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The Crucifixion of Christ
Christ the Teacher
The Resurrected Christ and the Four Evangelists
The Resurrected Christ
and the Four Evangelists
The Four Evangelists
The Four Evangelists


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Roman Catholic Church Goods Catalog


Church Supplies Catalog


We offer beautifully ornate, handmade Church Goods from Poland. Our extensive selection includes Monstrances,
Chalices and Ciboria, Reliquaries, Mass Accessories, leather bound Book of the Gospel Covers,
Bells and Gongs, hand cut, mouth blown Crystal Cruets, Flagons and Chrismatory Sets.
We also offer an array of traditional European Chasubles using elegant brocade fabrics with rich gold trimmings.
These include Semi-Gothic styles, intricately embroidered High and Low Mass sets and Roman Fiddle backs.
Some of our hand-embroidered pieces take two months to complete!

Processional Crucifix, Candlesticks, Chrismal Sets, Communion Bowls, Monstrance, Chalices, Ciboria, Crystal Cruets, Tray Sets, Chapel Monstrance, Reliquaries, Chasubles, Gongs, Bells, Censer, Boats, Accessories, Mass kits, Copes, Mass Linens, Thabors, Roman Catholic Statues, Church Statuary, Garden Statues and Plaques


Finest Catholic Religious Christian Statues For Church, Home and Garden of Christ, Mary, Angels and Pedestals


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