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The Vatican
Secrets and Treasures of the Holy City

Author: Fr. Michael Collins

Written by a Vatican insider and former tour guide, and an accomplished church historian, this book is a unique behind-the-scenes look at the world’s smallest nation and the spiritual center of the Catholic Church. Produced with the full cooperation of the Vatican, this is a stunningly beautiful and gorgeously illustrated insiders guide into the 2,000 year long history of the Vatican and papal influence, daily life and governance of the world’s largest religious body, and the glorious art collections and other Priceless treasures rarely seen by the public.

In addition to the incredible photographic tour, the book covers many interesting subjects, including a short history of all the popes, events in Vatican life, restoration projects, the Swiss Guard, Saints, sacred art treasures, clothing-vestments, pectoral crosses, monstrances, ciborlas, chalices, bells, gardens, buildings, sculptures, paintings and much more. It also includes interesting personal interviews with various Vatican employees and insiders who make their home there, from a Swiss Guard to a singer in the Sistine Chapel choir

The photography, absolutely breathtaking in its scope and beauty, is the strength of this entire work with the hundreds of high quality photographs which cover virtually ever page of this oversized book. This is an unparalleled look into profound spiritual life, history and great beauty inside the Holy City.

ISBN: 9780756636333
Author: Fr. Michael Collins
Length: 320 pages
Edition: Hardcover
Code: VAT-H
SALE PRICE:: $35.00



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