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Life is Worth Living: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Language: English
Narrator/Author: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Media: 24 Audio CDs Set

For more than 30 years, Archbishop Sheen was the most famous Catholic leader in the US with a worldwide radio and TV broadcast ministry. Beginning on the NBC Radio Network in 1930, Father Sheen broadcast “The Catholic Hour” all across the world. Later, after he was consecrated a bishop in 1951, Bishop Sheen was seen on TV each week. When it came to authoritative Church teachings, Catholics and non-Catholics listened to the Bishop because he was someone they could trust to “tell it like it is.”

Bishop Sheen was someone who not only had a rock-solid theological background, but he also had the ability to relate concepts with great insight and wit that appealed to everyone, from the theological scholar to the uneducated and the non-Catholic. Perhaps, that’s why his words are still fresh and inspiring today, and continue to change the lives of thousands!

This magnificent series is the most comprehensive explanation of the Catholic vision of life ever offered and every Catholic home in America should have a set.

ISBN-10: 1930034008
ISBN-13: 9781930034006
Media: 24 Audio CDs
CD Set Price: $99.99



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