Ray Curry

I knew Ray for only a brief time beginning after my reading his January 2000 Blues Scene, but we never met in person. We corresponded via the Internet throughout the month of January, swapping stories about our first guitars, playing trumpet in grade school, playing in live bands, recording experiences, musical heroes, concerts that we have seen and so forth. The following pages were culled from Ray's voluminous January email to me. I would like to share this because maybe there are some things here that others never knew about his very interesting life and times. In attempts to put it all into some kind of order I strung numerous excerpts together, so if it seems to ramble in places, it's not Ray's fault. Plus, since it is only what Ray was able to tell me in a single month, it is by no means intended as a representation of his entire story. If any of Ray's friends would like to share some their favorite memories of him here, you are welcome to write to me and I will add them.

Colin Kennedy, May 2000


May 25, 2000
A Message from John Bockelman


I'm sending this to the people who got to see Ray Curry play with the Citykings and to the people who saw me play with the Tweeds, and to the folks I can remember telling about Ray, or all 3 of the above. Scott Sumner and I both played as Tweeds: he when they first started out, and me when they were in their last year. Scott was their keyboard player. I filled in on guitar for Jim Embry when he was not able to make the gig, and later for Ray when he couldn't do it anymore. He was a great friend, soundman, advisor, fan and jam buddy with the Citykings. I'd known him since I was 16. I am offering my services to the Citizens for a Better Community in Katy as their right arm. One of the last things Ray asked me to do was help him put on a benefit for the committee to fight FMC against building a concrete batch plant next to his neighborhood. The benefit was a success, but Ray was unable to play for it by then, so I played it with the Tweeds for him. I will continue to fight for the committee on Ray's behalf and in his name from now on. There will be more benefits and I will annoy everyone with flyers. FMC is in a real mess from now on, thanks to Ray, I guarantee it. A scholarship fund will be established for Ray's son, Lane, who will be 6 years old next month. I will find out the address soon. Apparently they are asking for a one dollar donation from anyone who wishes to contribute. Hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday. I am relieved that Ray's suffering is over. He's in a better place now.

Johnny B



Blues Scene (January) by Ray Curry

Blues Scene (February) by Ray Curry

Blues Scene (March) by Ray Curry

Beatin' the Blues - Benefit for Ray Curry of the Tweeds



The Citykings



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