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Our Lady In Scripture: A Catholic Biblical Studies Conference
Audio CD Set

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Product Description

Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Brant Pitre and Prof. Michael Barber --

Our Lady In Scripture: A Catholic Biblical Studies Conference
Most Christians know that the life of Jesus was foreshadowed in the Old Testament, but many do not realize that His Blessed Mother and her role as Queen Mother, New Eve, Perpetual Virgin, and Ark of the Covenant were similarly foreshadowed. In this inspiring and informative series, three of today’s top Catholic Biblical theologians reveal that Catholic doctrine on Mary has been integral to God’s plan since the first days of creation.

Hail, Holy Queen
A best-selling Catholic author and professor of scripture and theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Scott Hahn reveals Mary as the Masterpiece of Jesus. Building on this foundation, Dr. Hahn unpacks how, in God’s Plan of salvation, a simple peasant girl of Nazareth, the mother of Christ, was to become the Queen Mother of the His Kingdom. He also brings Mary into your life today as he expounds upon her title of Empress of the Americas.

The True Ark, the Bible and the Rosary
Michael Barber, professor of scripture, and theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University, reveals Mary as the true Ark of the Covenant. For, just as the Ark carried within it the Covenant between God and the Israelites, so too, Mary carried within her womb Jesus, the New Covenant of Salvation for the entire world. Prof. Barber also explains how to effectively enhance your experience of the Rosary by praying with Mary in a way informed and enlightened by Sacred Scripture.

Mary: New Eve and Perpetual Virgin
Brant Pitre professor, of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, shows how the Bible illuminates Christ’s mother as New Eve and Perpetual Virgin. As Dr. Pitre unveils the foreshadowing of these important Marian doctrines in the Old Testament, you will rediscover how the early Church Fathers applied the principle of typology to understand their fulfillment in the New Testament. With an ease born of deep understanding Dr. Pitre makes clear these essential theological mysteries.
This exciting conference series also includes a lively question and answer session and more. Order Our Lady in Scripture: A Catholic Biblical Studies Conference today and deepen your understanding of Our Blessed Mother through an uplifting encounter with God’s living Word.

How God prepared the world to receive His mother
How Mary was prefigured in the Old Testament
Why Mary stands at the heart of the Books of Genesis and Revelation
How to respond to anti-Marian challenges
Why Mary is the true Ark of the Covenant
How to Biblically enhance your recitation of the Rosary
What is the Biblical Case For Mary’s Perpetual Virginity
How Mary is both Queen of Heaven and earth
What is Mary’s special relationship with America




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