98840D - Padre Pio Sanctus (same as Man of God ) - DVD


This DVD is playable in ALL regions.
Includes a Spanish, French, German, and Italian language track.

In this incredible documentary film, Padre Pio tells his story. The voice of the simple friar lives on through his own writings, recalling various moments from his remarkable life. Padre Pio is known as Blessed Pio of Pietrelcina, as a result of his beatification on May 2, 1999, by Pope John Paul II. In this film, Padre Pio describes how he first received the stigmata and how he lived with it throughout his life. He speaks of himself as a confessor and spiritual guide, a man of prayer and a man of God. Also includes interviews with those who knew him best. The voice of Padre Pio is provided by Christopher Jones.
135 minutes of extra footage

NOTE: This is the same program as the DVD entitled "Padre Pio: Man of God" (#20089). The title was changed for the DVD. Includes additional footage not on the DVD.

Time: 55 min | Production Year: 2003

Price $24.95



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