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Best Sellers of Ave Maria Press - Part II
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God Instinct, The
Heeding Your Heart's Unrest

A breakthrough book, positing that spiritual growth moves from question to question . . . rather than question to answer. In this simple, elegant, and literate book, Stella shows what can happen when we move from certitude to doubt, from stability to searching. When cherished beliefs, attitudes, and answers come into question. When life experiences seem to tell us that the "right" answers no longer seem so "right". Such a time is an enriching time, a time when life is no longer a matter of going from "question to answer, but from question to question". And like the many, many people Stella has encountered in his work he concludes that "life in all its messiness is a sacred affair". At this point, author Tom Stella believes we become seekersÜseekers of truth and spiritual maturity. Although focused on the fundamental themes of the spiritual life, in The God Instinct, Stella successfully bridges the spiritual and the practical, grounding his insights in the realities of daily living with the wisdom gleaned from his own journey with his readers.
Sale Price $14.95 Quality Paperback • Published: September 2001 • Pages: 160
Tom Stella

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Healing the Hidden Self
Author : Barbara Ryan
Format: Quality Paperback
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5
ISBN: 1-59471-033-3
Published: Apr 2005
In this revised edition of the Best Seller Healing the Hidden Self, Barbara Shlemon Ryan deals with eight major stages of human development--Prenatal, Birth, Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Early Adulthood, and Seasoned Citizens--showing how hurt and damage to the inner self is possible, damage that may not be recognized right away, or that may not manifest itself until a later stage. With insights drawn from forty years in the healing ministry, she offers new examples and explanations of the types of problems that can be encountered during a particular stage of our growth. At the end of each section Ryan includes a specific prayer to help begin the healing process. Healing the Hidden Self emphasizes the importance of inner healing for all who seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and with others. It's practical, how-to approach makes it an invaluable book particularly since there are so few priests, ministers, or counselors to help those in the beginning stages of the inner healing process.
Sale Price $9.95

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Best Sellers of Ave Maria Press
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV