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John Paul II
The Man, The Pope, and His Message

Length: 10 films, 4 DVDs, 5 hours
Edition: DVD
Code: JPMP-M
SALE PRICE: $49.95

An in-depth view of John Paul II, the man, the Pope and his message, this Special Edition DVD marks the re-release of a series of documentaries with epic proportions on the life and work of the iconic and history-changing Pope. Through special arrangements with the Vatican, Alberto Michelini, the renowned Italian journalist, produced this series.

Timeless footage over the span of five hours delves deeply into the life of Pope John Paul II and the heart of his messages. It features some of the most intimate moments with the Pope ever captured on film, allowing you to enter into an incredible journey of his life and travels-and even into his private life within the Vatican. Come to know this historic man and Pope like never before!

A breathtaking journey into the great Pope's work and travels, this series is a "must-have" for anyone desiring to encounter the face of Christ through one of his most powerful messengers.

This DVD includes the following languages: English, French, and Spanish

Volume 1: "You Are Gifts to the World" John Paul II and the Children
Discover the basis of the Pope's tender love for children, who reflect the "most transparent image of God."

Volume 2: "You Are My Hope" The Pope and Youth
Rallying the youth to evangelize the world, witness the Pope proclaiming, "You are my hope. You are the hope of the Church."

Volume 3: "Family Be Yourself" John Paul II and the Family
Central messages to his Papacy, see John Paul II's passion for the wellbeing of the family and sanctity of every human life.

Volume 4: "On This Rock" A Journalist Looks at John Paul II
An intimate view into his life and work as depicted by Andre Frossard, a close personal friend of the Pontiff.

Volume 5: "Let There Be Peace" The Pope and Other Faiths
Engaging sequences of Pope John Paul II's unceasingly bold efforts to unite the world under God

Volume 6: "Mary Mother of Our Century" John Paul II at Marian Shrines
Chronicling Papal visits to the twelve Marian shrines, witness John Paul's fervent love and consecrations to Our Blessed Mother.

Volume 7: "Light at Midnight" Historic Events in the East
Witness the vital role that the Holy Father played in the fall of Communism and reconciling with countries in the East.

Volume 8: "I Am Your Voice" The Pope on Human Rights
Crying out for the equality and dignity for all people, the Pope instructs society on its responsibility to safeguard these basic rights.

Volume 9: "I Too Have Been a Worker" The Pope and the Working World
Drawing from the labor of his youth, the Pope instructs on the dignity of labor as it relates to God's plan.

Volume 10: "Visiting The Pope" A Day with John Paul II
A rare occasion to witness a day in the life of the Pope, walk alongside him from prayer time in his personal chapel to quiet mountain hiking.



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