20244d - Pilgrimages of Europe: Fatima, Portugal and Amsterdam, The Netherlands DVD

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands
The history of Amsterdam as an ancient place of pilgrimage dates to the Middle Ages. In the 13th or 14th centuries, Amsterdam was nothing but a small settlement at the mouth of the river Amstel. It was also called Miracle City, and it owes that name to the Miracle of the Holy Sacrament. On March 13th, 1345, a dying man was given the Sacrament of the Sick in his house on Kalverstraat. He confessed and received Holy Communion. Afterwards he ate and was sick. He vomited and the bowl was emptied in the fire. The sacred host floated above the flames, unscathed. The priest was called, who took the host back to the church, but twice the host returned inexplicably to the house of the sick man. The priest saw the hand of God in this and decided to return the host in a solemn procession. A chapel was built on the site of the miracle. Medieval Amsterdam grew into an important place of pilgrimage. And every year still, on the 3rd Saturday in March, thousands of pilgrims from all over the Holland take part in the procession. Most arrive by bus or train. But in many of the smaller towns surrounding Amsterdam the entire journey is made on foot, some pilgrims walking as many as 40 miles to reach Amsterdam.

FATIMA, Portugal
The history of Fatima can be traced to the beginning of the 20th Century. Three children witnessed the sudden appearance of the Holy Virgin beneath an oak tree. They described her as a "lady of white light." Mary instructed the children to recite the rosary every day. She appeared to them five times again that summer, her last appearance marked by a miracle, the miraculous "solar phenomenon" of Fatima. Several years after the appearances, two of the three children died. Lucia, ten years old at the time of the appearance, joined the Carmelite order of nuns. Her mission was to proclaim the message she had received from the Holy Virgin to the world. Fatima has become the most important destination for pilgrims in Portugal, attracting over a million and a half travelers yearly. The trek to Fatima is usually done in exchange for a favor received. Pilgrims often make a promesa, a personal vow to do penance as a sign of their gratitude to the Virgin. For many, this means covering the last 500 yards on the marble floor to the Chapel of the Apparitions on their knees.

Including previews of the following ten pilgrimages, available on the other five DVDs in the collection

Time: 1 hr | Production Year: 1995

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