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Catholic Statuary for Sale
Catholic Statues of Jesus, Mary, Saints, Angels and more ...

Indoor or Outdoor Religious Statuary



48" Divine Mercy Statue

PCS / PKG : 1
Retail Price $1995.00

A beautifully rendered line of European style church-sized statues. Made from an Italian artist's drawing, and hand crafted and hand painted from start to finish, each piece honors the beauty and character of the fabulous wood statues of old. The statues are lovingly treated and painted so that every piece retains its natural hand carved look. These exclusive statues will make an excellent addition to any church or chapel setting.
-- Wood -- 48" H



St. Joseph And Child Val Gardena Statue

Pocket Statues

Memorial Garden Statue

Cielo 8.5" Our Lady Of Guadalupe Statue

Cielo 6" Madonna And Child Statue

Cielo 10" Holy Family Statue

Cielo 8.5" Guardian Angel Statue

Saint Christopher Pocket Statue

Holy Family Pocket Statue

Saint Joseph Pocket Statue

Saint Jude Pocket Statue

Saint Pio Pocket Statue

Our Lady Guadalupe Pocket Statue

Our Lady Of Grace Pocket Statue

Saint Benedict Pocket Statue

Saint Michael Pocket Statue

Saint Anthony Pocket Statue

Sacred Heart Pocket Statue

Divine Mercy Pocket Statue

Small Statues of Saints

18" Saint Francis Garden Statue

48" St. Joseph And Child Statue

48" Our Lady Of Guadalupe Statue

48" Our Lady Of Grace Statue

48" Madonna And Child Statue

48" Divine Mercy Statue

Our Lady Of Fatima 8" Statue





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Plaques - Indoor or Outdoor

Scenes - Statuary - Stations of the Cross for Churches, Nativity and more - Indoor or Outdoor

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