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Catechisms and Catechesis:

Introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Bishop Christoph Schönborn

This is a valuable introduction to the Catechism by the general editor of the Catechism (Schönborn) and the head of the Bishops Commission for the implementation of the Catechism (Ratzinger). Providing helpful insights on how to read and study the Catechism, this book includes a prehistory of the Catechism, an overview of its structure and contents, the major themes and methods in it, a special introduction to the four parts of the Catechism, and specific advice on how to use the Catechism. Ratzinger and Schönborn illuminate the Catechism's teaching on faith, morals, prayer and sacraments, and how a Catholic lives those teachings in today's world.

95 pp, Sewn Softcover, $12.95, ICCC-P (ISBN 0-89870-4855)
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The Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

A Compendium of Texts

The Catechism of the Catholic Church reads "often the texts of Sacred Scripture are not quoted literally but merely indicated as a reference (`Cf.') in the footnotes. For a deeper understanding of those passages, the reader should go to the texts themselves. These Biblical references are a working tool for catechesis."

This Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church Book of References contains all the passages of Sacred Scripture referred to in the Catechism arranged according to the paragraphs in which the references are made. But that is only a beginning. The Catechism also refers to conciliar texts, papal documents, writings of the Fathers and of the Saints. There are more than 3,600 of these references extending from the earliest credal formulations of the ancient Church to the documents of Vatican II and beyond to the magisterial teaching of Pope John Paul II. The Book of References includes all the texts referred to arranged, along with the Scripture passages, according to the paragraphs of the Catechism in which they are referred.

This Book of References is a valuable instrument in teaching, understanding, and implementing the Catechism. It is a handy one-volume reference library for use with the Catechism.

"... I ask the Church's pastors and the Christian faithful to receive this Catechism in a spirit of communion and to use it assiduously in fulfilling their mission of proclaiming the faith and calling people to the Gospel life." -- Pope John Paul II

Sewn Softcover, $29.95, CCCC-P (ISBN 0-89870-4510)
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Sewn Hardcover, $39.95, CCCC-H (ISBN 0-89870-4502)
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Catechisms and Controversies

Religious Education in the Post-Conciliar Years - Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn

Wrenn, an expert in the field of religious education, provides an overview of the difficulties in the field of religious education since the Second Vatican Council. This work reveals a number of the selective interpretations of religious education documents issued by the Holy See or the Bishops of the United States, and gives a critique and analysis of the Woodstock Symposium on the Catechism for the Universal Church held at Georgetown University. Wrenn exposes all the elements that have gone into the suborning of the religious education enterprise in the last 25 years, including the major role that the catechetical establishment played as they emphasized experience over content and explained away important documents from the Bishops and the Holy See. As its very title indicates, this work is controversial since, for the first time, a case history of efforts to undermine an authentic catechesis, or handing on of the faith in the United States and elsewhere is set forth, so that the extreme necessity for a Catechism for the Universal Church will be made evident. Finally, strategies for the proper implementation of the Catechism for the Universal Church are set forth in light of the demonstrated efforts by special interest groups to set aside the importance of documents such as the General Catechetical Directory, To Teach as Jesus Did, and Catechesi Tradendae.

"I have been occupied with questions of religious education for a major portion of my priestly life; yet much of what is brought out in these pages was a surprise even to me. Once I decided to delve more deeply into what has been going on in religious education in the years since the council, it became very clear that a Catechism for the Universal Church is necessary, indeed imperative." -- Msgr. Michael Wrenn

"Impassioned, informed and prepared to joust, Msgr. Wrenn has produced a coherent and critical analysis of the deviant developments in catechesis in the past quarter century. This is not a dry book for the fainthearted, rather a quick paced and absorbing evaluation of the questionable agenda of certain quarters of catechesis today. Read it!" -- Rev. Alfred McBride, O. Praem., Divine Word College

256 pp, Sewn Softcover, $16.95, CAC-P (ISBN 0-89870-3719)
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Flawed Expectations
The Reception of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Msgr. Michael Wrenn and K.D. Whitehead

Two experts in the field of catechetics give an in-depth study and exposé of both how and why the new Catechism of the Catholic Church came into existence, and of the negative reception this historic document has received from various theologians, educators and even bishops. The authors show how the high expectations that the Pope and the Magisterium had for the new Catechism as a powerful tool for evangelization have been met with opposition and dissent by the very people who should be using the Catechism in their work of teaching the faith.

After giving clear and compelling arguments for the necessity of the Catechism as a teaching tool, the authors tell the dramatic saga of the English translation, pieced together here almost after the manner of a good detective story. They then review five negative commentaries published on the Catechism, detailing the various attacks and dissent and, at the same time, providing solid responses to these criticisms of the Catechism. This book is a veritable white paper about the problems in the handing on of the Catholic faith today.

``The authors deserve a resounding bravo for their efforts -- their findings are highly troubling -- their criticism rings true and is well documented.'' --Cardinal John O'Connor

Catechetics, 416 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, FER-P (ISBN 0-89870-591-6)
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100 Activities Based on the Catechism of the

Catholic Church

Sometimes when teaching children an aspect of our Catholic Faith, it is helpful to have a special activity to reinforce the lesson. They need exercises that train the mind or move the heart. For this reason, Catholic teachers and parents will appreciate these one hundred thoughtfully crafted activities drawn from the new universal Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The worksheets, memory games, Bible studies, etc. in this book require little preparation or materials and are designed to supplement any catechetical text or program for children in grades 1 through 8. Though simple to use, these exercises uncover some of the depth and richness of Catholic doctrine and practice. Topics of the activities are organized according to the four pillars of the Catechism -- Faith, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer. Each activity is self-contained, perforated to tear out and reproduce for group use. Whether it is memorizing the Creed, understanding the Bible, or learning to pray, these exercises will enrich the faith of children and those who teach them.

125 pp, Softcover, $14.95, HABC-P, ISBN 0-89870-6157
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Catholicism: Christ and the Common Destiny of Man

Henri Cardinal de Lubac, S.J.

This book first appeared just over fifty years ago. It is the pilgrimatic work of one of the 20th century's greatest theologians. Deeply rooted in tradition, it breaks ground and sows seeds which will bear their fruit in the Second Vatican Council's central documents on the Church. Here, de Lubac gathers from throughout the breadth and length of Catholic tradition elements which he synthesizes to show the essentially social and historical character of the Catholic Church and how this worldwide and agelong dimension of the Church is the only adequate matrix for the fulfillment of the person within society and the transcendence of the person towards God. Ignatius Press is reprinting it, with a preface by Cardinal Ratzinger, because it is a classic that deserves to be read and reread by every educated Catholic.

"Few of our living authors have given us a work at once so profound, so apt and so persuasive as this of the great French Jesuit. Certainly, few could have written the book on the basis of such a rich knowledge of the Christian tradition.... De Lubac's thought has the originality which springs from the contact with a great tradition of a brilliant, deep and charitable mind. And it has a contemporaneity that bears witness to a profound, all-embracing, human concern." -- Dom Christopher Butler, Abbot of Downside

"We cannot leave it without referring to its almost incredible comprehensiveness of view. De Lubac writes of the Church in such a way as to allow fully for the truth there is in Protestant or Liberal views of the Christian society." -- Church Times

Henri de Lubac, author of numerous works on theology and spirituality, is well known as one of the greatest theologians of this century.



The Church

The Sacraments

Eternal Life

Christianity and History

Interpretation of Scripture

Salvation through the Church

The Present Situation

Person and Society


445 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, C-P (ISBN 0-89870-2038)
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The Christian Faith

Henri Cardinal de Lubac

De Lubac shows that Christian Tradition is a living force and in the Apostle's Creed there is both depth and relevance for today's understanding of the Christian message.

355 pp, Sewn Softcover, $19.75, CF-P (ISBN 0-89870-0531)
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Introduction to Christianity

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

In this remarkable elucidation of the Apostles' Creed, Cardinal Ratzinger gives an excellent, modern interpretation of the foundations of Christianity. This profound treatment of Christianity's basic truths combines a spiritual outlook with a deep knowledge of Scripture and theology.

280 pp, Sewn Softcover, $17.95, INCH-P (ISBN 0-89870-3166)
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Living the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Volume One: the Creed - Bishop Christoph Schönborn

Bishop Schönborn, the editor of the monumental Catechism of the Catholic Church, a world-wide best seller, provides a brief and profound commentary on the first part of the Catechism, the Creed. Schönborn gives an incisive, detailed analysis of the Creed, providing a specific meditation for each week of the year on how to better live the Catholic faith as expressed in the Creed and explained in the Catechism. Through these 52 meditations, Schönborn's hope is for the reader to not just have a better grasp of Catholic doctrine and belief, but especially to grow in a greater love of and devotion to the person of Jesus Christ. As he states, ``Faith is whole. It has only one heart, one center: Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Christ must therefore also be the center of catechesis whose object is putting people in communion with Jesus Christ.''

162 pp, Sewn Softcover, $11.95, LCCC-P (ISBN 0-89870-5606)
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Fundamentals of Catholicism

Volumes I, II and III - Kenneth Baker, S.J.

A complete course in Catholicism by the well-known editor of Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

V. I 282 pp, Sewn Softcover, $16.95, FUN1-P (ISBN 0-89870-0175)
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V. II 387 pp, Sewn Softcover, $16.95, FUN2-P (ISBN 0-89870-0191) - On Backorder

V. III 388 pp, Sewn Softcover, $16.95, FUN3-P (ISBN 0-89870-0272)
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Principles of Catholic Theology

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Ratzinger outlines the fundamental principles of theology and the proper relationship of theology to Church teaching and Church authority.

404 pp, Sewn Hardcover, $34.95, PCT-H (ISBN 0-89870-1333)
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The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood
By S.T.D. Mark I. Miraville
Published in 1991, Riehle Foundation (Milford, OH)
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Jesus Christ — Apparitions and miracles — United States.
Motherhood — Religious aspects — Catholic Church.

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Free MP3 Music Downloadsof Christian Pop/Rock Music


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