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Saints and Shrines - Marian Catholic Books


A Handbook on Guadalupe
Price: $12.50

The most authoritative book on Guadalupe in the English language
This well-researched book contains 40 topical chapters by leading experts on Guadalupe. It is a treasure of facts, inspiration and insights. Some of the topics covered: the historic roots of Guadalupe in Catholic Spain and the Aztec Empire before the conquest, the principal characters, the latest scientific findings, the divine codex (picture writings). A number of chapters show how Our Lady helped to bring about the end of human sacrifice then and has an eminent role today as the patroness of the pro-life movement. Numerous beautiful illustrations, many of them in color.
SKU: SMS-HG005 , 220 pp, illustrated.


Kolbe - Saint of the Immaculata
Price: $12.50

by Brother Francis M. Kalvelage, FI
A compendium of inspiring articles on Kolbe
Of all the books in the Marian Saints and Shrines series, this one is the most controversial and thus the most needed in order to do justice to the Saint, whom Pope John Paul II spoke of as "the Saint of our difficult century [twentieth]." Is it true, as reported in a PBS documentary, that the Saint was anti-Semitic? What is the reason behind misrepresenting this great modern day Saint? Is a famous Mariologist right in accusing the Saint of being in error by holding that Mary is the Mediatrix of all Graces? The book has over 35 chapters by over ten authors, giving an in-depth view of one of the greatest Marian Saints of all times.
SKU: SMS-KSI010, 250 pp, perfect bound, illustrated


Padre Pio, the Wonder Worker
Price: $12.50

A story of love and sacrifice for our time
This book is sure to challenge the faithless, excite the interest of the wavering, and inspire the faithful to aspire to holiness. Over 40 chapters including the two inspirational homilies given by Pope John Paul II during the beatification celebration in Rome, May 2 and 3, 2000. Part one of the book is a short biography. The second part is on Padre Pio's spirituality, charisms, apostolate of the confessional, and his great work of charity, 'The House for the Relief of Suffering.' One must see the contents to appreciate the wide coverage.
PROD ID: SMS-PP008, 210 pp, perfect bound, illustrated.


Marian Shrines of France
Price: $12.50

Edited by Brother Francis M. Kalvelage,FI
Informative and inspiring with lots of history
A revised edition of what was originally titled "You Will Make This Known.' In addition to the three major Marian apparitions and shrines of France -- Our Lady at Rue du Bac (Paris), La Salette and Lourdes --an additional major shrine has been added, that of Pontmain. These apparitions show how the secular, godless 20th Century was being checkmated by Our Lady already in the 19th Century, introducing the present Age of Mary. This book is fascinating and informative reading, well-illustrated, with many pictures in full color.
(SKU: SMS-MSF007, 205 pp, perfect bound, illustrated.)


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Marian Shrines of Italy
Price: $12.50

A comprehensive treatment of major shrines
Catholic Italy is Marian Italy with over a thousand Marian Shrines of which the Editor has chosen just 35 of the most beautiful, ornate and devotional ones, from one end of Italy to the other. The story of each shrine speaks of a compassionate Mother Mary appearing to the poor and simple. In a country ravaged by plagues, storms, droughts and other natural calamities over the centuries, Mary comes to relieve her children and give them many miraculous images (paintings and statues) to assure them of her presence. Many illustrations.
SKU: SMS-MAI004, 190 pp, perfect bound, illustrated)


St. Therese: Doctor of the Little Way
Price: $12.50

An insightful and inspiring spirituality for our time
A compendium of insights, covering many unique facets of the latest Doctor of the Church. The 32 chapters are by a variety of outstanding authors: Fr. John Hardon, SJ, Msgr. Vernon Johnson, Sr. Marie of the Trinity, OCD, Fr. Stephane Piat, and 19 others. To mention just a few chapters: Therese's use of Scripture, Abandonment through Suffering, Mirror of the Blessed Virgin, and Mystical Simplicity. The 174-page book has over 35 illustrations.
PROD ID: SMS-ST006, 174 pp, perfect bound, illustrated.
"Thank you for the book commemorating the Doctorate of St. Therese, a beautiful means of making known in the USA and elsewhere the Theresian Message. I gave a copy to the Carmelites in Lisieux and they were very pleased with it."
- Bishop Guy Gaucher, Auxiliary Bishop of the diocese of Lisieux


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2 NEW DVDs on Padre Pio and Sr. Faustina
Each over 2 Hours Long
Best DVD on the Catholic Market

New DVD on Padre Pio over 2 Hours Long
New DVD on Sr. Faustina over 2 Hours Long


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Christian Pop/Rock Music Samples of Catholic Songs


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