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Sacred Heart of Jesus - CMJ Catholic Marian Books


Encountering Jesus in the Gospels and Daily Life
Code: 0525
Sale Price: $12.00

With a firm conviction from years of ministry that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, Fr. Ronald Leinen shares stories of the loving, healing, and life-renewing power he has found in Jesus the Savior. As chaplain, pastoral counselor, teacher, and priest, Fr. Leinen has met hundreds of people whose lives have been transformed by the love of Jesus. From the Gospels and the lives of both laity and religious who have encountered the person of Jesus, Fr. Leinen shows us how Jesus is alive today and working in people's lives. . Remarkable stories of people who have experienced Jesus. . Insightful answers to the question, "Who is Jesus?" . How anyone can encounter the love of the risen Jesus. Fr. Ronald Leinen is a priest-member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. He holds three scientific degrees, including a Ph.D. in Comparative Physiology from the University of Missouri. Now semi-retired, he is a former chaplain and teacher in addition to being a priest and pastoral counselor. 115 pages. ISBN 0-9654806-7-4.

Images of God in Prayer
Code: 0526
Sale Price: $8.00

Every so often a frank and refreshing volume on prayer appears that promises to be a genuine help in fostering union with God. This is one of those books. The author shares candidly how others affected him in his own on-and-off search for intimacy with God. He then moves into the body of his work: the importance of images of God to prayer life. By highlighting this imagery in the whole of Scripture, he makes his point. By showing how the great prayers of the Catholic Church also assume this viewpoint, he reinforces his message. His concluding observations on perseverance in prayer are well worth heeding. I find the most valuable point of the book to lie in the author's ability to make the reader aware of his own latent desire to know God intimately, a desire that never completely fades, nor is completely sated, until his Maker enables him to see Him face-to-face. The author believes that those who face up to this desire are the ones who will achieve the greatest measure of happiness allotted to human beings in this world. He believes that those who ignore it will find themselves inexplicably restless, no matter how successful they appear to be.179 pages. ISBN 0-939025-05-1

Finding the Heart of Jesus in Sickness and Infirmity
Code: 0527
Sale Price: $9.50

Through many years of hospital ministry to those who suffer from physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses, or the sorrow of losing a loved one, Fr. Ronald Leinen again and again witnessed a healing balm in the loving heart of Jesus. Jesus understands our suffering and our sorrows because he himself was nailed to a cross and suffered and died. The heart of Jesus will never fail us because he, our resurrected savior, is always open to our sufferings. He hears our cries and calls us to trust in his loving kindness. In the pages of Finding the Heart of Jesus in Sickness and Infirmity, both those who need healing and those who care for them will find stories of encouragement for all who call upon the compassionate love of Jesus. Fr. Leinen closes each story with a powerful prayer to touch the lives of those who suffer.112 pages. ISBN 0-9654806-9-0

Fear and Anxiety Finding Peace in the Heart of Jesus
Code: 0528
Sale Price: $6.50

“Fear & Anxiety: Finding Peace in the Heart of Jesus" shows how Jesus still reaches out today to heal all those who are anxious about difficult situations in their lives. In a down-to-earth style the author explains how Jesus frees people from the fears and anxieties that stunt their spiritual and psychological growth. The author differentiates between fear and anxiety and explains how they overlap. The chapters cover the roots of fear, spirituality, obsession about our duties, doubts about sins, the healing of pride, true freedom, and much more. Each chapter concludes with a reflection and prayer.55 pages. ISBN 0-89622-971-8

Hospital Days With God
Code: 0529
Sale Price: $3.00

This pamphlet will be a benefit to all who are ill and facing hospital days. It will also be welcomed by non-Catholics who desire to live their hospital days with God. Filled with beautiful prayers and Scripture passages. 32 pages.


Quiet Times With Jesus
Code: 0530
Sale Price: $12.00

Mass and Novena of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Code: 0531
Sale Price: $3.95

This booklet contains new prayers for each day of the monthly novena to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. 24 pages.

Prayers to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Code: 0532
Sale Price: $3.95

The prayers to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in this booklet are a reprint from the monthly magazine "OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART,” which featured them in its issues from February 1960 until December 1961. As they have been favorably received and have proved helpful to many of the faithful in their several needs, it was thought advisable to collect them in a special booklet for handy reference. True, any heart-felt prayer, be it ever so awkward and short, will catch the ear of Our Lady and move her to appeal to the Heart of her Son for aid. Still, there will always be those who are at a loss for word~ and love to have a pattern by which to go, especially when saying a prayer for a particular intention in common. For such, this booklet is intended. Added to the prayers are some hymns to Our Lady, expressive of confidence in her power of intercession with the Heart of Jesus and suitable for congregational singing.

Novena of Praise and Thanks to the Sacred Heart
Code: 0533
Sale Price: $3.95

Pray this novena with deep faith, trusting that the Sacred Heart will pour forth his love on you. Pray it with submission, accepting whatever he sends and doing whatever he tells you. Be humble and repentant for your sins and faults- your helplessness and admission brings strength. In weakness strength is made perfect. Finally, pray with praise and thanks for the great love Jesus has made possible for you, knowing that his love will bring to completion the Father's plan of salvation and the full stature of Christ in you.

My Favorite Prayers
Code: 0534
Sale Price: $3.95

How to Love the Sacred Heart
Code: 0535
Sale Price: $3.95

Daily Pilgrimage to Purgatory
Code: 0536
Sale Price: $3.95


A booklet with an appeal all its own. It is calculated to bring untold solace and comfort to the suffering souls in Purgatory, and arouse wholesome, salutary thoughts in the living. It has very practical meditations for each day of the week, also an explanation of the Heroic Act of Charity in favor of the Poor Souls. Recommended especially for the month of November.



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