from Heaven of the Son of God, the Incarnation in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and his being made man for our salvation. The final meditation on the icon of Christ's birth, which can serve as an introduction to the book, sets the tone in completely accessible language and is most important since the splendor of the mystery shines from the pictures of artists directly upon the word of the theologian.

The icons are real introductions to the Mystery of the Incarnation as a mystery of light that enlightens the darkness. The combination of Schonborn's profound meditations with the icons illumines the unrepeatable and unique self-giving of God out of love for man all the way to death on a cross so that all of creation can bend in adoration of the Creator who had become His own creature.

Christoph Von Schonborn, formerly a professor of dogmatic theology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, is presently the Bishop of Vienna.

"Readers at all stages of theological development will enjoy this little classic of spiritual theology, for the author breaks open the central truth of the Christian religion with both clarity and erudition. And by explaining the meaning of the Christmas icons, Bishop Schonborn makes his presentation a delightful one for us to follow." -- Romanus Cessario, O.P., John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family "O Christ, Word of God, light of light, without beginning, help of the Spirit, we praise you. Threefold light of one undivided glory, we praise you." -- Gregory Nazianzen

"In the perspective of biblical and patristic theology the mystery of the virginal conception of Jesus and that of the Incarnation receive a new intelligibility for the contemporary reader. It provides fresh insights both for the searching layman and for the professional theologian. A theological meditation in the best sense of the word." -- Fr. Roch Kereszty, O.Cist., University of Dallas

65 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, MI-P (ISBN 0-89870-393X)
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New Elucidations

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Von Balthasar brings his years of research and scholarship to bear on some of the major topics of our time for the benefit of everyone.

305 pp, Sewn Softcover, $16.95, NE-P (ISBN 0-89870-0418)
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Presence and Thought
An Essay on the Religious Philosophy of Gregory of Nyssa

by Hans Urs von Balthasar

Von Balthasar presents one of the few serious studies available on the thought of one of the most important, and yet most neglected Fathers of the Church, Gregory of Nyssa. He was the most profound Greek philosopher of the Christian era, a mystic and an incomparable poet whom St. Maximus designated as the "Universal Doctor" and the Second Council of Nicaea declared "Father of Fathers."

193 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, PAT-P (ISBN 0-89870-5215)
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A Summa of the Summa
The Essential Philosophical Passages of the Summa Theologica

Peter J. Kreeft

Saint Thomas Aquinas is universally recognized as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. His writings combine the two fundamental ideals of philosophical writing: clarity and profundity. He is a master of metaphysics and technical terminology, yet so full of both theoretical and practical wisdom. He is the master of common sense. His major work, the Summa Theologica, is timeless, but particularly important today because of his synthesis of faith and reason, revelation and philosophy, and the Biblical and the classical Greco-Roman heritages.

This unique book combines selected essential philosophical passages from Thomas' Summa with footnotes and explanations by Kreeft, a popular Thomist teacher and writer. Kreeft selected those passages from Thomas that are intrinsically important, non-technical enough to be intelligible to modern readers, and most likely to be used in a class or by independent readers who want to study the Summa on their own. Kreeft's detailed footnotes explain difficult or technical passages and call attention to points of particular significance for the modern reader. This book is the most intelligent, clear, and useful access to Saint Thomas in print. Includes a glossary and an index.

"This book differs from all other books on Saint Thomas because it gives the words of Thomas himself, not a modern summary, but pared down to essentials, and with footnotes which do what a professor in a class would do." -- Peter Kreeft

540 pp, Sewn Softcover, $26.95, SOS-P (ISBN 0-89870-300X)
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The Scandal of the Incarnation

Irenaeus Against the Heresies

Edited by Hans Urs von Balthasar

Saint Irenaeus was the first great Christian theologian. Born in Asia Minor in about 130 A.D., he became Bishop of Lyons and died as a martyr early in the third century. His main work, Adversus Haereses (Against the Heresies), is as relevant today as it was eighteen hundred years ago. It is a critique of Gnosticism, the `anti-body' heresy, which, far from dying out, continues to flourish as the main threat to the Christian faith in our own day. With serenity and good humor, Irenaeus unfolds the unity of God's purpose in creation and redemption, in Old and New Testaments. The flesh and blood which Gnosticism so despised has been assumed by God in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and glorified in the Resurrection and the Eucharist.

In this book, quotations from Saint Irenaeus have been arranged thematically in order to show the unity of his Christian view of the world. The texts have been selected and are introduced by the late Hans Urs von Balthasar, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest Catholic theologians of this century. They are translated by John Saward.

"Everything in Irenaeus is bathed in a warm and radiant joy, a wise and majestic gentleness. His words of struggle are hard as iron and crystal clear, ... so penetrating that they cannot fail to enlighten the unbiased observer." -- Hans Urs von Balthasar

128 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, SI-P (ISBN 0-89870-3158)
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A Shorter Summa

The Essential Philosophical Passages of St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica Edited and Explained for Beginners - Peter J. Kreeft

A shortened version of Kreeft's much larger Summa of the Summa, which in turn was a shortened version of the Summa Theologica. The reason for the double shortening is pretty obvious: the original runs some 4000 pages! (The Summa of the Summa was just over 500.) The Summa is certainly the greatest, most ambitious, most rational book of theology ever written. In it, there is also much philosophy, which is selected, excerpted, arranged, introduced, and explained in footnotes here by Kreeft, a popular Thomist teacher and writer. St. Thomas Aquinas is universally recognized as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. His writings combine the two fundamental ideals of philosophical writing: clarity and profundity. He is a master of metaphysics and technical terminology, yet so full of both theoretical and practical wisdom. He is the master of common sense. The Summa Theologica is timeless, but particularly important today because of his synthesis of faith and reason, revelation and philosophy, and the Biblical and the classical Greco-Roman heritages. This little book is designed for beginners, either for classroom use or individually. It contains the most famous and influential passages of St. Thomas' philosophy with copious aids to understanding them.

170 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, SSU-P (ISBN 0-89870-4383)
Ordering Information


Theo-Drama: Theological Dramatic Theory

Volume I: Prolegomena

Hans Urs von Balthasar

The introduction to the second part of the trilogy which is von Balthasar's major work.

650 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . TD1-H (ISBN 0-89870-1856)
Ordering Information


Volume II: Dramatis Personae

Balthasar is concerned here with the dramatic character of existence as a whole, approaching the topic through a consideration of the various conditions and situations of mankind as a drama that involves both the Creator and his creatures.

432 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . TD2-H (ISBN 0-89870-2879)
Ordering Information


Volume III: Dramatis Personae

All von Balthasar's theological reflection converges here, and here as nowhere else one can find the systematic elaboration of his Christology, Mariology, Ecclesiology, Anthropology and Trinitarian doctrine.

550 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00 . . . TD3-H (ISBN 0-89870-295X)
Ordering Information


Volume IV: The Action

Having presented his christology and mariology under the sign of the ``Dramatis Personae'' in volume three of Theo-Drama, von Balthasar now turns to the action of the divine drama itself. Here we find his soteriology, where time, freedom, history, power, sin, conflict are seen in the light of the Cross, the culmination of the action and passion of God and man.

As Balthasar expresses it in the conclusion to his preface: here ``we discern the unity of `glory' and the `dramatic'. God's glory, as it appears in the world--supremely in Christ--is not something static that could be observed by a neutral investigator. It manifests itself only through the personal involvement whereby God himself comes forth to do battle and is both victor and vanquished. If this glory is to come within our range at all, an analogous initiative is called for on our part. Revelation is a battlefield. Those who do battle on it can only be believers and theologians, provided they have equipped themselves with the whole armor of God (Eph 6:11).''

510 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $45.00, TD4-H (ISBN 0-89870-4715)
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The Theology of Henri de Lubac

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Hans Urs von Balthasar prepared this overview of the theology and spirituality of Henri de Lubac, whom he calls friend and master, on the occasion of the latters's eightieth birthday.

Beginning with personal reflections drawn from the then unpublished pages of "memoirs" which de Lubac placed in his hands, von Balthasar offers a review of all the major works of de Lubac.

Von Balthasar illustrates here the wonderful synthetic power for which he is justly known: bringing the range as well as the organic unity of de Lubac's work clearly into view. The main themes of that work remain as important now as when de Lubac first took them up--perhaps even more important. And there is no one better able to discuss these themes than von Balthasar, a master of theology in his own right and de Lubac's great friend for over fifty years. Co-published with Communio Books.

"Von Balthasar provides us with an astonishing summary of the massive theological output of Henri de Lubac. Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that here we have one theological giant synthesizing the ecclesiocentric thought of another giant. The book offers a double benefit, for in it we get a glimpse of two great contemporary theologians--de Lubac and von Balthasar." -- Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., Editor, Homiletic and Pastoral Review

125 pp, Sewn Softcover, $14.95, THDL-P (ISBN 0-89870-3506)
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A Theology of History

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Man has always wrestled with the problem of finding meaning in history. It is not surprising that, as a Christian, von Balthasar finds the meaning of history in Christ, its Center and Lord. What may surprise--as it will surely stimulate--is the theological mastery with which von Balthasar traces the effects of Christ's lordship upon the daily life of the Christian.

In this book we have one of the indispensable sources for understanding Balthasar's Catholic Christocentrism. Here we find elaboration of the striking statement that Jesus Christ is "the Idea made concrete, personal, historical: universale concretum et personale"--which, put otherwise, means that Christ is the universally valid in the here and now. Characteristic of Balthasar, the book inspires as much spiritually as it informs theologically.

155 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, TH-P (ISBN 0-89870-460X)
Ordering Information


The Theology of Karl Barth

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Written in 1951 (with a second edition in 1961), this book takes its place within an impressive array of attempts to wrestle with Karl Barth's theology from a Catholic point of view. The book adopts the twofold strategy of presenting an exposition of "the whole of Barth's thought," while doing so for the purpose of a confessional dialogue among theologians. Not to be construed as an "Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth, Balthasar's effort is to provide a Catholic response which, though not "official", nonetheless seeks to express a common direction and movement within Catholicism.

The Theology of Karl Barth shows how a rethinking of basic issues in fundamental theology--concerning the relation of nature and grace, philosophy and theology, the "analogy of being" and the "analogy of faith"--might lead to a rapprochement between the two great rivers of Christianity, without compromising the center of gravity of either. In the process the book makes a major contribution to renewed understanding of Christianity in a secularized modern world.

Co-published with Communio Books. "This reflection by one of the century's great Catholic theologians on the theology of one of the century's great Protestant theologians is an example of ecumenical dialogue at its best. One finds here a sympathetic and at the same time faithfully Catholic discussion of the major issues surrounding Barth's christocentricity. The appearance of an unabridged English translation of this book could hardly be more timely for the current religious situation in North America."

-- David L. Schindler, Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology, John Paul II Institute "No one should think he can quickly dispose of questions posed here offhandedly. It was precisely because writers were in the habit during the time of the Reformation of theologizing with a hammer that the split in the Church became irreparable. And to work at overcoming this split means much effort. Only the patient need apply." -- Hans Urs von Balthasar,

420 pp, Sewn Softcover, $24.95, TKB-P (ISBN 0-89870-3980)
Ordering Information


Theology and Sanity

Frank Sheed

One of Sheed's most popular books, this ideal volume for the layman shows the practical aspects of theology in the life of a Christian believer. Logic, clarity, and simplicity permeate this eminently readable book.

468 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, THAS-P (ISBN 0-89870-4707)
Ordering Information


Transcending All Understanding

The Meaning of Christian Faith Today

Walter Kasper

A popular account of the meaning of Christian faith and the serious contemporary challenges to that faith by one of Europe's leading theologians. Kasper has gathered together various lectures and revised and reworked them for publication. Not intended to be a theological treatise on faith, these very readable reflections address some of the real obstacles to the understanding and deepening of personal faith in today's world.

Kasper examines the problem of "the handing on of the faith" that exists almost everywhere today. Faith itself is in question today, not simply the "how" of its being taught or handed on, but the "what" and "why" of faith. The knowledge of the faith has fallen to a new low today, and many of the fundamental attitudes of belief--reverence, humility, trust, and devotion--have become foreign to us. Kasper provides profound insights into these problems, and then gives clear solutions to this modern dilemma.

Walter Kasper is a member of the papal International Theological Commission and was the major architect of the very successful adult catechism The Church's Confession of Faith. He has recently been named bishop of Stuttgart in Germany.

Partial List of Contents

-- What Does Faith Mean

-- Faith Called into Question

-- The Obscurity of God

-- Ways to Faith

-- The Reasonableness of Faith

-- The Living Act of Faith

-- Only Love is Believable

-- The Community of Believers

124 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, TAU-P (ISBN 0-89870-2569)
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The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood
By S.T.D. Mark I. Miraville
Published in 1991, Riehle Foundation (Milford, OH)
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Jesus Christ — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Motherhood — Religious aspects — Catholic Church.

Not Available at this time



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Free MP3 Music Downloads of Christian Pop/Rock

Free MP3 Music Downloadsof Christian Pop/Rock Music


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