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Gonzomatic, bass, vocals Having maintained a reputation over the years as a top-flight bassist and overall anchor of sound for bands such as Badinglish, Hard House, Sheila Renfro and being an in-demand session and performing musician, Mike Gonzales has joined Misteria with Rodger and currently hosts a Tuesday evening jam at ScoreCardÍs off I-10 and Silber. His experience and stage presence have taken the band to a higher level and given the band greater exposure.


Rodger Weiss
Rodger (bam-bam)

Born in Houston Texas, raised in a musical family. Rodger got interested in music at an early age, at first singing in choir at school and church and messed around with the piano for a while, then picked up the guitar at the age of nine and played for three years. but his heart was always with the drums since he first saw Uncle David play. after years of waiting Rodger got his first drum kit at the age af twelve. Rodger hit the drums hard for 3 years and then started playing in bands at fifteen. Instigator, White Savage, Artatra, Heaven and now Misteria and Johnny B and the Wildcats


Kim Van Zandt

Kim Van Zandt, guitar Kim played in several bands locally over the years with Top Hat, Marie English, Joe Hughes and Eric Parks and Wildlife before making the jump to the Wildcats. Kim is also a soundman, composer and recording engineer as well as a connoisseur of finely crafted musical instruments and amplifiers. His lead guitar chops combined with his overall musical savvy have shaped the bandÍs signature sound.


Johnny B

Johnny B, guitar, vocals Classically trained pianist and self-taught rock nÍ roll guitar player, singer and songwriter, Johnny Bockelman brings a unique stage personality and sense of dynamics into the bandÍs front slot. Having walked the walk, he now talks the talk. A natural entertainer, his show is fun to watch and well worth listening to. Often compared to rock nÍ rollÍs finest showmen, he delivers the goods with 110% energy. He plays guitar and sings for the Houston band The Citykings, currently performing at local venues.


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