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Family Life - Roman Catholic Books

Art Of Catholic Mothering
Maura Koulik, Ed.
STK# 8173

Catholic child rearing as told by twelve experienced Catholic mothers. - How does a Catholic mother instill the Faith in her children? How does she deal with issues of education and discipline? How does she maintain her own faith in the face of life's challenges? To answer these questions, editor Maura Koulik has gathered the stories of twelve Catholic mothers. With grace, honesty, and humor, these mothers tell of their struggles: Gathering their children for the rosary, persevering when money and support are scarce, finding solid Catholic education, surviving personal tragedies, and living a fully Catholic life in the post - Vatican II era. The experiences of these women will inspire all readers, not just mothers! Particularly important for any husband who is determined to place the Church and his family at the center of his life. Typical testimonials: "I love this book. Right after I read it my husband read it cover to cover in one sitting; he couldn't put it down!" - Home schooling mother in Texas. "The book was fantastic, so inspirational! The only problem was that I kept crying!" - Mother of two in Connecticut. 112 pp.

Christ In The Home
Fr. Raoul Plus, S. J.
STK# 8128

Ideal for the engaged, marriage instruction classes, and for those married many years. This guidebook to finding a happy marriage, keeping a happy marriage, and raising happy children has been out of print for over 50 years. Loads of practical and spiritual advice on family life and raising children that will never be outdated because the principles are as timeless as human nature and virtue. Dominicana stated in 1751:
This is a work that fulfills the needs of the marriageable and the married - it not only unveils Christian Marriage in its majestic supernatural setting, but it is also a solid psychological guide to a tremendously successful married life. Fr. Plus points out, that "supernatural love, far from suppressing natural love, makes it more tender, more attentive, more generous; it intensifies the sentiments of affection, esteem, admiration, gratitude, respect, and devotion which constitute the essence of true love.
A series of meditations grouped under four general sections: Courtship, Marriage, the Home, and the Training of Children. His section on imparting sex knowledge to children will be helpful to parents faced with this complex problem and duty.
It is sad to know that many young Catholic couples entering marriage today will never enjoy the happiness of true love because they are tainted with worldly ideas on marriage culled from the mass media. Fr. Plus strikes at the root of these evils by presenting Marriage in its true light as a sacrament.
343 pages, softcover

Dear Newlyweds
Pope Pius XII
STK# 6730

In his time, the world knew Pope Pius XII for his sanctity, his efforts for world peace, his remarkable gifts of diplomacy, language and letters. But there was another side to this holy Pope who found time to address scores of newlyweds who came to seek his blessing on their marriages. This is the Pius XII who is revealed in Dear Newlyweds.
Dear Newlyweds should be placed in the hands of every newly-married couple. It is a book to read, ponder, cherish, and be guided by, all through married life. Newlywed, married, and engaged couples will be inspired and uplifted by Pius XII's explanation of Matrimony and his insight into the practical problems of everyday marriage. Dear Newlyweds is a book to turn to again and again. It is a sure guide as new difficulties arise - problems of discipline in the rearing of children, temptations against fidelity, relationships with elderly parents, and much more!
Dear Newlyweds combines the solid doctrine of the Roman Magisterium with the pastoral touch of the Angelic shepherd himself. It is Catholic truth digested and perfectly fitted to those who need it most. It is not a haphazard collection of talks, but forms a complete course on Catholic married life.
269 pp. Softcover.

Dressing With Dignity
Colleen Hammond
STK# 8069

In this ground-breaking book, Colleen Hammond challenges today's indecent, demeaning fashions and provides you with the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the onslaught of tasteless, immodest clothing. Learn the difference between dressing TO ATTRACT and dressing ATTRACTIVELY. Essential reading for women and it does plenty good for men to read too!
138 pp, softcover

Four Temperaments
Fr. Conrad Hock
STK# 6590

Self knowledge is a great gift. You can't form a strong Catholic character or properly cooperate with grace without it. There are four temperaments: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic. Which are you?
Includes questionnaire to help determine your basic temperament. Learn each of their character traits, bright and dark sides, methods of self-training, and special considerations in dealing with and educating each temperament.
55 pp. Softcover.

Fulton Sheen: Family Retreat DVD
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8265

This is the only retreat by the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen recorded on video. Sheen gives twelve conferences to an audience of all ages on the following topics:
• Confession
• The Devil
• Love
• The Mass
• Making the Right Choice
• The Our Father
• Youth and Sex
• "Wasting Your Life for Christ"
• Our Lady
• Kenosis
• "Old Pots"
• The Cross
One of his best retreats, preached before a live audience in a church toward the end of Archbishop Sheen's active life. The church was filled with people of all ages: young children, teenagers, and their parents. In this moving presentation, the Archbishop speaks about topics that apply to everyone.
Listen to the Archbishop as he treats, in his usuals thorough, articulate and humorous manner, each of these topics, and more!
DVD, color, running time - 6 hours & 4 minutes

Garden Way's Joy of Gardening
Dick Raymond
STK# 8319

So vivid you can almost smell the dirt and taste the fresh vegetables!
The locals around here say this is the best book on gardening. We say gardening is the smart investment. You can’t eat your IRA or your precious metals! More food, better food, safer food, and, if you follow this book, cost-effective food. So many pictures (in full color) we can’t count them. At-a-glance charts and great how-to instructions make the author’s famous short, wide-row, high-yield, organic methods accessible to everyone.
• planting wide, multi-crop rows • preparing soil • starting plants • stop weeds cold • garden care • rules of watering • plants that become next year’s fertilizer • a vegetable treasury (everything you wanted to know about 16 different vegetables) • insects and diseases • trench-planting for earliest and healthiest tomatoes • using tin cans for sweeter melons • the advantages of raised-bed planting.
Easygoing, folksy, enthusiastic manner. Raymond was a home gardener of 40 years’ experience who inspired thousands in standing-room only classes around the US, radio and television appearances, and best-selling books.
A garden is a catechism of virtue and purification of the soul. Gardeners learn once and don’t make the mistake again.Turn any patch of ground into a lush, bountiful vegetable garden. Plan today: garden seed purchases were up 40% in 2008. If all you have is a tight suburban lot, yard gardens are one of the hot things to try. Book includes Resource Guide.
366pp. Large (10" x 8 1/2") four-color softcover. Indexed.

Home Instructor in Penmanship
F. W. Tamblyn
STK# 8315

by America’s most well-known, beloved, and finest Master Penman, F. W. Tamblyn
The result of 50 years of instruction in the art of business writing and ornamental penmanship to students the world over. Learn-at-home program combining instruction lessons, exercises, and advice to teach and recover the lost art of expressive handwriting.
How handsome and unique is the handwritten letter in a the black-hole world of computer-printed and emailed correspondence. The Tamblyn Method concentrates on flowing and easy movement.
• how to practice and breathe • kinds of pens, papers, inks, and pen holders • posture of body • positions of arms, feet, paper, and desk • movements of forearms and fingers • principles of lines and curves • do’s and don’ts • sequential method
Spiral-bound to lay flat. Translucent paper overlays to check angle and size of exercises. Your handwriting skill may inspire home copying commissions! In the depths of barbarism, the Catholic Church once preserved her most precious texts by having her monks copy and illuminate them. The new era of barbarity and illiteracy demands a resurrection of the art of penmanship.
174pp., all illustrated. Spiral bound.

How to Read a Book
Mortimer J Adler & Charles Van Doren
STK# 8305

Recovering the word. Growing your mind by reading well for instruction and delight.
The living classic from 1940, the most successful guide to reading comprehension for the general reader. The antidote to the superficiality and dumbing-down encouraged by Google & Co. Learn the four levels of reading, how to "pigeonhole" a book, X-ray it, extract the author’s message, and analyze it. Stop wasting time. The ways to read technical books, imaginative literature, science and math, plays, poetry, history, philosophy. Supplies a classic worth-your-while recommended reading list of 137 authors. Includes 55 pages of exercises and tests for individual or group study at the four levels of reading: Elementary (Newton, J.S. Mill), Inspectional (Dante, Darwin), Analytical, and Synoptical (Aristotle, Rousseau). "Take up and read," said the angel to Augustine.
426pp., softcover.

Infant Homicides by Contraceptives
Dr. Bogomir M. Kuhar
STK# 8251

A fascinating booklet by a Catholic pharmacist on how most contraceptives do not really prevent pregnancy, but actually abort children shortly after conception.
This will certainly come as a disturbing revelation to many people! The consequences is that the abortion plague is far worse than most of us realize. In addition to the 1,300,000 surgical abortions per year, we must add nearly 10,000,000 more due to contraceptives.
Ideal to give to Protestants who are "pro-life" but practice contraception and to "cafeteria Catholics." Gives actual drug names and explains how each works.
58pp, 4 inches x 7 1/2 inches, softcover, STK# 8251* Sale Price: $3.00

Integrity 2 - Raising Your Children
Integrity Magazine
STK# 6598

Raising Your Children: Vol.2, The Integrity Series
Confusion prevails about the job of bringing up children. Integrity magazine, a post-WWII journal by lay Catholics for living an integral Catholic life, has been sifted for insightful articles on every aspect of raising children:
•Teaching Children to Pray
•Purity and the Young Child
•Creative Activity
•The Dating System
•Crisis of Faith in Youth
•The Vocation of Parents
•Marriage for Keeps and MUCH more all in short easy to read article-chapters.
256pp, softcover

Integrity 3 - Fatherhood & Family
Integrity Magazine
STK# 6721

The role of fatherhood — Catholic fatherhood — has been diminished in three ways. First, it has become smaller. Fewer things are defined as a father’s distinctive work. Secondly, fatherhood has been devalued. Third, and most important, fatherhood has been decultured – stripped of any authoritative social content or definition.
The question is, “What do fathers do?” The tragedy of our society is that it can’t answer the question and neither can most Catholics. Forward - thinking Integrity Magazine gives answers:
• Men, Mary, and Manliness
• The Family Has Lost Its Head
• Economics of the Catholic Family
• Afraid to Marry?
• Glorifying the Daily Grind
• The Heroism of the Big Family
• Bringing the Church into Work
• Forward to the Land.
• Holiness for Men
• The Confirmed Hero
• What Is a Grown-up?
• The Father in the Home
• A Man’s Work
• Our Work Can Help Us to Pray
• Money, Money, Money!
• The State, Our Common Good
200 pp. Softcover

Integrity 4 - Motherhood and Family
Integrity Magazine
STK# 8335

Motherhood and Family, the newest Angelus Press book explains how a woman is natured to motherhood and family. If mankind is a tree, woman is its roots. And the roots are hurting (even Catholic roots).
This is a book for traditional Catholic parenting.
Book reviewer for The Remnant, Mrs. Sherry Foster, writes:
“I really found the book to be very helpful for me personally and I’m so excited for the women who will read it.”
Check out the rest of Mrs. Foster’s review in the January 31, 2009, issue of The Remnant.
Mrs. Colleen Drippe, another reviewer, wrote:
“For quite a few years now, Angelus Press has been bringing forth one edifying book after another… For a number of reasons, this current project is one of its most enriching contributions to our Catholic culture a very happy choice, and especially appropriate to our own present situation.”
Gleaned from the same INTEGRITY magazine series from which three previous INTEGRITY volumes have been printed (selling into over 10,000 homes), the 16 chapters of Motherhood and Family can be summarized in the following cut lines. If any of these hit home, ladies, Motherhood and Family is talking about it with you.
Get out of the way while God sanctifies your child through danger and suffering.
Avoid the discouragement of reforming your husband according to your ideas of (feminine) holiness.
Multiply the spiritual goods coming from homebirth and breastfeeding.
Debunk worldly notions of love and romance for your growing girls.
Use the watchwords of common sense and courage to help your family.
Invite poverty to be a necessary part of your Family Rule.
Serve the Church, family, and parish as a single woman.
Understand the similarities between marriage and consecrated religious life which advance holiness.
Prepare for the end of active motherhood and the beginning of a gracious old age.
Motherhood and Family is the book for girls, young ladies, and women of all ages who look to enjoy the privilege of being a woman, or who are prayerfully desiring to discover it or to recover it.
Chapter titles include:
The Tragedy of Modern Woman, Children and Creative Activity, The Love Education of Girls, Mothers-in-Law, Mother or Cow, “He Married an Angel”, Children and the Imitation of Mary, On Having Babies at Home, Spirituality of Married Life, Teaching Children to Pray, The Latter Day, Poverty in Marriage
Once you’ve spent some time in Motherhood and Family you’ll want to spread the word. Forget the airy fairy stuff that doesn’t connect. This is practical spiritual reading for the privileged female who wants to learn all the angles of God’s beautiful call, “Woman.”

208 pages. Color softcover.

Is It A Saints Name
Rev. William P. Dunne
STK# 8217

From ancient times, the Church has required baptismal names which have a Christian significance. Most are saints' names, but others are variants on titles and feasts of the Blessed Virgin, for example.
The great number of martyrs, confessors, and holy persons presents a bewildering selection to any new parent. This little booklet helps you sort through these choices by presenting over 3,000 names for boys and girls including the saint whose name the variant (if applicable) is derived from and the feast day of the saint - so you know when to celebrate your child's name day, a Catholic custom that previously was more important than one's birthday! Includes an extensive list of Patron Saints.
47pp, softcover.

Life Of Gabrielle Lefebvre
Fr. Le Crom
STK# 6583

The story is told by the spiritual director of the mother of Archbishop Lefebvre - a mother of eight children, five of whom entered religion. After the baptism of the future archbishop, she would say, "He will have a great role to play in the holy Church, at Rome, near the Holy Father." Admittedly, that strikes most of us as odd, proposterous or even freaky, but that is indeed what she said!
Describes her commitment to the ordinary way of salvation and some of what is known of her mysticism.
35 pp. Softcover.

Listen, Son
STK# 5104

Twelve heart-to-heart talks to be given by Dad to his boys and young men about the mysterious processes of reproducing life. Presents timeless supernatural attitude in accord with Catholic principles. No crude language. Graduated structure in three parts: ages 9-13; 14-16; 16-19. Suggestions for preserving purity.
75 pp. Softcover.

Mothers Little Helper
STK# 5105

Twelve heart-to-heart talks to be given by Mom to her daughters about the mysterious processes of reproducing life. Presents timeless supernatural attitude in accordance with Catholic principles. Helps Moms instruct and train their growing daughters. Places the exact words on Mom's lips. Arms girls sufficiently and supernaturally to control passions, avoid sinful occasions, and the use of the Sacraments. No crude language. Suggestions for preserving purity. Graduated structure in three parts: ages 9-12; 12-14; 14-16.
76 pp. Softcover.

Mothers Of Priests
Fr. Robert Quardt, S.C.J.
STK# 6595

This book praises mothers responsible for their sons' priestly vocation: the mothers of Saint Bernard and Saint John Bosco; Alice Rolls, mother of ten religious; the mother of Pope Saint Pius X; the mothers of Lu, that town of 4,000, who gave 500 sons to Priesthood in 50 years. What are the dispositions which characterize mothers of priests? Includes indulgenced prayers for vocations.
57 pp. Softcover.

Sins Of Parents
Fr. Charles Hugo Doyle
STK# 6762

In two parts: "Sins of Commission" (e.g., broken homes, alcoholism, contraception) and "Sins of Omission" (e.g., failure to teach virtue, etc).
It is obvious that most serious Catholics will have overcome or avoided the major sins of commission, but even the best Catholic parents regularly commit the sins of omission, oftentimes without even knowing it. Discover...
•31 "don'ts" of child-rearing
•21 character traits of good parents
•One rule you must never break in disciplining your child
•Harmful notions about marriage that even faithful Catholic couples unwittingly derive from society and the media
•The three parental attitudes that are most damaging to children
•Adverse effects of mothers working outside the home
•How parental quarreling hurts kids
•Find yourself shouting at your children more and more?...here's what you're almost certainly doing wrong
•Homosexuality: why bad parenting is often the cause
•The best way to train your child in the virtues
•What to do if you catch a child lying or stealing
•Devastating effects of an absent father or mother
•Why wives should never undermine their husbands' standing in the eyes of the children.
Full of witticisms - not only informative but very entertaining also. An excellent book that we highly recommend to all parents!
206 pp. Hardcover, gold-foil stamped.

Some Notes for the Guidance of Parents
Fr. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.
STK# 8291

Some Notes for the Guidance of Parents
by Fr. Daniel Lord
Take it from Mother Prioress Marie-Johanna of the traditional Teaching Dominicans (Post Falls, Idaho) who reviewed this book for Angelus Press:
I enjoyed it thoroughly. The principles of education and human nature, etc., and the consequent necessary measures and directions to take are clearly outlined, and excellent. I even laughed out loud, sometimes, as the author describes society, reactions, and situations for instance "contempt for motherhood" on p.15 with great perception and humanness. I certainly will recommend the book to parents. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
• Seven axioms for parents • The three periods of a child's life • Special considerations for "American parents" • The importance of your child's first thoughts, words, impressions, memories • training your child's speech • Avoid cultivating vulgarity • Initiating children into culture • How to meet, greet, and eat • Body consciousness • Forming your children against fears of hospitals, dentists, foods, people • Work in your home • Alertness is not distrust • The dawning of adolescence • Parents must not dodge forming children in purity; what to say and when to say it • Teaching respect for others, authority figures, the opposite sex • The road to good manners • Say no to shock and surprise • Instructions on occasions of sin (parties, cars, music) • How your child takes orders and grows up to his obligations • Partnership with your child's teacher • Laughter and liveliness in your home
252pp. Color softcover.

St. Gerard Majella
Fr. Edward Saint-Omer
STK# 8272

ST. GERARD MAJELLA: The Wonder-Worker Patron of Expectant Mothers
Millions of expectant mothers pray for his intercession and wear his medal, but few of us know much about him. St. Gerard died of tuberculosis at 29 years of age while a lay brother in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists), where he achieved great sanctity.
A tailor by profession before he entered the Redemptorist order at the age of 26, St. Gerard became famous for his miracles, cures, charity, ecstasies, mortifications, purity, obedience, discernment of spirits, infused knowledge, prophecies, knowledge of distant events, bilocations, and power over nature, the human heart - and even the Devil!
The author also describes the saint's death, funeral, miracles after his death, his beatification and canonization, plus, the widespread devotion to him that soon sprang up everywhere.
258pp, softcover

St. Monica: Model of ... Mothers
F. A. Forbes
STK# 8273

The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her wayward son, the great St. Augustine, as well as her pagan husband and her mother-in-law. Includes her childhood, difficult marriage, anguish over Augustine, constancy and, in the end, her joy at his conversion. A magnificent story of prayer finally answered!
103pp, softcover

The Boy Camper
Popular Mechanics
STK# 8321

160 Outdoor Projects and Activities
A book Bishop Tissier de Mallerais wants boys to read because the Catholic Church wants them to grow up to become providers, protectors, and guides.
A camping trip or a rough-and-tough pilgrimage are the ideal testing grounds for a boy becoming a man, physically and spiritually. Explore the physical survival adventures in the woods and on the water that boys experienced 100 years ago. Over 160 projects are profusely and whimsically explained, pictured, blueprinted, and photographed under subtitles like:
• campground shelters • forest furnishings • tent construction and placement • mastering the outdoors • outdoor innovations • angling for the big fish • the reel deal • terrific tackle box • the perfect fly • cleaning the catch • canoeing and paddle power • archery • campfire grub • camp kitchen gadgets and appliances • the open-air feast.
War on boredom and couch potatodom. What to do when no Wal-Mart is near you. Buy it; you’ll make it!
255pp., durable color flex-cover. Hundreds of drawings, illustrations, photos, diagrams, and blueprints. Indexed.

The Christian Father
Fr. W. Cramer
STK# 8230

Fr. Cramer explains the high dignity, honor, and responsibility of the vocation of Fatherhood and the virtues necessary to fulfill this important vocation. Since God gave fathers the title He would have us call Him when He entrusted children to their care, the importance of the role of a father cannot be stressed enough. Fathers will understand the great obligation of their vocation which they will be asked to render an account of, and will turn to this book time and time again for important advice on raising children, heading their family, and setting a good example. Includes the prayers fathers should daily raise to heaven to request graces for himself and his family.
The Name of the Father
The Father's Vocation
His Stewardship
His Qualifications
The Christian Mother alone is not Sufficient
The Father Must Be Truly Christian
His Obligations
Dangers to the Faith
Practise the Christian Life
Keep Holy the Sabbath
Choice of a State in Life
The Father at Prayer
208pp, gold embossed hardcover, 24 illustrations.

The Christian Mother
Fr. W. Cramer
STK# 8231

Fr. Cramer begins at the door of the Church with a mother who has come for God's blessing upon her-The Churching of Women. He continues to explain along with this beautiful ceremony, the vocation of Motherhood and the virtues necessary to fulfill it. Fr. Cramer explains how a young woman should approach the sacrament of matrimony and then assists her in the proper education of her children. Includes the prayers she should daily raise to heaven to request graces for her family.
The Mother's First Visit to Church
The Vocation and Education of a Mother
Love of the Mother for Her Children
The Consecration of a Mother
The Child's Introduction to the Truths of Our Holy Religion
How to Behave with Regard to the Faults of Children
The Guardian of Holy Modesty and Innocence
The Direction of Her Children
The Mother of a Priest
Prayers for the Most Important Situations and Necessities of a Mother
165pp, gold embossed hardcover, 26 illustrations.

The Education of Catholic Girls
Janet Erskine Stuart
STK# 8307

“How do you solve a problem like Maria?” answered
Mother Janet Erskine Stuart, head of the order (1914) of the girls’ Teaching Sisters founded by Mother Madeleine Sophie Barat and brought to America by St. Philippine Duchesne, wrote this definitive book on the accommodations necessary to be made in methods of educating Catholic young women. Favored by the female Franciscans of Catholic Tradition. Mother Stuart says:
• "[We insist on] the teaching of handicrafts, training of the senses in observation. Development of knowledge, taste, and skills which are useful for life, and for girls especially on things which make the home."
• "Domestic occupations form in girls a habit of decision from the necessity of getting through things which will not wait….There is something in the material duties of home which heal and calm the mind and give it power to come back to itself….The work of the body is good for the soul; it drives out silliness as effectually as the rod….It is a great weapon against the seven devils of whom one is Sloth and another Pride."
• "The best mental development is accomplished under the stress of many demands. A touch of hardness and privation gives strength of mind and makes self-denial a reality; a little anxiety teaches foresight and draws out resourcefulness…."
• "When girls have by themselves brought to a happy conclusion the preparation of a complete meal, their very faces bear witness to the educational value of the success. They are not elated nor excited, but wear the look of quiet contentment which seems to come from contact with primitive things. This look on a girl’s face give a beauty of its own, something becoming, and fitting, and full of promise."
• "The services which are the foundation of all home life are in themselves the same in all places and times. There is in them something almost sacred; they are sane, wholesome, stable, amid the weary perpetual change of artificial additions which add much to the cares but little to the joys of life."
Wonderful womanly wisdom. Chapters on: • Religion • Character • Realities of Life • Lessons and Play • Math, Natural Science, and Nature Study • English • Modern Language • History • Art • Manners • Higher Education
165pp. color softcover. Glossary. Indexed.

The Mother
Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty
STK# 8345

"The most important person on earth is a mother. She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral--a dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body . . . The angels have not been blessed with such a grace. They cannot share in God's creative miracle to bring new saints to Heaven. only a human mother can. Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other creature; God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation . . . What on God's good earth is more glorious than this; to be a mother?"
--Joszef Cardinal Mindszenty
The author of this book is the inflexible hero of Catholic resistance against godless Communism and state absolutism in Hungary. Born March 29, 1892, in Csehimindszent, Hungary, and ordained a priest in 1915, he was arrested in 1919 and again in 1944. He was appointed primate of Hungary in 1945 and made a cardinal in 1946. Refusing to permit Hungary's Roman Catholic schools to be secularized by the communists, he was arrested in 1948 and convicted of treason the next year. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he was freed in the Hungarian Revolution (1756). When the communists regained control, he sought asylum in the U.S. Embassy in Budapest and lived there for 15 years, refusing Vatican requests to leave Hungary. He relented in 1971, settled in Vienna, and was involuntarily retired as primate of Hungary in 1974 by the post-conciliar Church.
Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages.

The Story Book of Science
Jean Henri Fabre
STK# 8316

Creation is a classroom and a catechism
Renowned Catholic scientist and bugman Fabre said, "After 87 years of thought and observation, I say not merely that I believe in God–I can even say that I see Him." See (70 illustrations) and read what he meant in this ultimate classic nature book on plants and animals as "Uncle Paul" (Fabre) converses about nature’s wonders with three imaginary children who ask him to tell "true stories." In 80 chapters, Uncle Paul unlocks the mysteries of God’s creation:
??ants’ underground cities ? spiders' suspension bridges ? habits of cows and sheep ? length of plants and animal life ? insect venom ? the properties of metals, gold, the iron kettle, metal plating ? fleece, flax, cotton, paper, rope ? thunder and lightning ? clouds ? experiments with cold water and cats ? sun, moon, stars, and sky ? poisonous plants ? volcanoes ? fruit, pollen, bees, honey ? mushrooms ? earthquakes ? seasons ? shells, snails, pearls, caterpillars, silk ? sea, salt, waves.
More important than ever (first published in 1917) in a world going virtual. Stock up your child’s experiential storehouse of knowledge with this miraculous and marvelous treasure hunt. You and your child learn something new every day. If God so takes care of his plants and animals, how much more us?
438pp. 6" x 9", softcover. Illustrated.

Three to Get Married
Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.D.
STK# 8262

One of the greatest and best-loved spokesmen for the Faith here sets out the Church's beautiful understanding of marriage in his trademark clear and entertaining style. Frankly and charitably, Bishop Sheen presents the causes of and solutions to common marital crises, and tells touching real-life stories of people whose lives were transformed through marriage.
Not only an insightful look at the proper/Catholic notion of love and sex, Bishop Sheen covers practically every aspect of marriage with a view to imparting its proper role and purpose. From the damage caused by indiscriminte sex education to the "three basic tensions in marriage," Bishop Sheen shows the Church's teaching on the sacrament of matrimony from the standpoints of philosophy, theology and morality.
He emphasizes that Our Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of every successful and loving marriage. Hence, THREE to Get Married.
This is a perfect gift for engaged couples, or for married people as a fruitful occasion for self-examination.
216 pages, softcover

Valiant Woman
Abp. Landriot of Rheims
STK# 8141

The most valiant of all women is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although this virtue is most manifest as a gift of the Holy Ghost, it is also manifest in the daily trials of the soldier of Christ who conquers inordinate self - love with God's grace.
The valiant (strong) woman does not have to be a St. Joan of Arc, but she must rule well her home in prudence, mercy, justice and truth. In Proverbs 31, the Holy Ghost Himself describes the "valiant woman."
This book is an extended version of discourses delivered to married women. Each address begins with a theme drawn from the final verses of the similitudes of Solomon. Landriot then explains the moral of the passage with a practical brilliance that could only come from a confessor whose heart was well seasoned in discerning the particular characteristics and maternal predispositions of the feminine soul. What emerges is an achievable ideal for every truly Catholic woman. Not one page fails to demonstrate what grace, what beauty, and what joy supernature can bring forth in the life of a woman called to the vocation of Christian motherhood.
213 pp, softcover

Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday?
Michael P. Foley
STK# 8327

The Catholic Origin of Just About Everything
Unearthing the present and forgotten Catholic roots of what we say and do in everyday America
Page after page on the surprising Catholic origin of just about everything in holidays, entertainment, plants and animals, politics, and the English language. Not written specifically for traditional Catholics, but an impressive body of fascinating study proving the indelible yet often unrecognized mark of Catholic belief in the present-day world, even in non-Catholic societies like the US, which resonate with the influence of Catholic ways and words:
• The seven black spots on a LADYBUG symbolize the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady • “GOODBYE” is an Old English variation of “God be with ye” • GROUNDHOG DAY comes from a Candlemas tradition • CHAMPAGNE pioneered by Benedictines • St. Augustine, Father of SNACK FOOD • THE TRINITY on the dollar bill • The game of LA CROSSE is derived from the French missionary word crozier
An interesting thing happens when you read this book. All of a sudden, you become aware that the littlest and most common things and events of the day are echoes of the Catholic Faith and spark your recollection. What a find! Worthwhile table-talk.
214pp. color softcover. Indexed.

The Young Man's Guide
Fr. F. X. Lasance
STK# 8524

In this book by Fr. Lasance, he provides counsels, reflections and prayers for young Catholic men. This is a good source for young men on a variety of subjects, including: how to conquer sin and the occasions of sin; virtues needed to fight in the battle for salvation; choosing one's state in life; and guidance to various devotions for Mass, Confession and Holy Communion.
760 pp. Hardcover.

The Catholic Girl's Guide
Fr. F. X. Lasance
STK# 8525

This is every young Catholic girl's best guidance, next to her own parents. Fr. Lasance provides instructions and devotions for young ladies on acquiring Catholic virtues. In this book Fr. Lasance counsels young ladies on choosing one's state in life, provides prayers, novenas, a discussion on sodalities, and a devotion for everyday in the month of May.
680 pp. Hardcover.



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