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Chariots of Fire
This Academy Award winner (Best Picture) tells the inspiring true story of two runners of the United Kingdom, Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell. Contrasting the spiritual motives of one man versus the more selfish goals of the other, their fierce, personal competition ends up uniting them in a great victory in the 1924 Olympics. Starring Ian Charleson and Ben Cross.
Includes English subtitles

Story of Eric Liddell
Eric Liddell is best known as the main character in Hollywood's 1981 release of Chariots of Fire. But it was his fascinating life as a missionary that proved his spiritual mettle. This Olympic medalist from Scotland lived - and died - for the testimony of Jesus Christ. This three-part video with author and Day of Discovery host David McCasland traces Eric's life from the 1924 Olympics to his years in war-torn China. Includes testimonies from historians, friends, and family about his life as a boy, an athlete, a missionary, and a Bible teacher. But most of all, you'll learn about a man sold out for God.

Three parts:
1. The Making of a Champion
2. The Greatest Race
3. Weihsien -- The Finish Line

3 hr 34 min
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98606d - Chariots of Fire/Story of Eric Liddell DVD Set   Price $39.95 ORDER HERE

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