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\This powerful, award-winning film tells the story of one of the greatest challenges the legal system has ever faced. Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous "Angel of Death" in Auschwitz, and one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, turns himself in after 30 years in hiding to tell his "truth" to the world. Thus ensues a battle between conscience and evil...
It’s easy to judge Mengele and to demonize him based on the documentation of his inhuman and horrible medical experiments. After The Truth presents us with Mengele's hypothetical trial, which forces us to review that judgment, especially in the context of the wider attitudes towards the dignity of human life in the German society. The responsibility of our sense of right and wrong is mirrored in the film by attorney Peter Rohm, whose idealistic belief in the legal system conflicts heavily with his emotional resistance to defending such a monster. The viewer is presented with Josef Mengele the man, flesh and blood, and must hear him out as he quite emotionally, yet rationally states the reasons for his work, and his supposed "mercy" that he imposed on his "patients." As Mengele's testimony proceeds, the indignation of our conscience is aroused, yet we cannot help but perceive him as human, like ourselves, with passions and a purpose. To defend himself is his legal right and we must listen, somehow impartially. Is it possible he can convince us of his innocence? At the very least the viewer must consider the man, monster or not, and his motives.
Utterly engrossing, provocative and impeccably acted. —Detroit Free Press
DVD Features:
Language: German
Subtitles: English & Spanish
Includes Collector’s booklet and Bonus Audio Commentary Track.Time: 120 Min | Production Year:

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