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Brave New Family
G. K. Chesterton on Men and Women, Children, Sex, Divorce, Marriage and the Family

Edited by Alvaro de Silva

A collection of G. K. Chesterton's provocative writings on a subject close to his heart--the family, and the corresponding themes of men and women, children, sex, marriage and divorce. The family was a central element in Chesterton's vision, a unifying theme of his literary work. His eloquent defense of the sacredness of the home is even more applicable in our times because of the tremendous moral problems in our society that threaten the modern family. Chesterton's insights will be a deep inspiration to married couples, those preparing for marriage, priests, teachers, and anyone else interested in marriage and the family. An ideal gift book.

"This is one of those absolutely necessary books. No one had such bracing no-nonsense practical wisdom as Chesterton. Now this book brings together the embattled family and GKC, the knight who rides forth to do battle for it. It should serve as a manual for us to turn the tide and restore ancient sanities." -- Peter Kreeft, Author, Three Philosophies of Life "There is something providential in the way G. K. Chesterton has returned to speak to us of great realities that matter. With prophetic insight he meets the threats to the family, which have increased so much since his era. This book is essential reading, not only for all who work to build up family life but for those who want to rediscover the treasure hidden in that small word which Chesterton loved--"home". -- Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, Pontifical Council for the Family

"The consecrated pen of Chesterton exposed the attack on the family by a tangle of theorists years before our present social calamity. He shatters their fatal nonsense with the splendor of Christian personalism." -- Fr. George Rutler, Author, Beyond Modernity

Sewn Softcover, $14.95, BNF-P (ISBN 0-89870-314X)
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The Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton

George J. Marlin, John L. Swan, Richard P. Rabatin, general editors

"Chesterton's writings are so rich in good sense, in wit, and in plain, profound and cheerful truth that almost every page deserves a review to itself." -- The Spectator G.K. Chesterton is one of the most stimulating and well-loved writers of the 20th century. His contribution to modern Christian literature is and will remain immeasurable, both in his own works and by the influence he has had on scores of great Christian writers. As a testament to the importance of Chesterton's writings for every age, and in response to the great revival of interest in his works, Ignatius Press is publishing the complete works of G.K. Chesterton. Gilbert Keith Chesterton is one of the most important, versatile and widely quoted writers of the 20th century. His influence has been enormous, and 50 years after his death, a great Chesterton revival is taking place that is sure to make his writings more popular than ever before. He was a major influence on C. S. Lewis, Ronald Knox, Hilaire Belloc and just about everybody who writes about religion with imagination.


Volume 1: Orthodoxy, Heretics, Blatchford Controversies

Three of Chesterton's most influential works. In Heretics, Chesterton sets forth one of the most telling critiques of contemporary religious notions ever. The Blatchford Controversies are the spirited public debate which led to the writing of Heretics. Then in Orthodoxy, Chesterton accepts the challenge of his opponents and sets forth his own reasons for accepting the Christian Faith.

GKC1-H ... ISBN 0-89870-077-9 400 pp. Sewn Hardcover, $29.95 , GKC1-P ... ISBN 0-89870-079-5 Sewn Softcover, $19.75 Ordering Information


Volume 2: The Everlasting Man, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Thomas Aquinas

Three of Chesterton's greatest classics on Catholic philosophy and spirituality. In his rich and suggestive outlines of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi, he gives us two of the finest biographies ever written of these great saints. The Everlasting Man, considered by some to be his greatest work, gives us a view of the whole of world history as informed by the Incarnation, worth reading and re-reading. Chesterton at his best.

GKC2-H ... ISBN 0-89870-116-3, 550 pp. Sewn Hardcover, $39.95 GKC2-P ... ISBN 0-89870-117-1, Sewn Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 3: The Catholic Church and Conversion;
Where All Roads Lead; The Well and the Shallows; and others.

A collection of five powerful essays by Chesterton in defense of Catholicism and the Catholic Church. Unique because most of his writings do not deal specifically with religion or the Catholic Church. However, here he directly addresses the teachings of the Church and objections to them. It also includes his inspiring and moving commentary on the Stations of the Cross, along with the drawings of the stations he used for his meditations. Another essay explains why he converted to Catholicism. As with all of his writings, these are just as germane today as they were in his time. Today's reader can revel in the same delight GKC's contemporaries felt, for he always presented the Church's best face to an antagonistic and indifferent world. The introduction and footnotes are written by another convert and author, James J. Thompson, Jr.

GKC3-P ISBN 0-89870-311-5 ... Sewn Softcover, $29.95
Ordering Information


Volume 4:
What's Wrong With the World, Superstition of Divorce, Eugenics and Other Evils

Introduction by Fr James V. Schall, SJ

The first of two volumes devoted to Chesterton's political, sociological, and economic writings. GKC staunchly opposed any assaults by the trendsetters on the common man and his family. He knew that lax moral standards would lead to the annihilation of the family.

GKC4-H 0-89870-146-5 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95 (out of print), GKC4-P 0-89870-147-3 ... Sewn Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 5:
The Outline of Sanity, The End of The Armistice,
The Appetite of Tyranny, Utopia of Usurers, and more

Introduction by Michael Novak and John P. McCarthy

The second volume devoted to Chesterton's political, sociological and economic writings. Throughout his life Chesterton struggled against scepticism and selfishness and defended the interests of the common man. Chesterton defended democratic principles, individual freedom, property holders and small businessmen in his work The Outline of Sanity because he was convinced that capitalism and socialism were oligarchies that would suffocate the individual. There was hardly ever a more fierce, more romantic, more combative defender of private property in the history of Christianity than G.K. Chesterton. He was an ardent foe not only of socialism, but also of that form of collectivised capitalism that would ape socialism by creating the "welfare state".

Also in this volume, Dr. John McCarthy examines and edits Chesterton's polemical volumes and pamphlets published during World War I, including a posthumous volume entitled The End of the Armistice. This collection demonstrates that early on Chesterton recognized the evil of Nazism. Chesterton prophesied that Hitler was bent on destroying the Jews and Poland.

GKC5-P ... ISBN 0-89870-170-8 Sewn Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 6: The Man Who Was Thursday, The Club of Queer Trades,
Napoleon of Notting Hill, Ball and the Cross

Introduction by Dr. Denis Conlon, University of Antwerp

T.S. Eliot, Evelyn Waugh, C.S. Lewis and W.H. Auden all recognized Chesterton as a giant literary figure. This volume contains G.K. Chesterton's earliest and greatest novels. The reader will encounter characters that defend with great vigor the diginity of the person and fundamental Christian beliefs. This volume is graced with Chesterton's own drawings and photos, as well as maps.

GKC6-P 0-89870-365-4 ... Sewn Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 10: Collected Poetry -- Part I

Edited by Aidan Mackey

The first of two volumes of Chesterton's poetry, many of which have never been published before. Mackey, a Chesterton expert, has been collecting GKC's poems over a period of years and he has arranged them by subject. There are also alphabetical indexes by title and by the first line to aid the reader.

Chesterton was the poet of the ordinary, denying that anything was or could be uninteresting; his verse celebrates lamp-posts and daisies and railway stations. Above all he gave unceasing thanks for "The Great Minimum", that gift of mere existence, to which any added joy is almost superfluous. As in his other writings, Chesterton's poems carried his rollicking yet devastating barbs launched at the cant and humbug of the planners, politicians and self-appointed reformers of his day.

The first of two volumes of Chesterton's poetry, many of which have never been published before. Mackey, a Chesterton expert, has been collecting GKC's poems over a period of years and he has arranged them by subject. There are also alphabetical indexes by title and by the first line to aid the reader.

Chesterton was the poet of the ordinary, denying that anything was or could be uninteresting; his verse celebrates lamp-posts and daisies and railway stations. Above all he gave unceasing thanks for "The Great Minimum", that gift of mere existence, to which any added joy is almost superfluous. As in his other writings, Chesterton's poems carried his rollicking yet devastating barbs launched at the cant and humbug of the planners, politicians and self-appointed reformers of his day.

GKC10A-H ... ISBN 0-89870-390-5 Sewn Hardcover, $39.95, GKC10A-P ... 608 pp, ISBN 0-89870-391-3 Sewn Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 11: Collected Plays and Chesterton on Shaw

This volume includes the collected plays of G. K. Chesterton, his controversial writings on Bernard Shaw (who referred to GKC as a colossal genius), and a bibliography. Many of the items appear for the first time in book form. Among his plays included here are: "The Wild Knight", "Magic", "The Judgment of Dr. Johnson", "The Turkey and the Turk", and "The Surprise". Among his writings on Shaw included here are: "Do We Agree?" (a debate), "How I Found the Superman", "Sorry, I'm Shaw", and "A Salute to the Last Socialist".

Chesterton himself gives the best summary of what we found in this volume when he says of Shaw: "I have argued with him on almost every subject in the world; and we have always been on opposite sides without affectation or animosity. I have defended the institution of the family against his Platonic fancies about the state ... institutions of beef and beer against his hygienic severity of vegetarianism and total abstinence.... It is necessary to disagree with him as much as I do in order to admire him as I do; and I am proud of him as a foe even more than as a friend."

GKC11-H ISBN 0-89870-231-3 ... 650 pp. Sewn Hardcover, $39.95, GKC11-P ISBN 0-89870-237-2 ... Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 14: Short Stories, Fairy Tales, Mystery Stories

Throughout his life, Gilbert Chesterton always had a propensity for throwing his genius around. As a result of this tendency, Chesterton penned articles, essays, stories, and poems for so many periodicals that it was almost impossible to keep track of them. In this volume, Dr. Denis J. Conlon, Professor of English Literature at the University of Antwerp, has compiled Chesterton's short stories--some of which have never appeared in print. Many stories will be new to Chesterton fans because they were originally published in England and never appeared in U.S. editions, and others published in the U.S. remain unknown on the other side of the Atlantic. Dr. Conlon also includes the lost Father Brown stories, "Fr. Brown and the Donnington Affair" and "The Mask of Midas" There are 43 short stories here, along with a selection of 25 complete and incomplete tales from Chesterton's notebooks, and numerous drawings and illustrations. Some of the stories in this wonderful volume are: "The Coloured Lands," "The Sword of Wood," "The Trees of Pride," "How I Found the Superman," "The Five of Swords," "Homesick at Home," and "The End of Wisdom." With illustrations.

GKC14-P ... ISBN 0-89870-401-4 Sewn Softcover, $29.95
Ordering Information


Volume 15: Chesterton on Dickens

Introduction by Alzina Stone Dale

It is not widely known that the author of the Father Brown detective stories, Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man was also an accomplished man of letters and a literary critic of the first order. This volume brings back into print GKC's masterful Critical Study of Charles Dickens, his Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens which is made up of the individual introductions he wrote for Dickens' complete works, and The Victorian Age in Literature. Among three additional, smaller pieces will be found Chesterton's article in The Encyclopaedia Brittanica on Charles Dickens, and a speech Chesterton gave at a Dickens Commemoration Dinner entitled "The Immortal Memory of Charles Dickens". The reader of this volume will not only learn much more about Charles Dickens and other Victorian writers, but also about the fascinating mental universe in which Dickens wrote his literary masterpieces. And, finally, as always with G.K.

Chesterton, one will learn to see with fresh eyes that magical universe we all inhabit but which both Dickens and Chesterton have helped us to see in all its variety and splendor.

"These three books, happily combined here for the first time, represent G.K. Chesterton at his best as a literary critic." -- Alzina Stone Dale, from the Introduction "Chesterton was born with sheer nimbleness of apprehension, a prodigious memory, and a knowledge of literature so various and extensive that it has few parallels in the English criticism of the last hundred years." -- Richard Voorhies, The Chesterton Review

GKC15-H ISBN 0-89870-257-7 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95, GKC15-P ISBN 0-89870-258-5 ... 515 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95
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Volume 16: The Autobiography of G. K. Chesterton

In November of 1936, critic Sidney Dark wrote, "Perhaps the happiest thing that happened in Gilbert Chesterton's extraordinarily happy life was that his autobiography was finished a few weeks before his death. It is a stimulating, exciting, tremendously interesting book. It is a draught--indeed, several draughts one after the other--of human and literary champagne."

Here is a unique two-in-one bargain: a book by Chesterton and a book about Chesterton. Those who know and appreciate Chesterton will certainly want this book. Those who don't know Chesterton but are intelligent and educated enough to have their curiosity aroused will find this a nearly irresistible opportunity to see who this man was who everybody seems to quote.

They will not be disappointed. A special bonus in this edition is the inclusion of 37 rare photos of Chesterton, many of which have never been seen before in book form. The photos include portraits as well as scenes from G.K.C.'s everyday life.

"The whole meaning of Chesterton's life was the discovery, the appreciation of reality. But his work was made up of bequeathing to others the treasure of knowledge and certitude upon which he had come." -- Hilaire Belloc

GKC16-H ... ISBN 0-89870-200-3, 365 pp. Sewn Hardcover, $29.95 (out of print) GKC16-P ... ISBN 0-89870-199-6 Sewn Softcover, $19.75
Ordering Information


Volume 18: Robert Louis Stevenson, Chaucer, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Carlyle

In this volume's studies in literary criticism and biography, Chesterton exhibits his congenital perception of character and motive which makes all of his biographies shine. Chesterton's warm affection for Stevenson and Chaucer is vastly evident in his volumes on them. He was heavily influenced by Stevenson's romances that were full of manliness, courage and hope. Polemical literary criticism flourishes at its most vigorous in Chesterton's Chaucer, a tribute to medieval England and Chaucer's literature. His monographs on Tolstoy and Carlyle reveal keen insights into two very different writers, thus providing four unique studies that teach us much concerning the distinctions in literature and in life between normality and abnormality.

GKC18-H... ISBN 0-89870-373-5 $29.95 450 pp. Hardcover, $29.95, GKC18-P ... ISBN 0-89870-374-3 Sewn Softcover, $19.75
Ordering Information


Volume 21: What I Saw in America, The Resurrection of Rome, Sidelights

This volume contains Chesterton's commentaries and reflections on what he saw on his travels in America and Rome, plus an appendix on how America saw Chesterton. On January 10, 1921, Gilbert and Frances Chesterton began a three month tour of the United States. During their first stop in the City of New York, Chesterton examined the lights of Broadway and proclaimed: "What a glorious garden of wonders this would be to anyone who was lucky enough to be unable to read."

In his writing on America, Chesterton shows a remarkable ability for sympathetic appreciation of the principle traits of America. He would acquire an uncanny clear-sightedness about many things in America that it would not be an exaggeration to call clairvoyant. One greatness recognized another greatness, and one can say that Chesterton truly knew something profound about America.

Throughout the 1920's and 1930's, Chesterton's travels included Jerusalem, Ireland, North America and Rome. This volume contains his reflections on his 1921 and 1930-31 tour of North America and his 1929 trip to Rome. Readers will enjoy the great man's impressions of city skyscrapers, rural America, the politics of Washington, as well as his views of

Pope Pius XI, the Eternal City, Mussolini and Fascism.

The introduction to this volume was written by Dr. Robert Royal, Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D.C. The appendix was compiled by the late Chairman of the Northeastern Chapter of the G.K. Chesterton Society, Mr. Robert Knille. The appendix gives the newspaper accounts of Chesterton's 1921 trip to America. It contains generous excerpts of the speeches, interviews and comments G.K.C. made during his tour. Most of the material provided has never appeared in book form.

"Anyone who knows the Eternal City well will recognize in Chesterton's vision a truth about Rome that has never been captured with such force before or since." -- Robert Royal

GKC21-H ... ISBN 0-89870-271-2 700 pp. Sewn Hardcover, $39.95, GKC21-P ... ISBN 0-89870-272-0 Sewn Softcover, $29.95
Ordering Information


Volume 27: Illustrated London News, 1905-1907

GKC27-P ... ISBN 0-89870-119-8, 620 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95, GKC27-H ... ISBN 0-89870-118-X, Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 28: Illustrated London News, 1908-1910

GKC28-P ... ISBN 0-89870-138-4, 700 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95, GKC28-H ... ISBN 0-89870-137-6, Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 29: Illustrated London News, 1911-1913

Can Chesterton always be at his best? Well, Chesterton is always Chesterton. Here is a scattered sampling of the titles in this third volume of Illustrated London News articles: "Fashionable Suffragettes and the Truly Feminine", "Bad Sentences and Bad Theology", "Capitalism and Marriage", "The Failure of Words in Our Time", "On Glorifying Divorce", "The Modern Anti-Democracy", "Modern Womanhood", "Too Much Vox Populi?", "The Curse of Labels", "The Broadening Down of Democracy", "Science in America", "The Causes of War", "On Being Old-Fashioned", and--surely helpful for us all--"The Right to Denounce Things". GKC29-P ...

ISBN 0-89870-172-4 600 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95 GKC29-H ISBN 0-89870-173-2 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 30: Illustrated London News, 1914-1916

More of the unpublished gems of Chesterton's column from the Illustrated London News. Many Chesterton buffs feel these include some of Chesterton's finest writings. Though written for his very popular newspaper column over 70 years ago, Chesterton's timeless wisdom is just as relevant today as it was then. Some of the topics of the 130 columns in this volume include "The Duties of a Citizen", "Being Too Serious About Animals", "Feminist Ideas About Women", "The Idols of Agnostics", "Pride The Supreme Evil", "The Dead Words of Pacifists", "False Mirror of Success", "Two Creeds in

Collision", "My Country, Right or Wrong?", and "A Peace Worthy of War". GKC30-P ISBN 0-89870-197-X ... 600 pp. Sewn Softcover, $24.95, GKC30-H ISBN 0-89870-198-8 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95 Ordering Information


Volume 31: Illustrated London News, 1917-1919

Some of the topics of the 130 columns in the volume include "The Poetry of Commonplace Things", "The Rhetoric of Pacifism", "Socialism and Individualism", "The Morality of Melodrama", "Despotism and Democracies", "The Rails of Reality", "Patriotism Become True", "Facts versus False History", "The Fury of America", "Relativity against Reason" and "Controlling the Common Man".

GKC31-P ISBN 0-89870-238-0 ... 700 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95, GKC31-H ISBN 0-89870-232-1 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 32: Illustrated London News, 1920-1922

Some of the topics of the 130 columns in the volume include "The Fashion of Psychoanalysts", "Doubts about Darwinism", "Liberty and Self Government", "Errors About Detective Stories", "The Settling of America", "Popular Literature and Popular Science", "Marxism and History", "The Threat of Novelty", "The Infinite Variety of Woman", "The Soul of the Modern Peasant", "Gilbert and the Jingoists", "Socialist Order and Democracy".

GKC32-P ... 700 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95, ISBN 0-89870-244-5 GKC32-H ISBN 0-89870-245-3 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 33: Illustrated London News, 1923-1925

The topics of the 150 columns in the volume include: "The Real Problem with Religious Toleration", "The Modern Longing for Slavery", "America in a Rut", "The Ku Klux Klan and American Conservatism", "An Artist's Satire on War", "The Monster Called Man".

GKC33-P ISBN 0-89870-274-7 ... 600 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95, GKC33-H ISBN 0-89870-273-9 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 34: Illustrated London News, 1926-1928

GKC34-P ... ISBN 0-89870-294-1, 665 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95

GKC34-H ... ISBN 0-89870-293-3, Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information


Volume 35: Illustrated London News, 1929-1931

The 150 columns in this volume include: "Spiritualism and Agnosticism", "Is Change Improvement", "The Health of the Mind", "The Art of Thinking", "Dr. Freud and Ancient Myth", "The New Woman", "The Psychological Theory of History", "Heredity and Moral Inhibitions", and "The Creeds and the Modernist".

GKC35-P ... ISBN 0-89870-367-0 650 pp. Sewn Softcover, $29.95, GKC35-H ISBN 0-89870-366-2 ... Sewn Hardcover, $39.95
Ordering Information

(out of print)

Volumes 38 through 42 are collected from G. K.'s Weekly (1924-1936)

Volumes 43 and 44: Potpourri (Plays, Pamphlets, Essays, etc. -- previously uncollected and some recently discovered)


Wisdom and Innocence
A Biography of G. K. Chesterton

Joseph Pearce

Through years of meticulous research and access to the literary estate of G. K. Chesterton, Joseph Pearce presents a major biography of a 20th century literary giant, providing a great deal of important information on GKC never before published.

This is a thoroughly readable and delightful biography of a multi-faceted author, artist and debater who loved the friendship of children, idolized his wife and enjoyed great friendships with the likes of Hillaire Belloc, Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells.

Illustrated. "Pearce has avoided the factual errors and misjudgments made by most earlier biographers, and his research has been meticulous, with the result that this study contains a great deal of important material never before published." -- The G. K. Chesterton Study Centre (London)

"The most important work on Chesterton in the last 50 years." -- Aidan Mackey, Chesterton Literary Estate

"Biography at its best. Rarely has a biography left me feeling so close to the subject. Pearce writes beautifully clean and lucid prose. A book I will read many times." -- Walter Hooper, Author, A Guide to C. S. Lewis

Joseph Pearce is a British writer and author who spent five years researching and writing this biography. He credits Chesterton's writings for his conversion from agnosticism to Catholicism. Biography, 542 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $29.95, WI-H, ISBN 0-89870-629-7
Ordering Information


The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood
By S.T.D. Mark I. Miraville
Published in 1991, Riehle Foundation (Milford, OH)
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Jesus Christ — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Motherhood — Religious aspects — Catholic Church.

Not Available at this time



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