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Human Life Issues

Biotechnology and the Assault on

Donald DeMarco, Ph.D.

An expert in the field presents a comprehensive and readable discussion of the moral, legal, psychological and sociological impact that modern forms of reproductive technology have on parenthood and the family. DeMarco looks beneath the surface of reproductive technology and exposes its deceptions, failures, inconsistencies and dangers that threaten the very meaning of motherhood and fatherhood, as well as the stability of marriage and the family.

At the same time, he takes a positive look at marriage and family, spiritual parenthood, and the nature and potentialities of the person. The result of wide-ranging research, careful analysis, and sober reflection, this book challenges the thoughtful reader who is interested in the impact reproductive technology has on the present culture's understanding of parenthood.

"DeMarco is keenly sensitive to the neognostic, neomanichean contempt of the flesh that permeates our culture and paves the way for sex without babies and babies without sex. With a poet's insight into reality, he knows how to open eyes to the beauty of marriage as the deeply personal and bodily union of man and woman who open themselves to the gift of life." -- William E. May, Catholic University of America

"Technologism, consumerism, feminism: Dr. DeMarco combines vivid case histories with clear analysis to show why these heresies are leading to depersonalization and oppression. A superb book." -- Charles E. Rice, University of Notre Dame

"For too long, science has been ahead of ethics and morals. The prevailing ethic has been, `if it can be done, it should be done'. DeMarco's book provides a needed rejoinder to this view and is a welcome and needed addition to the debate of who we are, why we are here and where we are heading." -- Cal Thomas, Los Angeles Times Syndicate


-- Meaning of Marriage and Parenthood
-- Creation, Procreation and Parenthood
-- New Reproductive Technologies
-- Politicization of Motherhood
-- Arguments Against Surrogate Motherhood
-- Biotechnology and Feminist Ideology

280 pp, Sewn Softcover, $16.95 ... BAP-P (ISBN 0-89870-3549)
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Blessed Are the Barren
The Social Policy of Planned Parenthood

Robert G. Marshall and Charles A. Donovan

This is an extensively documented, painstakingly written, and meticulously researched account of the rise, growth, and pervasive influence of Planned Parenthood in 20th century America. It records in great detail the impact of the twin rivers of Planned Parenthood philosophy--eugenic population control and sexual amorality--on law and public policy in the United States. Blessed Are the Barren chronicles the sweeping changes Planned Parenthood has wrought in nearly every area of morality and family policy, from abortion and infidelity to homosexuality and teenage pregnancy. It gives special attention to the role Planned Parenthood has played in undermining religious institutions, seeking (with often shocking success) to empty the public sphere of all traces of the traditional Judeo-Christian ethic.

Beginning with the revelatory life of Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger, this book examines the writings of every major figure in the Planned Parenthood movement, including Alan Guttmacher, Sol Gordon and Mary Calderone, allowing them to explain in their own words their goal of achieving radical reevaluations of the meaning of human life and sexual morality. It also examines how other major institutions in our society--the church, the medical profession, and the political community--responded to the Planned Parenthood agenda, first with open resistance, then pity and endurance, and finally, all too often, a warm embrace. The systematic strategy of Planned Parenthood is analyzed, from federal lobbying projects and church mobilization campaigns to sophisticated political networks and advertising blitzes.

Behind-the-scenes efforts to influence the courts and to direct national policy through control of the Federal Executive branch are also probed. New information is revealed about the Planned Parenthood program to penetrate America's schools, striving to instill its philosophy of abortion on demand and sexual experimentation in all its forms. A political as well as social history, Blessed Are the Barren discusses the array of alliances the movement has formed in its drive to attain and hold power. Finally, the book examines the appalling evidence of Planned Parenthood's impact upon family life and social mores, from exploding teenage sexual activity, pregnancy and abortion rates to marital break-up, pornography and the culture of hedonism.

"An exciting, truly encyclopedic monumental work." -- Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Author, The Abortion Papers

"To know the enemy is to understand the evil that has destroyed an entire generation of young people and destroyed the wombs of countless numbers of mothers and future mothers. Planned Parenthood is that enemy, and this book is the definitive work. If you wish to stop the unmerciful attack on God's gift of human sexuality, then you MUST read this book!" -- Mrs. Judy Brown, President, The American Life League

"A triumph of research and scholarship. No one with any interest in the field should be without it." -- Jacqueline Kasun, Author, The War Against Population "America is in the midst of a great civil war over values, a war whose outcome is still uncertain. Blessed Are the Barren is a brilliant chronicle of that war, a dispatch from the front lines of history." -- Gary Bauer, President, Family Research Council "Blessed Are the Barren tells how the slow, steady infiltration of Margaret Sanger's wicked plan has lead to the present debasement of society to a barnyard level. It is impossible to read this careful study of our present problems without developing a healthy disgust for the `safe sex' fanatics and their dangerous contraceptive drugs and devices." -- Joseph M. Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League

"This encyclopedic, monumental work is a veritable resource handbook for anyone interested in the sinister workings of the infinitely evil Planned Parenthood empire. It should be required reading for those who would understand the malevolent dynasty of the House of Sanger. I recommend this book without reservation or qualification." -- Dr. Bernard Nathanson, M.D., Author, Aborting America

Charles A. Donovan is the Executive Staff Director of the Family Research Council, a major public policy education and research group in Washington, D.C. Robert G. Marshall is the director of Congressional Affairs for the American Life Lobby, Inc. in Stafford, Virginia.

375 pp, Sewn Softcover, $22.95, BAB-P (ISBN 0-89870-3530)
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The Joyful Mysteries of Life

Catherine and Bernard Scherrer

Written by Catholic parents for their own children, this book introduces the "facts of life" to pre-teens in a reverent and respectful manner by presenting the biological facts in the context of meditations on the joyful mysteries of the Rosary. Chastity is shown to be the Christian way of living out God's will as it encourages an attitude of reverence for the mysteries of procreation. Illustrated. Originally published in France, this book has been so popular that it has already been translated and published in six other language editions.

"The Joyful Mysteries of Life is a response to the Church's call for good resources for education in sexuality. With its predominantly spiritual and moral emphasis, in a positive, clear and delicate way, this book is designed to assist parents in their task of formation." -- Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo President, Pontifical Council for the Family

80 pp, Sewn Softcover, $9.95, JML-P, ISBN 0-89870-630-0
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Redeemer in the Womb
Jesus Living in Mary

John Saward

A unique and profound theological meditation on the nine months the God-man spent in His Virgin Mother's womb. Drawing on Christian philosophy, poetry, liturgy, as well as the Fathers and great theologians of the Church, Saward shows that faith in the Incarnation commits the believer inescapably to the defense of the unborn child. He invites the reader, in the light of Christ, to rediscover the beauty of his own, and every human being's, first few months of existence.

The first book of its kind, it invites every Christian to contemplate with renewed appreciation the mysteries of the life of Jesus. It shows the coherence and unity of the dogmatic faith and moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

"Carefully balancing theology and spirituality, the author takes his argument all the way from the `revelation in the womb' to the `revelation of Ethics,' where the unborn Jesus not only reveals God but also human reality. Saward's essay is a manifest to life, of divine life in human reality ... from the very moment of their encounter."

-- Fr. Johann Roten, S.M., International Marian Research Institute

"A most unusual study and a contribution to Mariology of exceptional interest. Even more, it should prove to be an extraordinarily rich guide for meditation." -- Cardinal John J. O'Connor

190 pp, Sewn Softcover, RW-P (ISBN 0-89870-4278)
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The War Against Population
The Economics and Ideology of Population Control

Dr. Jacqueline Kasun, Ph.D.

The idea that humanity is multiplying at a terrible and accelerating rate is one of the false dogmas of our times. From that notion springs the widely held belief that unless population growth is immediately contained by every governmental and private method imaginable, mankind faces imminent disaster. These ideas form the basis for an enormous international population-control industry that involves billions of dollars of taxes as well as the full time efforts of scores of private philanthropies. Embodied in their agenda is the sort of social planning that actually mandates draconian control over families, churches and other voluntary institutions around the globe.

Point by point, Dr. Kasun shatters the dogmas of the controllers--tenets that simply fall apart under close scrutiny and comparison with a mountain of data that the controllers refuse to confront. This is a fascinating book, a tour de force effort to restore reality to a subject that has become unmoored by ideology.

"An eye-opener. The material Kasun presents is invaluable for reference and it is provided in an accessible and readable form." -- Julian L. Simon, from the Foreword

"This book urgently needs to be read by citizens in general and by parents in particular. It carefully exposes two of the leading frauds of our time--the "overpopulation" hysteria and the false pretensae of "sex education". -- Thomas Sowell, Author, A Conflict of Visions

"One of the best kept secrets in the world is the evil nature of the population control movement. This is the best and most important book on the subject." -- Charles E. Rice, Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame "Dr. Kasun's book is about much more than the `overpopulation' myth--for instance, the bare facts about `sex ed'. You will be amazed to know what your tax dollars are actually paying for. Get this book." J.P. McFadden, Editor, Human Life Review "Dr. Kasun's well documented book gives a shocking account of the multi-billion dollar movement of the population controllers and their efforts to enforce global population control. It deserves to reach the widest possible audience." -- Tom Bethell, Hoover Institution, Stanford University "An urgently needed book showing Jacqueline Kasun's mastery of both economics and moral philosophy." -- George Gilder, Author, Men and Marriage Dr. Jacqueline Kasun is a professor of economics at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Her writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Public Interest, The American Spectator, The Christian Science Monitor, and other publications, as well as in professional journals.
250 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, WAP-P (ISBN 0-89870-1910)

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Why Humanae Vitae Was Right

A Reader - Edited by Janet E. Smith

For the 25th anniversary year of the historic document Humanae Vitae (1968), Janet Smith has gathered together twenty-one outstanding essays and articles by well-respected thinkers to provide the demonstration that Pope Paul VI was not simply correct, but prophetic. While this document is still widely neglected and misunderstood, the Church continues to proclaim that contraception is a moral evil and that the view of man, sexuality, and marriage that leads to the use of the Pill is not one that is compatible with human dignity, sexual responsibility and spousal love.

Many are unaware that there have been energetic and persuasive worth defenses of this teaching. The general reader, as well as the ethicist and moral theologian, will find much here to stimulate his thinking on this issue. Contributors include William May, Paul Quay, Elizabeth Anscombe, Dietrich von Hildebrand, Carlo Caffara, Cormac Burke, Ralph McInerny, John Kippley, John Finnis and Janet Smith.

"From the perspective of the 1960s, few but the Pope saw the dire future consequences of a distorted understanding of human sexuality which separates conjugal love from its life-giving dimension. This Humanae Vitae `reader' puts at our disposal for layperson, professional, or priest, twenty one significant essays in a series of well-reasoned defenses of the Catholic position." -- Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia

"We now have more reason to believe than ever before that Humanae Vitae, the encyclical that many Catholics fought against, scoffed at, dissented from, and even left the Church over, is right. Janet Smith's scholarly compendium will provide ample evidence for the open-minded reader of Humanae Vitae's personalistic foundation, philosophical breadth, practical soundness, and prophetic inspiration." -- Donald DeMarco, Author, Biotechnology and the Assault on Parenthood

600 pp, Sewn Softcover, $26.95, WHVR-P (ISBN 0-89870-4332)
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The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood
By S.T.D. Mark I. Miraville
Published in 1991, Riehle Foundation (Milford, OH)
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Jesus Christ — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Motherhood — Religious aspects — Catholic Church.

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