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A priest-detective at God's service, Don Matteo Bondini is not just any old priest but rather a former missionary with an extremely special talent, an extraordinary intuition which, together with his deep knowledge of the human soul, enables him to successfully resolve even the most convoluted crimes, always one step ahead of the police.
Generous, straightforward, astute, intuitive, intelligent, meticulous, tenacious, informal and unprejudiced, Don Matteo reawakens the consciences of the people he encounters. Indeed, his only mission is to unmask guilt and to make it understood that, when faced with a choice between Good and Evil, only by choosing Good is it possible to live in peace with one's conscience and thus with others.
These 12 episodes from the most popular TV series in Italy are well-written stories that mix drama, faith, humor, and spiritual lessons with fine acting and high production values. Wonderful family entertainment and inspiration.
Starring Terrence Hill and Flavio Insinna.
In Italian with English subtitles.
Twelve 50-minute episodes
Time: 10 hrs | Production Year:

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