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Indonesia: Standing for Jesus in the Midst of Jihad (VHS)

The Voice of the Martyrs
How could a teenager look 20 radical Muslim warriors in the face and not give in to their demands of converting to Islam, even after they nearly severed his head from his body with a sword?

Meet Indonesian Christian Johannes Mantahari (featured in the June 2002 VOM newsletter), who when threatened with death chose to stay true to his loving Savior. Join us on a journey to the nation of Indonesia - the world's most populous Muslim nation - and share in the fellowship of sufferings of our persecuted family as they testify to God's almighty power in the face of a radical form of Islam threatening Christians in their nation.

Product Details:
  • Length: 11 minutes
  • Special Note: Features Johannes Mantahari
  • Topic/Country: Indonesia, Muslim



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