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Safely Home

Randy Alcorn
While some claim that China is transforming into a democratic country, Chinese Christians continue to be persecuted behind closed doors. In his compelling new novel, Safely Home, Randy Alcorn compares Christianity in America with Christianity in China. Inspired by the painting Safely Home by award-winning artist Ron DiCianni, which is underneath the book's jacket cover, this novel challenges readers to consider what it means to follow Christ. The story follows American business executive Ben Fielding, who visits his college roommate, Li Quan, in China. After 20 years he expects to pick up where they left off, but when they're reunited, the men are shocked at what they discover about each other. Ben finds his Chinese friend persecuted by communist officials for embracing a Savior, for whom he is willing to die.

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  • Author: Randy Alcorn
  • Edition: Hardback
  • Pages: 402 pp.
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