1927D - Seasons of the Heart - DVD


Region 1 DVD - United States, Canada, and US territories

When Jed and Martha Richards agree to raise young, orphaned Daniel, Jed is delighted. But Martha, still grieving for her two little girls who died on the trek across the American Plains, finds herself swept away each day in a thousand wistful memories. As her golden-haired daughters dance through her aching heart, she can't help comparing them to this awkward, dirty young boy who annoys her at every turn - and needs her so desperately. Jed and Danny both reach out to Martha, yet her anguish isolates her and threatens the marriage relationship. But spring sometimes comes unexpectedly, and for Martha it comes on a snowy Christmas Eve when Danny's innocent heart is finally able to rescue hers.

Featuring Leigh Lombardi, Sam Hennings, Claude Akins, and introducing Logan Hall.

DVD Features
Languages: English
Subtitles: None
Closed Captioned
Viewing Format: Full screen
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1 hr 40 min
closed captioned
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1927D - Seasons of the Heart - DVD   Price $19.75 ORDER HERE


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