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He is disputably the most famous person in the world, and has been seen in person by more human beings than anyone else in history. Pope John Paul II is the spiritual leader of one billion Roman Catholics.

This revealing three part documentary begins with a look at the life of Karol Wojtyla in Poland before he became Pope. His Jewish neighbor and childhood friend Jerzy Kluger describes the Pope’s early years, which included the tragic deaths of his mother, brother, and father. Halina Krolkiewicz, his leading lady in numerous school-year theatrical productions, described the onset of the Second World War and Wojtyla’s decision to become a priest. his fellow seminarian Mieczyslaw Malinski speaks about the Nazi occupation of Poland, and the secret seminary where they studied.

Following his ordination in 1946, Fr. Wojtyla rose steadily through the ranks of the Church as he continued his ministry in Poland, his theological studies and teaching, and authored several highly respected publications , becoming Bishop and then Archbishop of Krakow, and in 1967, Cardinal. In 1978, his election as Pope surprised many. His Papacy has brought many controversial changes to the Church. His central teachings on the matters of sex, contraception, divorce, homosexuality and abortion have been widely debated, and largely ignored by a vast majority of his flock.

Special Features: Enlish Interviews
Charles Curran, theologian
Hans Kung, theologian
Marco Politi, biographer
Sister Theresa Kane, Leadership Conference of Women Religous
Francis Cardinal Arinze, Cardinal
Henry Kissinger, Political advisor
Zbigniew Brzezinski, U.S. National Security advisor

3 hr 0 min

closed captioned

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14263D - Life and Times of Pope John Paul II - DVD   Price $19.75 ORDER HERE


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