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Dear Americans:

Some of you know me as a former refugee from Socialism - Communism.

I spent 11 years behind Iron Curtain of Socialist-Communist Czechoslovakia and 16 years in more Democratic type Socialist-Communist Yugoslavia under dictator Tito.


It is very disturbing to me to see that this blessed country USA is going now through Mao Zedong type "Cultural Revolution" and that some politicians are openly communist like some Obama's advisors "Czars" praising diabolical Socialist systems and leaders I escaped from in 1979.


I see now that these perverted diabolical forces of the "Cultural Revolution" are turning American children against their own parents.

I know that some of you are very excited about these developments and some of you think this will never happen here. I just want to tell you that your freedom should be your priority #1 and that you should not allow anybody to take this away from you. Once you lose your freedom to Communist dictatorship you'll never be able to get it back and you can lose very quickly your culture, property, and your lives in the process.


Communists will use anybody and anything to establish their ultimate power and then kill all who have some brain and independent thinking, using brainwashed young idealists for this process.

I pray that this will never happen here in the USA.

God Bless America!

By Rafael Brom
(Refugee from Socialism and American by Choice)




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