70009D - Jesus: Fact or Fiction - DVD


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Experience an interactive personal journey: Does God Exist? Would a loving God allow bad things to happen to good people? Is there life after death? Does God have a purpose for my life? Is there historical evidence for Jesus? Explore responses of life's toughest questions from experts such as: Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Gary Habermas, Darrell Bock, Ravi Zacharias, Paul Maier, William Dembski

Hear compelling life stories. DVD Special Features: - Jesus Film :And the following related features about that film - Audio commentary - Behind the scenes look at making of the film / "Discovery Glass" Interactive version of the film

Time: 1 hr 34 min | Production Year: 2004
Closed Captioned
Price $19.75 ORDER HERE
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70009D - Jesus: Fact or Fiction - DVD   Price $19.75 ORDER HERE


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