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Devotion to the Holy Spirit
Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother
Prayer - The Great Means of Grace

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Devotion to the Holy Spirit
By Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.

Explains the classic seven Gifts of the Holy SPirit and how to obtain them. It shows how the Holy Ghost works in our souls, and what the soulis like with the Holy Spirit and also without Him. Plus, contained here are many prayers to the Holy Spirit that will draw us closer to Him. This little book is the key to receiving the Holy Spirit profoundly into our hearts and receiving the treasures of sanctity that He wants to pour out upon us.

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Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother
Including Prayers and Promises of the Seven Sorrows of Mary

Many Catholics are unaware of our holy traditions on and powerful devotions to the Sorrows of Mary. Based on Scripture and the lives of the Saints, this little book will open eyes and hearts to Our Lady's Sorrows. Plus, it includes many traditional prayers to Our Sorrowful Mother, and the Four Special Favors promised to those devoted to her Sorrows, as well as the Seven Promises to those who meditate on her Tears and Dolors. This will be a favorite little book of prayers and devotions to Mary for many Catholics!

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Prayer -- The Great Means of Grace

Based on Scripture and the lives and words of the Saints, this booklet shows the great power of our seemingly lowly prayers of petition—especially the Our Father and Hail Mary. According to the great St. Alphonsus Liguori, the choice bewteen going to Heaven or to Hell depends on whether or not we pray! Plus, prayer is the key to obtaining all other blessings. Full of interesting surprises, encouragement and hope! Essential and for all!

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Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor

VHS Video
(2 Hrs Long)

Most complete report on Anti-Christ ever made. Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor.
Fr. O'Connor shows how we will be able to recognize the Anti-Christ through Bible and Current Events,
that he is alive and prepared to enter world seen, about infiltration of Catholic Church,
about the New World Order, end of US independence, One World Socialist Atheist Government,
Wars, Paper Money, Homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church,
Our near Future, How to prepare our self for persecution and more ... Must see. Best Seller.

(DVD 2hrs) ...........$ 19.95
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New Video on Canonization of Padre Pio
Church Supplies
Canonization of Juan Diego of Guadalupe, Mexico
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I Am Your Jesus of Mercy - All 6 Volumes by the Riehle Foundation
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Proverbs 12: 15. The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.


The Passion of Christ - DVD - Film of Mel Gibson


Photos from movie "The Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson
Movie Book: "The Passion"
A very impressive book!
Actual photos from Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ"
Includes corresponding Scriptural passages, taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible.


Best Video DVD Ever Made
Padre Pio and Sr. Faustina

by Award Winning Film Director

3 Documentary Films in one DVD
a JPN Production
Each over 2 Hours Long
Padre Pio
Sr. Faustina

Best and Most Complete 2 DVDs on
Padre Pio and Sr. Faustina Ever Made
Each DVD Over 2 Hours Long


"In vain you will build churches, give missions, found schools"
"All your work, all your efforts will be destroyed if you are not able to wield the offensive and
defensive weapon of a loyal and sincere Catholic Press..."
"I would make any sacrifice, even to pawning my ring,
pectoral cross and soutane, in order to support a Catholic paper..."
- Pope St. Pius X


Douay-Rheims Bibles by Baronius Press

Douay-Rheims Bible, Black Leather Hardcover
Douay-Rheims Bible, Black Leather Flexcover
Douay-Rheims Bible, Burgundy Leather Flexcover
Douay-Rheims Pocket Bible, Black Leather
Douay-Rheims Pocket Bible, Burgundy Leather
Douay-Rheims Psalms + New Testament, Black Leather
Douay-Rheims Psalms + New Testament, Burgundy Leather
Daily Missal - 1962 Latin Mass Edition, Black Leather Flexcover
The Catholic Holy Bible, New American Bible - Black Bonded Leather
The Catholic Holy Bible, New American Bible - Burgundy Bonded Leather
The Catholic Holy Bible, New American Bible - Black Flexcover (Imitation Leather)
The Catholic Holy Bible, New American Bible - Burgundy Flexcover (Imitation Leather)

Why Be Catholic? - 2-DVD Set ® Fast-paced information-packed series on the biblical and historical evidence for the truth of the Catholic, presented by best-selling author and Suitable for personal or group study. 2-DVD Set

Where is in that Bible? 2-DVD Set ® Dynamic presentation on the riches of Sacred Scripture. Journey through twenty key biblical subjects with your host, best-selling Catholic author and speaker Patrick Madrid.
Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura? Audio CD ® Regarded by many as their all-time favorite Catholic/Protestant debate on the important subject of –Sola Scripture' (by –Scripture Alone').
The Bible Only Debate - Audio CD - An apologetics classic that took place before an audience of nearly 600 people at a Fundamentalist Baptist church in Denver, CO.
The Living Gospel - CD-ROM ® An outstanding animated interactive storybook in English/Spanish. Children ages 4-11 become active participants in the Life of Jesus. Designed for all branches of Christianity. Contains 11 interactive chapters, all four Gospels. Covers the main events of Jesus' life.


MP3 Free Songs - Music Samples of Christian Contemporary Music of Catholic Music


Pro-Life Catholic Christian Videos, DVD and Books

Pro-Life Videos

Pro-Life Books

Dr. Bernard Nathanson

BEYOND ABORTION A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation By Suzanne Rini


IS THE FETUS HUMAN? By Eric Pastusek




More Pro-Life Material

Christian Pro-Life Videos and Catholic Pro-Life Books
Pro-Life Videos, Scientific Educational Documentary films

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Catholic Pro Life Books

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List of All Christian Educational Videos and DVDs
Pro-life, Abortion Procedure, Crisis Pregnancy Counseling, Heart-changing, Teen Abortion,
Creation vs Evolution, Geology, Biology, Teen Issues, Music, Teen Sexuality,
Hollywood, Pop Cultur, America's Godly Foundation, Children's Videos, End Times and New Age,
Entertainment, Evangelistic, Holy Land, Spanish, Special Interest



Best Selection of Christian Educational VHS Videos and DVDs

Greater Vision - Back From Abortion

Abortion Facts, Abortion Information, and Educational Videos Against Abortion

Videos that Change Hearts

Crisis Pregnancy Counseling

Teen Sexuality


The Massacre of Innocence - DVD

A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure - DVD

Teen Sex: Reality Strikes Back - DVD

Sex As God's Gift (With Printed Curriculum)-DVD


Holly's Story: A Journey To Freedom And Hope-DVD

Rachel, Weep No More

Life: It's A Gift And A Class Project-DVD

Love is a Choice - The Life of St. Gianna Molla

One Day In May - DVD

Right And Reason

Amazing Grace For Those Who Suffer

"Life is good, enjoy it while you can"
Rafael Brom
Original Songs and Music


See the Beauty of God's Creation - Photo Gallery


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New Video on
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"Yet many Christians will remember that this was all foretold of Antichrist for centuries past and perceive the fraud of Satan and refuse to be deceived. They will stand firm and enlighten the faint-hearted and console them."  -Venerable Bernadine Von Busto (15th c.)



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