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Two: From Conception to Birth
This talk looks closely at an important and often overlooked phase, the first 9 months of a child in the womb of the mother.
* Explains how the parents, especially the mother, play important roles in the psychological - as well as physical - development of their child.
* Calls attention to the important role of grace, environment and maintaining an even temperament for the mother.
* Gives evidence of this important truth by examples from Scriptures,
lives of the Saints, and traditional counsels for mothers.
An often overlooked but very important topic. (C-16) 45 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Three: Preserving Innocence in Early Childhood
A crucial topic. It explains the first innocence of the child, both natural and Baptismal innocence.
* Shows how the influence of the family environment can contribute to
the development of God’s plan for the child’s soul.
* Explains the importance of the first reactions for the formation
of the child's character.
* Analyzes the development of innocence in different nationalities.
This talk is a useful complement to the the talk on the Four Temperaments. If you like that one, then buy this one.
Very original and essential. (C-17) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Four: Forming Idealistic Young Men
Looks at the formation of boys ages 5 to 11. Explains the importance of instilling in your son the spirit of sacrifice and the spirit of the fight. Offers sound principles and practical suggestions on many topics pertaining to the counter-revolutionary education of a boy:
The need to educate boys differently from girls.
How to help them develop the spirit of sacrifice and fight against the 'good life' mentality.
The importance of a serious, consistent exercise of authority
How to combat the effects of original sin in the intelligence, will and passions.
Establishing correct relations between the father and the son, and between the mother and the son.
The role of militancy and the marvelous in forming your son.
This talk is a useful complement to The Manual of Civility. Understand how to lead your son to make the good fight for his own sanctification in this life and win Heaven in the next.
Rich in sound Catholic principles! (C-24) 55 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Five: Shaping the Sense of Sacrifice in Girls
For girls ages 5 to 11, it is most important for parents to foster the spirit of generosity and a curb over first impulses. Dr. Horvat explains why this is so. She also looks at these other important topics:
The father’s important role in preserving his daughter’s innocence, modesty and femininity.
Establishing the proper balance between affection and authority in the relations of a father with his daughter.
The mother’s crucial role in exercising discipline and fostering the spirit of sacrifice.
The mother’s need to understand her daughter in order to encourage her good inclinations and curb the bad ones.
The importance of instilling a love for beauty and a disgust for the vulgar.
The value of directing the tendencies of the daughter toward the marvelous and sublime.
Avoiding overindulgence as well as excessive severity.
The premise is established that the vocation of the woman was destined by God primarily to be a wife and mother. Then the Catholic home is presented as her primary realm of action. 50 min.
Explodes many modern myths! (C-25) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Women Before and After Vatican II
A first look at the Catholic patriarchal family. A critique of the women's emancipation movement and the support it has received from the progressivists. (C-10) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Women in the Middle Ages
Breaks the myth that women were smashed in the Middle Ages. They enjoyed privileges, honor and legal rights. (C-11) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Protestant Revolution & Women
The negative effect of the Protestant Revolution on the role of women in the family and society. (C-12) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

A Catholic Way to Do Everything
The Revolution has invaded our customs, clothing, art, buildings, recreation, and surroundings. The Catholic has the duty to counter this attack and seek for perfection in everything. An invaluable talk that addresses the cultural revolution in concrete terms. (C-5) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Truth About the Holy Inquisition
An impartial analysis of the Inquisition - its origins, purpose and policies. Presents scholarly evidence and sources that reveal the bias of the lies and negative myths that were generated by the enemies of the Church. (C-7) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Revolution in Clothing
The egalitarian and vulgar spirit of the cultural revolution has had a disastrous effect on the clothing of women and men. How and why clothes reveal the person. (C-8) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Catholic Psychology: The Four Temperaments
What is your temperament? Choleric, melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic? This is the Catholic way to better understand yourself, your spouse, your children. How to identify and work with the temperament God gave you. (C-3) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Great Myth: The Truth Lies in the Center
This talk exposes the great lie of our day - that the truth lies between the radical poles of good and evil. Sanctity demands radicality. (C-4) 30 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Venerable Antonio Margil: Apostle of Texas
The epic story of a 17th century Franciscan friar who walked barefoot over much of Mexico, Central America and Texas converting thousands of Indians. Renowned as a moving preacher, a miracle worker, a great spiritual director who read souls, Fr. Margil crowned his great missionary life with his apostolate in Texas where he founded the chain of missions around San Antonio.
His names deserves to be known in the United States as one who will intercede for us in Heaven, as he did so often on earth.
A saint for our times. (C-20) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

St. Therese of the Child Jesus: Her Spirituality
An encouraging talk for present-day Catholics. It explains the weapons St. Therese gave us to master onself, to fight discouragement and to face the Cross.
Inspiring. (C-18) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

NEW! Prophecies Fulfilled
Describes the many prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success tht have already been fulfilled with perfect accuracy and talks about the few still to take place. Based on research from the Postulator for the Cause of Ven. Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. (C-26) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success
An introduction to the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success to a conceptionist sister in Quito in the 1600s. How the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success harmonize perfectly with those of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. (C-1) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Suffering of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres
This talk describes the four imprisonments of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres by the rebellious sisters in the Conceptionist Convent in Quito (Ecuador) who wanted to relax the rule. Finally, Our Lady intervened with a miracle to punish the inobservant sisters and re-install Mother Mariana as Abbess. A marvelous story with much significance for us now.
Part of the Our Lady of Good Success series. (C-19) 60 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

A Soldier Converts
One hundred years after her death, Mother Mariana appears to a Portuguese soldier and tells him to leave the earthly army and enroll in the army of St. Francis. This is the moving conversion story of Fr. Manuel Pereira, who went to Quito and became the confessor for the Conceptionist Convent. Based on testimonies and original sources in the Convent, he wrote The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana. Later, he went to the New World.
Inspiring! (C-1) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Revolution and Counter-Revolution
The terms Revolution and Counter-Revolution are seen more and more today, often used with imprecise or partial applications. In the first of a series of talks on the topic, Guimarães gives a full historical overview of R-CR, as understood by Catholic leaders from the 19th and 20th century. Provides a key to understand the magnitude of the present day crisis in Christendom and the Church.
A unique way to understand Catholic History (C-21) 45 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Tendencies, Ideas and Facts
When did the Revolution begin? What is the transition point between the pre-revolutionary period and the revolutionary era? How can we prevent the revolution from entering society again in the Reign of Mary? From the perspective of the revolution in the tendencies of man, Guimarães answers these question.
Understand the internal dynamics of the R-CR process
Know how the revolution works! (C-23) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

How to Stop the Conciliar Revolution
A discerning analysis of the situation Traditionalism is facing at the present moment that shows:
the general reaction again Progressivist advances;
the weak points of the Progressivist revolution,
the strong point of Traditionalism;
the tactics the Vatican is using to coerce the leadership of Traditionalism to swallow the Council;
the role Sede-Vacantism is playing.
Compelling, encouraging and timely. (C-13) 45 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Miserablist Church
Under a pretext of poverty, there is a plan to abolish the sacrality of the Church.
This talk:
Exposes the Progressivist aim to transform the Catholic Church into a poor and invisible institution - the Miserablist Church.
Shows the long chain of the miserablist movements that have existed throughthe History of the Church.
Presents Cardinal von Balthasar as the present-day representive of this currentand his support by the Vatican.
Is the attack against pomp, ceremony and dignity in the Church a sincere wish to return to evangelical perfection? Or is this just a pretext of the Miserablist current to change the face of the Holy Church? Listen to the talk to understand.
Know about this important topic! (C-14) 45 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Spotlight on Resistance
Explains the position of the signers of We Resist You to the Face as loyal members of the Catholic Church and defenders of the Papacy. Exposes the tactics of the enemies. Refutes accusations. Lays out plans for the future fight.
A new point of reference on the Catholic panorama! (C-6) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The Papal Monarchy After Vatican II
The Papal monarchy described - before and after Vatican II. What it should be. How and why it is being changed.
Important concepts to know for the fight! (C-9) 50 min. $6 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION




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