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(PC: 5253-CD)

Written by: Scott Hahn
Narrated by: Saint Joseph Communications
Category: Apologetics (CD)

Now on CD! The Revolutionary Series that Brought Thousands Back into the Catholic Church!
“Where in the Bible does it say that the Bible alone is the sole rule of faith?” This seemingly innocent question from a Protestant university student started then-Presbyterian minister Scott Hahn on a dramatic search that brought him to the ironic conclusion that the Reformation doctrine of sola scriptura (the Bible alone) is, in fact, unbiblical! This prompted an amazing journey that brought one of today’s finest Biblical thinkers into the Catholic Church. And this classic presentation brought in thousands more!
The Case for Sola Scriptura
Finally available on eight audio CDs, The Bible Alone explores the origin of sola scriptura in the writings of Martin Luther and exposes how the Protestant Reformers allowed the evolution of this doctrine to influence their view of the Bible— even to justifying the removal of seven books from the official canon of Scripture! You’ll also discover the Biblical evidence against private interpretation of Scripture and all the major elements of the “Bible alone” theory.
New Objections, New Responses
While highlighting the Catholic position on the Bible, Hahn also presents recent Protestant efforts to “reform” sola scriptura and creatively defend what is demonstrably a Reformation-era doctrine against the 2,000-year tradition of the Church. He charitably examines the writings of his former colleagues who continue to argue that the Bible is the only infallible guide to Faith and then answers their objections with rock-solid arguments from history, tradition and, of course, the Bible itself!
An Authoritative Guide
In his exhaustive examination of the Bible texts classically used by Protestants to “prove” sola scriptura, Dr. Hahn shows how these verses (properly interpreted) actually point back to the witness of the Church’s Tradition. We learn how the early Church saw that scripture alone -- the Hebrew Bible at that time -- was not enough, but rather, realized the need for the authority of the Church.
A Proven Resource
Since virtually all the many thousands of Fundamentalist and Evangelical sects use sola scriptura to condemn Catholic beliefs and practices, the evidence contained in this set will be your best line of defense against anti-Catholic attacks. The Bible Alone? is a proven classic that no serious Catholic should be without. Order now and gain PRICE:less insight into defending the Faith from this essential Protestant error.
How did the Church function for 350 years without the NT canon?
Why would the Holy Spirit wait fourteen centuries to reveal such an important “truth” as sola scriptura?
How to view the Bible in the living Tradition of the Church
What is the modern Protestant response to Catholic evidence against sola scriptura?
Why Dr. Hahn’s honest presentation of both sides of this issue allows listeners to decide for themselves
How the “Bible alone” doctrine is, ironically, unbiblical
Where the Bible condemns the private interpretation of Scripture
When and where the “Bible alone” doctrine was introduced
Who does Scripture say is the official interpreter of Scripture?
And much more…
Language: English
Running Time: 00:00:00
PRICE: $:42.95



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