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Prophecies of Maria Valtorta
"The End of Times" and "The Antichrist"

Names of the antichrist--"...negation, evil incarnate, horror, sacrilege, son of satan, vendetta, destruction, and I could go on pronouncing his names of fearful indications, but he does not yet exist."

"He will be a person with a very high position, he will be like a bright star, not like a human star that shines in the human sky, but a star from a supernatural sphere, who, giving in to the flattery of the enemy..."

"...he will become haughty and proud after having been humble, he will become an atheist after having had great faith, he will become lustful after having been chaste, he will hunger for gold after having known evangelical poverty, he will thirst for recognition after having lived a hidden life."

"It is less frightening to see a star fall to earth from the sky than to see this chosen, preordained creature fall into the clutches of satan, which, [with his father of election, will commit sin--?]. Lucifer, on accent of his haughty pride became the dark, damned one; the antichrist, for his haughty pride of one hour will become the dark damned one after having been a shining star in my ranks."

" The sinister work of the antichrist will cause grave damage above all within the Church, whose members will be shaken in their faith, contaminated by the apostasy, while in the world satanism will spread. For the price of abjuring..."

" reward for his abjuration, which will make the heavens shudder with horror, and the columns of My Church will tremble appalled, he will obtain all help from satan who will give him now the keys to the well of the infernal abyss so that he shall open it. But it shall be opened wide so that all the instruments of horror may pour forth, which satan has fabricated in the course of millennia in order to bring men to utter desperation--and in such a manner that they invoke satan as king and run to follow the antichrist, who is the only one who can open the gates of hell so as to free the king of hell; thus aping the manner in which Christ opened the gates of heaven in order to free grace and forgiveness."

"The fascinating charm of the antichrist will be such as to seduce those fragile in faith but he will also attract those who are the enemies of Christ--[there will be a unified front of the forces of evil] who will recognize in him their leader. As the Father gave to Me every power, so satan will give to him all power of seduction in order to pull the weak ones into his wake, the corrupt ones, corroded by fevers of ambition like their leader. But his unrestrainable ambition..."

"...will find insufficient the supernatural help of satan and so he will look for more help from the enemies of Christ, who are armed with ever deadlier weapons [...?] which spur the masses to greater desperation, and they will help him."

"When the time comes, many luminaries will be struck down by the [darkness?] of Lucifer who, in order to win, must diminish the light that is within souls. This will be able to take place because not only the laity but also the clergy will have lost, and continues to lose, the solid grounding of faith, charity, strength, purity, of being detached from the seduction of the things of this world which is necessary in order to remain in the orbit of the light of God."

"Understand", says Jesus, "who are the bright stars about whom I speak. They are those whom I described as the salt of the earth and the light of the world, my ministers. The pointed study of satan's maliciousness is to put out these lights, overwhelming them, these luminaries who are the reflected light of my light [...]. If, notwithstanding the still great amount of light that the priestly Church emits, souls are still falling deeper in darkness, we can intuit the measure of darkness which will crush the masses when many stars in the heavens shall go out."

"...Satan knows this and so sows his seeds in order to prepare the weakness of the priest in order to overwhelm him easily with sins, not so much of the senses as sins of thought. In mental chaos, it will be easier for satan to provoke a spiritual chaos. In spiritual chaos, the weak ones, facing [...] persecution, will commit the sin of cowardice, denying their faith".

"The Church will not die because I [Jesus] will be with her, but it will know hours of darkness and horror similar to that which I experienced during My Passion, multiplied in time, because that is the way it should be. As the Church started off persecuted and nourished with a supernatural power from on high in the years of its beginning and in the best of her sons and daughters, thus will it be for [the Church] when the end-times come, when it shall exist, subsist, and resist the satanic flood and the [...] of the antichrist with the best of [the Church's] sons and daughters--a painful selection but necessary."

"that in a world where many of the luminous spiritual stars of the faith will be dead, that the brief but tremendous reign of the antichrist will be established, generated by satan the way Jesus Christ was generated by the Father. Christ, Son of the Father generated by chaste Love; antichrist, son of satan, generated by hate with triple-headed impurity," that is, with triple-headed concupiscence.

Jesus says:  "My Church, before the hour of the world comes to an end, will have its glittering triumph.  Nothing differs in the Mystical Body's life from that which was in Christ's  life.  There will be the hosanna on the eve of Passion, the hosanna when the nations, seized by the fascination of the Divinity, bend the knee before the Lord.   Then the Passion of My Church militant will come, and finally the glory of eternal Resurrection in Heaven."

Wasn't it yesterday by any chance that you enjoyed an honest well-being produced by peace and peaceful actions which yield bread and work?  Wasn't it yesterday by any chance, O you living in this dreadful hour, that you enjoyed the delight of the undivided, unruined family, the delight of children around the father's dining table, of the bridal chamber--the groom by the bride--and of the father bent over the children's heads like a teacher and friend.  And now?  Where is all that?  Swift like a bird flying to far-away shores, that time is past.  It was yesterday... now you turn round and see it is separated from you by a number of days, which horror multiplies with its blood-drenched intensity.  You take refuge in your memories, but heaps of rubble and rows of graves destroy the pleasantness of your memories with the reality of the present.

 Oh people, people who insult God with the voices of both mouth and heart, thinking it is licit for you do so, listen, people, to God's harrowed and harrowing voice, which is already thundering over the world because it is useless for Him to speak through His servants and friends.  His voice, announcing His wrath to you, still calls you because He suffers from punishing you.

  With regard to you, My beloved ones, stay on the way you have chosen.  Whirlwinds and storms will be unable to make you lose the destination that I am, whose Heart is open to receive you with a kiss of love more alive.  Let kingdoms and nations fall.  Let what is considered powerful become ashes and rubble.  Let that alleged right to dictate wills and teachings turn to dust ground down by God's Will and Law.

During My short rule over the world, I will be the One reigning, I and the rest of My people, in other words the real faithful, those who did not disown Christ and cover the sign of Christ with Satan's (fake) tiara.  Then the false gods of excessive power will fall, as well as the indecent doctrines that disown God, the almighty Lord.

 My Church, before the hour of the world comes to an end, will have its glittering triumph.  Nothing differs in the Mystical Body's life from that which was in Christ's life.  There will be the hosanna on the eve of Passion, the hosanna when the nations, seized by the fascination of the Divinity, bend the knee before the Lord.  Then the Passion of My Church militant will come, and finally the glory of eternal Resurrection in Heaven.

O bliss of that day when the conspiracies, retaliations, struggles of this earth, of Satan, of the flesh will be over forever!  My Church will then be made up of real Christians, in that time, in the next-to-last day.  Few, as in the beginning, but holy as in the beginning.  The Church will end in holiness as it began in holiness.  Liars, betrayers, idolaters will stay outside, those who on the last day will imitate Judas and sell their souls to Satan, harming Christ's Mystical Body.  In them the Beast will have its replacements for its last war.

And woe betide those in Jerusalem (the Church),  in the end times, who become guilty of such a sin.  Woe betide those who in Jerusalem will exploit their authority for human advantage.  Woe betide those who openly disown God and those who disown Him by their actions, I will make no difference.  And in truth I tell all of you, with the sorrow of a sublime Founder, that at the last hourthree quarters of My Church will disown Me, and I will have to cut them off from the tree trunk as dead branches infected by an unclean leprosy.

But you who will remain in Me, listen to Christ's promise.  Faithfully and lovingly wait for Me and I will come to you with all My gifts. With the gift of gifts: Myself.  I will come to redeem and heal.  I will come to floodlight the darkness, defeat it and rout it.  I will come to teach people to love and worship the Eternal God, the Lord Most High, the Holy Christ, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.  I will come to bring you not the peace of this world, the endless destroyer of Peace, but the Peace of the Kingdom that does not die.

  Exult, O My faithful servants.  This is what the mouth that does not lie tells you.  You will no longer have to fear any evil because I will put an end to the time of evil, I will anticipate this end out of compassion for My blessed ones.

"Even in the Apocalypse, the periods seem to be confused, but that is not the case. It would be better to say they are reflected in the future times, under increasingly grandiose aspects.

"We are now in the period I call ‘of the forerunners of the Antichrist’. Then the period of the Antichrist, who is the forerunner of Satan, will come. He will be helped by the manifestations of Satan: the two beasts named in the Apocalypse. It will be a time worse than the current one. Evil is constantly increasing. Once the Antichrist is defeated, the period of peace will come to give men - struck by amazement at the seven plagues and the fall of Babylon - time to gather under my sign. (Then) the anti-Christian epoch will rise to the maximum power in its third manifestation - that is, when the last coming of Satan takes place..."

(On 9th April 1944, Jesus says:)

"Maria, I told you in late May 1943: ‘Regarding the future, what do you want to know, poor soul? Thank My mercy that, for now, it hides from you, to a great extent, the truth about the future’. Poor, poor soul!...

"... It is the hour of the power of darkness. And people have wanted it of their own free wills. The Kingdom of Evil is already set up. Whatever I did would be nullified by people’s free wills. Whatever Good would be destroyed by Evil.

"Powerless, I witness this rush of mankind into spiritual death. There is no gift of Mine, no kindness of Mine, no rebuke of Mine, no punishment of Mine, to use to stop mankind, redeemed by Me, to voluntarily ruining itself in Satan. Like an enraged bull, mankind runs over everything - reason, morals, faith - and goes and crashes against what is killing it. People’s desecrating hands are being raised for a new crime which does not deserve forgiveness. And the Father does not want to forgive. He lets you perish as you wanted.

"The only thing I can do, and am doing, is to hold back My Father’s wrath - and I am doing it out of compassion for the saints who, rare like flowers in the desert, still pray, pray and do not make protestations of custom and hypocrisy. Weary of the crimes of a brood for which My blood was shed uselessly, the Father wants, really wants, to wield His Justice on you. And justice - since you are guilty - would mean tremendous punishment which My Mercy does not want to be meted out, in addition to those which you already mete out to yourselves.

(On the same day as Jesus’ message, the Holy Spirit says:)

"I am the comforter. I comfort those crushed by dismay and tortured by the present. I am the One Who heals and sweetens the bitterness of the Words that speak the truth, which nowadays is really bitter...

"Even if everything seems lost, trust. Even if the abyss of Evil spews out its demons to torment the Earth, and to fertilize it to bear the Antichrist, and even if the abyss of the Heavens seems to shut itself by decree of the Father, from Whom We proceed - We, the Word and the Spirit. Even so, We are still working and loving, to save you people and defend you. I-Charity and the Word-Charity, I-Sanctification and the Word-Redemption; We do not cease pouring forth - the One: the merits of His Blood, the Other: the charisms of His Power - for the good of you people.

"Trust. Love has always conquered."

…If it is true that before the end of time more and more false prophets, servants of the Antichrist, will arise, it is equally true that Christ the Lord will set more and more of His servants against them, raising up new apostles in places where they are least expected.

And Infinite Mercy - taking pity on distressed men overwhelmed by the storm of blood, fire, persecution and death - will have Mary, the pure Star of the Sea, shine upon the sea of blood and horror. She will be the forerunner of Christ in his final coming. These new evangelisers will bear the Gospel of Mary, Who was truly left in the shadow by all the Evangelists, Apostles and Disciples, whereas vaster knowledge of Her would have instructed many, preventing many falls. For She is the Co-Redemptrix and Teacher. The Teacher of pure, humble, faithful, prudent and devout life, in Her home and among the people of Her time. She is always a Teacher, down through the centuries, worthy to be all the better known, the more the world sinks towards the mire and darkness…

[There will be] an awakening assisted by these new evangelizers, bearing not only the Christ, but the Mother of God. They will uplift the standard of Mary. They will lead people to Mary… For She is the holy Adversary of the wicked Enemy, and Her heel is destined to crush the infernal dragon perpetually (Gen. 3:15), as Wisdom - which has found its seat in Her - is destined to defeat the heresies corrupting souls and intellects…

"...In His second and final coming, the Lamb of God, the Redeemer, the Saint of saints, will have as a precursor not the repentant of the wilderness... but Our Angel - She who, though having flesh, was the Seraph...

"Look over there, to the east of the times... Already upon the darkness which covers the Earth more thickly and cursedly, there is an outline of a dawn, none sweeter than Mary. It is the time of Mary that rises. She is the utmost mercy that Our Love has thought for you all.

"Great will be the length of Her walk. Opposed by Her eternal enemy, who on account of having been defeated, [Satan] is no less obstinate in grieving Her and fighting against Her. He dulls the intellects of men so as to not let them know Mary. He extinguishes faiths of men in Her. He creates fogs. He throws mud. However, the Star of the Sea is too far above the polluted waves. She will pass by, and neither will the mud dirty the hem of Her dress. She will only descend, as swiftly as an archangel, to put Her seal upon the foreheads of the faithful - next to the mark of the Tau (See Ezek. 9:4-6;  Rev. 7:2-3) - of those saved for the eternal Kingdom. And strength and peace will enter into their spirits under the touch of Her hand, Mother of Life and Fountain of Sal­vation.

"Bless the Lord who has granted to the purest Star the beginning of Her walk, in order to attract you to God with the sweetness of Her love. Merciful Co-Saviour, extreme, She compensates - for the good spirits - for the ever deep­er distancing of God, disgusted by the sins of men..."


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