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Ultimate Catholic Q&A - DVD

What can you say or do to bring your loved ones back to the Faith? How can you respond to your Protestant friends regarding the current scandals in the Catholic Church? Wouldn't it be great to sit down with your favorite Catholic speakers and have them give you the right answers to the tough questions about Catholic faith and practice? Just imagine a panel of handpicked experts ready to answer all the most burning questions facing Catholics today, all in one faith-building presentation!

New to DVD
Well you can stop dreaming! Shot on location at the National Catholic Family Conference in Anaheim, CA, this DVD presentation Ultimate Catholic Q&A features Dr. Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Fr. Bill Casey, C.P.M., Alex Jones, Steve Ray and moderator Jeff Cavins fielding a host of crucial questions on faith and family from an audience of thousands of faithful Catholics just like you. In the inspiring and effective responses of these six popular Catholic speakers, you'll uncover clear and concise answers to many difficult objections to the faith.

"All-Star" Panel
Saint Joseph Communications' "all-star" panel combines wit and wisdom to tackle the tough questions on topics of vital concern to Catholics from all over the country. You'll discover authoritative responses to doubts about liturgical practice, pastoral guidance in matters of the heart, and informed insights into Catholic traditions. There's sure to be something for everyone as our experts wrestle with critical questions on sin and salvation, and deftly handle modern theological debates on everything from why non-Catholics can't receive communion, to what the Church really teaches regarding the so-called "Rapture."

Critical Challenges, Clear Answers
Ultimate Catholic Q&A delivers the powerful perspectives of a panel of well-known experts who employ an unbeatable combination of apologetics, theology, biblical exegesis, pastoral expertise and evangelical zeal making this entertaining and informative full-length video an absolute "must see" for everyone interested in understanding and explaining their Catholic Faith. Order now and you'll be empowered to handle some very touchy subjects like never before, and more effectively discuss the truths of the Faith with family and friends in your own life.

Will Catholics get "Left Behind" in the "Rapture"?
When is a sin so grave that one risks the loss of his soul?
What do I say to my Protestant friends regarding the priest scandal?
How can you explain to your Protestant friend why non-Catholics can't go to communion?
Can our deceased loved ones hear our prayers even though the Church doesn't officially recognize them as saints?
Why do Catholic Churches have gargoyles?
Must Catholics believe in a literal Adam and Eve?
What can Catholics do or say to bring their loved ones back to the Church?
How should Catholic Couples deal with adultery?
And much more...

Item Number: 9104
PRICE: $19.75




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