Benefit October 21, 2001 Seabrook, Texas
Johnny B and the Wildcats, one of the featured bands...

Photos by Ken Hainline


The auction of Red Adair's jacket. It sold for $4,200! Al Franks is the auctioneer.
Behind him, Rodger Weiss and Johnny B


Red Adair offering the American Flag given to him at the White House in 1991
after his efforts to extinguish the fires in Kuwait


The auction garnered $1,500 for the flag!


Close-up of Red Adair


The lady who bought the jacket with Red Adair


Kim Van Zandt and Johnny B playing "Get Along With Me"


Bubba Frederick playing bass for the Wildcats


The band, jamming it up


Johnny B singing


The guitar solo to "Get Along With Me"


Bubba wrapped up in his work


Johnny B and Bubba on "Way Down In The Hole"


Kim and Johnny B on "Six String Devil"


Johnny B singing "Six String Devil"


Looking across the stage during "Six String Devil"


The Wildcats doing "Tired Of Puttin' Up With You"


Rodger Weiss, drummer for Johnny B and the Wildcats


Johnny B singing, with Kim Van Zandt's vintage Les Paul in the foreground


Sweating it out towards the end of the set


In all, more than $20,000 was raised in one single afternoon and evening. Close to a thousand people showed up. There was non-stop live music from early afternoon to late at night. All-star bands, good times and a most worthy cause.

Thanks, Johnny B



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