This is the first art collaboration that my son Kyle and I have done together. My friend, Jim Shortt, contacted me last week about making a cartoon of a young lady in a wheelchair trying to get into a place called the Garden In The Heights (Formerly Bavarian Gardens in Houston), and being greeted by a sleazy doorman, telling her: "that'll be 5 bucks extra for the wheelchair, babe." Seems this lady contacted Jim, who puts on benefits for folks in need featuring bands who volunteer to play at places who donate their space, and told him that she had tried to put on a benefit there for her father, and they charged her $500 right off the top. Jim was angry about that, and he intends to make that rip-off known. Any- way, I said yeah. I know just the guy to draw this. Kyle. So Kyle drew it and I took it up to the office (on my day off) and colored it by making the scan of Kyle's drawing transparent and putting the color behind it. I am pleased with the result, but I am just so dadgum proud of Kyle for stepping up and doing it. I love his style. Sorry about the download time. Enjoy.
Love, Johnny B

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