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Called And Chosen
The Never Changing Face of the Priesthood

Speaker: Fulton Sheen
Length: 8 CDs
Format: CD
Code: CCNC-D
SALE PRICE:: $42.95

Today's Catholic priesthood is in serious crisis. Increasing reports of scandal and open challenges to the Church's teaching on issues such as celibacy, married priests and the ordination of women are documented and well known. But this is not the first time in the Church's long history that the priesthood has been seriously questioned or even out rightly attacked. Since Vatican II, misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding the priesthood and have emerged because of widespread misreading of the Council documents. What can be done to respond to these challenges and clarify the issues at hand? Where can ordinary Catholics turn for answers to better understand the tragic situation and to show their solidarity for the sacred priesthood in these troubled times?
Remarkable Frankness and Amazing Clarity

In this newly remastered 8-CD set, Called and Chosen: The Never Changing Face of the Priesthood, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen shares with remarkable frankness and amazing precision, his thoughts and feelings on what it means to be a priest of God. Originally given as a retreat for Irish clergy in 1977, these enlightening conferences will profoundly move you as the beloved prelate, known to millions throughout the world by his inspiring sermons, insightful books and informative teachings, opens wide his own priestly heart about the merciful love of God. A gifted orator, theologian, and philosopher, he offers colorful preaching on a variety of sensitive subjects including sin, obedience, rebellion, the Church, Mary, and the Holy Eucharist. His honest and straightforward observations are the culmination of a life study, intense reflection and long hours of prayer before the Most Blessed Sacrament.
Contemporary Prophet

Now you can be privileged to share the fruit of Archbishop Sheen's preparation, prayer and suffering as you listen to these outstanding discourses. In them, he draws from his incredible grasp of Sacred Scripture, Church history, modern psychology, literature and pastoral experience. In many ways, Sheen can be considered a contemporary prophet because of his ability to identify the looming problems threatening the Church, in particular those infecting the priesthood. Not content to accept these evils as inevitable or insurmountable, the Archbishop provided concrete solutions to triumph over them. You will appreciate his words of wisdom and welcome his unbelievable candor as he encourages the ordained to better serve the People of God and strive for sanctity.
Priesthood as a Gift and Mystery

Hear the magnificence of Archbishop Sheen like never before. Digitally re-mastered and enhanced, Called and Chosen is a special set that needs to be listened to over and over again so that its powerful message can be fully incorporated. Let the firm conviction and compelling eloquence of this great shepherd of souls provide spiritual answers needed to counter vicious attacks against the priesthood and to dispel all confusion about this special calling. Purchase a set today and allow Fulton J. Sheen to guide you to a more profound appreciation of this great gift and mystery given to the Church by Jesus the Eternal High Priest!

How priests continue the Hypostatic Union by their sacred duties
How Vatican II defined the priesthood and its triple office
Why rebellion is the greatest sin of the human race
Why priests have a deeper mission than mere doing "ministry"
How Our Lady intimately shares in the work of all priests
How sacrificial love is perfectly expressed in priestly celibacy
Why women cannot be priests - theologically and Biblically
Why we have entered into a "demonic age" in the history of the Church


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