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My Father, Ladislav Brom
by Libor Brom

My father, Ladislav Brom (1889-1981), the greatest man of my life.
Elementary school teacher, school director, businessman, entrepreneur.
President of Czechoslovak-Polish club Ostrava. Arrested by both
the Nazis and the Communists - the last time at the age of seventy-six
sentenced (14 months). A hard working and courageous man. A genius.


Prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Brom
(1923 - 2006)

Libor Brom was professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures and director of Russian Area Studies at the University of Denver.
He is the author of nine books and a great deal of studies in the field of Slavic culture and civilization.
In addition, he has lectured at numerous institutions of learning and before many civic and religious groups on education, literature, and international relations. He has appeared on three continents and often on radio and television.
A native Czechoslovakian, Dr. Brom was an American citizen. He received his education at the Czechoslovak Institute of Technology, School of Economics, the Charles University of Prague, School of law, the San Francisco State University, and the University of Colorado.
In Europe, Dr. Brom served as an economist and lawyer in International Business and as the chief planner in the research. development, and normalization of Czechoslovak river shipbuilding.
As a professor in the United States, he was selected by the Modern Language Association of America as the Teacher with Superlative Performance, named The American by Choice in Colorado, and received a National Americanism Medal.
In the College Book by the Ballantine Books of New York, 1984 he is named Denver University's best professor.
Dr. Brom served in the leadership of many national and international organizations and was imprisoned by both the Nazis and the Communists. He is listed in Who'S Who in America and Who's Who in the World.





My Grandfather, Ladislav Brom
By Rafael Brom

I did not have a chance to spend much time with my grandfather. The last time I saw him was when I was a small kid. Long story.

According to the description of my father my grandfather, Ladislav Brom was a genius, great businessman, mechanic, teacher, music virtuoso, and the toughest cookie you can imagine.

Very brave man. Both Nazis and Communists were afraid of him. Jailed by both dictatorships did not crush him.  One of the stories my father told me about my grandfather was during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Czech Nazi collaboration police came to his home to give him the last warning. My grandfather responded to them: "You go ahead, when war is over I'll make sure that you all hang on the tallest three". Nazis left his home scared because they knew he was not joking.

Another story is when Communists came after the Red Army invasion of Czechoslovakia. Communists confiscated his big store, warehouse, and other private property. Grandfather had to retreat to his last property big villa in the mountains. Communists came to confiscate this too in the name of social justice. He was waiting for them behind closed door with an ax in his hand and told them: "Come in you bastards, I'll take you one by one". They left him alone. They knew that he was not joking.

Before Nazis and Communists took over the country people often asked him why so rich man like him the owner of big successful business still keeps his teaching job in a local school. His answer was: "My teaching job is my bread and my business is only a mayonnaise". When Nazis and Communists confiscated all he had they could not confiscate his teaching pension. This teaching pension was the only thing left for him and his wife in old age for survival in poverty of Socialism.

He died peacefully in the age of 92.





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The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army, 1948-1983: Uncertain Allegiance
By Condoleezza Rice

Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story

Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family
By Condoleezza Rice


The Experts Agree ... Gun Control Works!
Godless Liberals Always Agree with Gun Control Experts:
Idi Amin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Qaddafi, Kim Jong II
and many other Mass Murderers.



Marx & Satan

Why do the Chinese police continue to beat and imprison Christians? The father of their hatred, Karl Marx, expresses his desire to crush Christianity. This book provides an examination of Marx’s poetry, plays, correspondence and biographical accounts.

Author: Richard Wurmbrand
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 143 pp.
Topic/Country: Communism/Marxism/Leninism/Socialism

Book is renamed to
Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism


Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism
by Richard Wurmbrand


Karl Marx, coauthor of the revolutionary text The Communist Manifesto, grew up in a Christian family, and his early writings showed belief in a Christian worldview. Yet, in his adulthood Marx embraced a deep personal rebellion against God and all Christian values. In Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism, Richard Wurmbrand explores the development of Marx’s anti-religious perspective that led to the philosophical foundations of communism.

By examining Marx’s writings as well as biographical accounts, Wurmbrand builds a convincing case that Marx adhered to a belief system which opposes God. Through Marx’s own statements, his hatred for God is revealed along with his desire for “the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions,” including abolishing all religion and all morality.

Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism provides significant insight into why Christians and the church have been targeted by Marxists and Communists alike as it exposes the evil roots of a theory and government system that continue to persecute Christians today. The evidence also helps the reader answer the question of whether communism and Christianity can coexist—a question that is still relevant today.







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