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Ten Commandments - DVDs, Audio CDs and Books


The Ten Commandments - Catholic CD

Item Number: 6092
Roman Catholic CD - Unit Sale Price: $34.95

Are the Biblical commandments really divinely given laws? Is it possible that they are actually arbitrary restrictions that hinder human freedom, or merely moral "signposts" and not to be taken literally? How relevant are the 10 commandments?
Fruitful Meditations and Practical Applications
In the inspiring and thought-provoking new series, The Ten Commandments, renowned author, psychologist and Franciscan priest, Fr. Benedict Groeschel explores the Decalogue with great sensitivity and insight. Originally broadcast in twelve episodes on Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network, and available now on six CDs, this thoughtful presentation is not an attempt at an exhaustive analysis of the commandments, but rather a series of fruitful meditations and practical applications of the 10 Commandments to your life today.

Politically Incorrect
As you listen, you'll discover why all who take morality seriously must believe in objective moral norms. Father reveals how the moral law is written on the human heart and how, although they may no longer be "politically correct", the Ten Commandments form the moral foundation of the great world religions and western civilization itself. A renowned retreat master, Fr. Groeschel has the ability to be compassionate without compromising the truth. Prepare to be called to a profound examination of conscience as he grapples with the tough moral issues facing our society and takes a no-holds-barred account of the state of the American soul. You'll gain new appreciation of the depth and scope of a seemingly simple divine directive like, "Honor thy father and thy mother" when seen in terms of the decimation of marriage, family life and the holocaust of abortion.

Divinely Given Key
One after another, Fr. Benedict dispels the many myths and misconceptions of morality promoted by modern psychology, the media, the universities and, sadly, even religious leaders. Also, you'll want to have your Bible in hand as Father explores the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments, especially how Our Lord Himself supports, validates and requires the observance of the Ten Commandments.
Order The Ten Commandments today and gain a greater appreciation of the relevance of this crucial, objective moral standard and rediscover how these ten divinely given laws, too often dismissed as impossible for human frailty to sustain, truly hold the key to bringing the civilization of love to the land that God has given us.

Why "Nice" people go along with atrocities
How western civilization has politely forgotten right from wrong
Why it's not enough simply to "go to church"
How psychologists have undermined the moral foundations of 90% of college undergraduates
Why superstition has always been a problem of religion
How the idea of truth is lost in America today
Why we all need "a day off"
What Christian chastity really means
Why the family is called the domestic church
How Pope JPII is the apostle of truth in the world today
Why young people today are desperately looking for something to believe in

Item Number: 6092
Unit Sale Price: $34.95

The Ten Commandments Of God - Catholic Book

The Ten Commandments Of God Shows that the Ten Commandments are rooted in common sense and good judgment, and a nation committed to law and order is committing civil euthanasia by outlawing the Ten Commandments from the public forum. * Author: Fr. Albert Joseph Mary Shamon * Pages: 54 (Queenship)
Catholic Book Only $4.95


99447 - Ten Commandments - DVD - Movie

For sheer pageantry and spectacle, few films can equal its splendor. It tells the story of Moses (Charlton Heston), once favored by the Pharaoh©‡s (Yul Brynner) house, who turned his back on a privileged life and responded to God©‡s call to lead his people to freedom. Filmed in Egypt and the Sinai with one of the biggest sets ever constructed for a motion picture.
Letterbox format. 4 hr 20 min Sale Price $39.95 ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

Greatest Heroes of the Bible - DVD ( 10400D )
Christian DVD

Greatest Heroes of the Bible - DVD
Sale Price: $ 39.95

REGION 1 DVD - US, Canada and US Territories Includes eight Old Testament stories:
The Story of Noah Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham's Sacrifice Joseph in Egypt
The Story of Moses The Ten Commandments Samson and Delilah David & Goliath Time: 6 hr 40 min



Christian DVD
This DVD is playable in All regions

The Ten Commandments — "What They Mean" "Why They Matter" "Why You Should Care" Hosted by Adrian Snell -- composer, singer, and communicator.
There is Nothing Like It! What even comes close? Here is an historic document over 3,000 years old. It is a code for living more influential than any other. It confronts us today as an object of unceasing and intense public debate. The Ten Commandments were given to the people of Israel, yet they have been embraced by diverse cultures over long centuries. The neglect of the Ten Commandments is seen by many as contributing to a moral breakdown today. Others fight to keep them out of public places. Can you think of any other ancient text that so inspires such contemporary attention?
In this series you will find out why the Ten Commandments are so potent, how they cut through the maze of psychobabble, how they get to the center of issues of the heart and how they affect the way we live.
Includes Ten Segments, approximately 30 minutes each
1. 'Have No Other Gods but Me'
2. 'Do Not Bow Down to Anything'
3. 'Do Not Misuse My Name'
4. 'Keep the Sabbath'
5. 'Honor Your Father and Mother'
6. 'Do Not Kill'
7. 'Do Not Commit Adultery'
8. 'Do Not Steal'
9. 'Do Not Lie'
10. 'Do Not Covet'
WARNING: The contents of these programs will expose you to the real reasons why the ancient decalogue is so feared by many moderns and why these words are regarded as so dangerous that judges have ordered their removal from courtroom and classroom walls. We caution you that use of these materials can permanently affect your whole understanding and outlook on life. Use these materials with full discretion and only if you are willing to take full responsibility for what you may be in for.
DVD Features:
PDF excerpts included on the DVD:
-Leaders Guide (for the first three programs) - includes a short history of each commandment, quotes, questions, Scripture verses, and scripts.
-Student Workbook (for the first three programs) - includes warm-up and introduction, questions for reflection, quizzes and more.
Also available are a 112-page leader's guide and a 48-page student workbook. To download sample sessions from these guides, click on the links above.
Time: 5 hrs | Production Year:
Christian DVD
500819D Sale Price: $79.95



[ 6 ITEMS]
Christian DVD
This DVD is playable in All regions

A fresh look at the Ten Commandments (taken up in reverse order) and what they mean for us today.

Ten: Commandments 10 & 9 -
Commandment 10 - How to Find True Contentment
J. John considers why materialism can cause worry, weariness and despair. Commandment 9 - How To Hold the Truth
J. John exposes three specific areas of lying: gossip, slander and flattery.

Ten: Commandments 8 & 7 -
Commandment 8 - How to Prosper with a Clear Conscience
J. John asks why our understanding of God's law stops at violent forms of theft. Commandment 7 - How to Affair Proof Your Relationship
J. John looks at God's parameters for relationships and explains how sexual guilt can be forgiven-so long as we change our ways.

Ten: Commandments 6 & 5 -
Commandment 6 - How to Tame Your Temper
J. John explains that through a process of managing anger by understanding it, anger can be disarmed-before it is too late!
Commandment 5 - How to Keep Peace With Your Parents
J. John explains how really to honor your parents-by respecting them, by accepting and appreciating them, by affirming and not abandoning them.

Ten: Commandments 4 & 3 -
Commandment 4 - How to Stop Driving Yourself Crazy
J. John explains the crucial place of “Sabbath rest” in our fast-forward, work-mad culture.
Commandment 3 - How to Take God Seriously
J. John explains how the Bible warns us against abusing God's name or insulting or intimidating others

Ten: Commandments 2 & 1 -
Commandment 2 - How to Know the Real God
J. John explains how idolatry occurs when we hold any value, idea or activity higher than God.
Commandment 1 - How to Live By...
J. John explains how, and he shows that God is most glorified when we are most satisfied-in him.
Time: 5 hrs | Production Year:
Christian DVD
Sale Price: $79.95



Catechism of Trent (RCB)

Sale Price: $39.95 Extra-large Smyth-sewn hardcover ORDER HERE - ORDER INFORMATION

The catechism compiled by a saint and approved by St. Pius V, and now it's available in a reader-friendly edition. For more than four centuries it was known simply as "The Roman Catechism"--the source, guide and standard for all other catechisms. Commissioned by the Council of Trent, written under the supervision of St. Charles Borromeo, and promulgated by St. Pius V in 1566, it was--and remains--the most comprehensive and authoritative statement of Catholic doctrine ever published. Originally intended for parish priests for use in instructing the faithful, today it is a Godsend to priests and laymen--offering precise, simply worded answers to questions about the Faith in a style different from more recent catechisms. This 1923 translation by Dominicans John A. McHugh and Charles J Callan is unsurpassed for accuracy and readability, and features many useful extras. All the doctrines of the Faith are expounded under four heads: * The Apostles Creed * The Sacraments * The Ten Commandments * The Lord's Prayer "The part on the Creed," the translators explain, "contains all that is to be held according to the Christian faith.... The part devoted to the Seven Sacraments teaches us what are the signs, and, as it were, the instruments of grace. In the part on the Decalogue is described whatever has reference to the law .... Finally, the Lord's Prayer contains whatever can be the object of the Christian's desires, or hopes, or prayers." Why does this catechism still tower above others? Fathers McHugh and Callan supply the answer: "The Roman Catechism is unlike any other summary of Christian doctrine, not only because it is intended for the use of priests in their preaching, but also because it enjoys a unique authority among manuals. ... In addition to Popes, and Councils, many Cardinals, Bishops and other ecclesiastics, distinguished for their learning, vied with one another in eulogizing the Catechism of Trent. Among other things, they have said that not since the days of the Apostles has there been produced in a single volume so complete and practical a summary of Christian doctrine as this Catechism, and that, after the Sacred Scriptures, there is no work that can be read with greater safety or profit.... to the educated layman, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, who desires to study an authoritative statement of Catholic doctrine, no better book could be recommended than this official manual; for in its pages will be found the whole substance of Catholic doctrine and practice, arranged in order, expounded with perspicuity, and sustained by argument at once convincing and persuasive.... "The Roman Catechism is, therefore, a handbook of moral theology, a confessor's guide, a book of exposition for the preacher, and a choice directory of the spiritual life for pastor and flock alike." A fraction of the topics covered, in 658 large pages: Necessity of Faith * Unity of Faith * The Creed * Unity of Nature in God * The Trinity * Creation of Angels * Formation of the Universe * Creation of Man * Original Sin * Jesus Christ * Duties Owed to Christ * The Holy Ghost * The Blessed Virgin Mary * The Immaculate Conception * The Incarnation * The Nativity * Christ Compared to Adam * Mary Compared to Eve * Humility and Poverty of Christ * Elevation and Dignity of Man * The Passion and Death of Our Lord * Christ's Burial * Why Christ Suffered * Fruits of Christ's Passion * Christ's Descent into Hell * Christ's Liberation of the Just * The Resurrection * Necessity, Ends and Advantages of the Resurrection * Christ's Ascension into Heaven: Reasons, Results and Spiritual Benefits * The Two Judgments: Particular and General * Signs of the General Judgment * The Sentence of the Just * The Sentence of the Wicked * Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost * Grace and Its Effects * The Church: Nature, Structure and Membership * The Church Militant * The Church Triumphant * Four Marks of the Church * Communion of Saints * Forgiveness of Sins * Resurrection of the Body * Qualities of a Glorified Body * Eternal Life * The Beatific Vision * The Sacraments * Definition of a Sacrament * Proof of Sacraments from Scripture and Reason * What Sacraments Signify * Why the Sacraments were Instituted * Parts of the Sacraments * Unworthiness of Ministers and Sacramental Validity * Effects of the Sacraments * Baptism: Matter, Form and Effects * Ministers of Baptism * Infant Baptism * Six Effects of Baptism * Confirmation: Matter, Form and Effects * Chrism * Sponsors * The Holy Eucharist: Matter, Form and Effects * What the Eucharist Signifies * The Real Presence * Transubstantiation * Communion * Eucharist as Sacrifice * Distinction of Sacrament and Sacrifice * Mass as True Sacrifice * Rites and Ceremonies of the Mass * Sacrament of Penance: Matter, Form and Effects * Virtue of Penance * Fruits of Penance * Three Parts of Penance: Contrition, Confession, Satisfaction * Absolution * Qualities of True Contrition * Qualities of a Good Confession * Elements and Conditions of Satisfaction * Seal of Confession * Guidelines for Confessors * Duties of Confessors * Sin of Human Respect * Extreme Unction: Matter, Form and Effects * Administration of Extreme Unction * Dispositions for Reception of Extreme Unction * Holy Orders * Requirements in Candidates for Holy Orders * Twofold Power Conferred by Holy Orders * Number of Orders * Tonsure * Minor Orders * Major Orders * Priesthood * Degrees of Priesthood * Qualifications for Priesthood * Marriage: Nature and Meaning * The Kind of Consent Required in Matrimony * Indissolubility of Marriage * Marriage as Sacrament * Three Blessings of Marriage * Duties of Married People * Law of Church on Marriage * Impediments to Marriage * What the Commandments Forbid * What the Commandments Command * Idolatry * Lawfulness of Veneration and Invocation of Angels and Saints * Lawfulness of Images of Divine Persons * Usefulness of Sacred Images * Blasphemy * Oaths, Lawful and Unlawful * Irreverent Speech * Nelgect of Prayer * The Sabbath: Works Forbidden, Permitted and Commanded or Recommended * Manner of Honoring Parents * Honor Due to Superiors and Rulers * Duties of Parents to Children * Three Things to Be Avoided by Parents * Commandment Against Killing * Lawfulness of Killing Animals * Execution of Criminals * Killing in a Just War * Suicide * Sinful Anger * Love of Neighbor * Forgiveness of Injuries * Disadvantages of Revenge * Remedies Against Hatred * Adultery * Fornication * Impurity * Means of Practicing Purity * Dangers of Idleness * Temperance * Custody of the Eyes * Immodesty * Mortification * Chief Kinds of Stealing * Restitution * Almsgiving * Excuses for Stealing Refuted * Lying * False Testimony * Detraction * Flattery * Hypocrisy * Truthfulness * Excuses for Lying Refuted * Covetousness * Concupiscence: Two Kinds * Detachment from Riches * Necessity of Prayer * Fruits of Prayer * Parts of Prayer * What We Should Pray For * Whom We Should Pray For * To Whom We Should Pray * Preparation for Prayer * How to Pray Well "A precious summary of all theology, both dogmatic and moral. He who understands it well will always have at his service those aids by which a priest is enable to preach with fruit, to acquit himself worthily of the important ministry of the confessional and of the direction of souls, and will be in a position to refute the objections of unbelievers." -- POPE LEO XIII "The Catechism of the Council of Trent was drawn up for the express purpose of providing preachers with subjects for their sermons;... I rarely preach a sermon but I go to this beautiful and complete Catechism to get both my matter and my doctrine." -- CARDINAL JOHN HENRY NEWMAN EXECUTION OF CRIMINALS ©̉Another kind of lawful slaying belongs to the civil authorities, to whom is entrusted power of life and death, by the legal and judicious exercise of which they punish the guilty and protect the innocent. The just use of this power, far from involving the crime of murder, is an act of paramount obedience to this Commandment which prohibits murder. The end of the Commandment is the preservation and security of human life. Now the punishments inflicted by the civil authority, which is the legitimate avenger of crime, naturally tend to this end, since they give security to life by repressing outrage and violence. Hence these words of David: In the morning I put to death all the wicked of the land, that I might cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord.©ô -- CATECHISM OF TRENT EXTRAS * PRIESTS: Complete "Sermon Program" for Sundays and Feasts linking doctrinal material in the Catechism to Epistles and Gospels * APPENDIXES: Complete texts of definitions and dogmatic statements since Trent * Subheadings for ease of reading, quick reference * Useful citations to passages in St. Thomas Aquinas and others * Translator's introduction gives vital historical background * Extremely detailed Table of Contents * Subject Index
Sale Price: $39.95 Extra-large Smyth-sewn hardcover 658 pages



"Thorns of the Sacred Heart"
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by Baronius Press

The Douay-Rheims Bible - Hardbound

The best, most accurate, safest English translation that you can use.
A careful word-for-word translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible
(the official Bible of the Church) - plus of the original New Testament Greek.

Sale Price:$54.95




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THE DOUAY-RHEIMS BIBLE - Now in Larger Print!
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Canonization of Padre Pio


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