16498d - Satan Never Sleeps - DVD


Region 1 DVD: United States, Canada and US Territories
Widescreen format
Based on Pearl S. Buck's gripping novel, this film follows the story of a Catholic Priest in China during the Communist Revolution. Father O'Banion (William Holden) a young Catholic priest assigned to a remote mission in China, meets a beautiful girl, Siu Lan (France Nuyen), whose affections he must deny in order to serve the church. And when the Red Army seizes the mission and inflicts sinister hold over Lan and everyone else at the mission, the strength of O'Banion's faith and forgiveness are put to the ultimate test.

2 hr 5 min
Price $19.75 ORDER HERE
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16498d - Satan Never Sleeps - DVD   Price $19.75 ORDER HERE


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