Our Lady of Guadalupe

Item Number: TC021
Price $29.95

Inspired by the muted color palette and glorious detail of the wood carved statues seen especially in southern Italy, our popular Toscana statue collection is a rare treat— beautiful, faithful renderings of the subjects, together with a price that simply cannot be beat in the marketplace. Each one is carefully packaged in a beautiful Avalon Gallery™ signature gift box.
-- Resin -- 9" H



4" Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue

Item Number: MS010
Sold out

Ultra-fine sculpting, exquisite painting and expressive detail are the hallmarks of our DiGiovanni statues.
The expert craftsmanship of these wood-carving replicas enhances their heirloom quality.
Every DiGiovanni Statue arrives in a classically elegant gift box stamped with the DiGiovanni logo. -- Resin -- 4" H


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