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Book By Book Set Of Fifteen - DVD

DVD Running Time: 32 Hrs 40 min.Region: All Regions Production Year: 2001-2010

This set includes the entire collection of the Book By Book Bible series:

Book By Book: Genesis:
1: The Beginning of the Cosmos (ch. 1)
2: The Beginning of Humanity (ch. 2)
3: The Beginning of Sin and Death (ch. 3-5)
4: The Beginning of Judgment (ch. 6-11)
5: The Beginning of the Church (ch. 12-16)
6: The Beginning of the Sacraments (ch. 17-24)
7: The Beginning of Election (ch. 25-31)
8: The Beginning of Israel (ch. 32-35)
9: The Beginning of Exile (ch. 36-47)
10: The End of the Beginning (ch. 48-50)
Featured guest is Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and well-known writer and speaker.

Book By Book: Exodus:
1: The Lord Hears (ch. 1-2)
2: The Lord Commissions (ch. 3-4)
3: The Lord Opposes (ch. 5-10)
4: The Lord Judges (ch. 11-13)
5: The Lord Delivers (ch. 14-18)
6: The Lord Speaks (ch. 19-24)
7: The Lord Mediates (ch. 32-34)
8: The Tabernacle: Its Layout (parts 8-10 cover ch. 39-40)
9: The Tabernacle: Its Furniture
10: The Tabernacle: Its Priesthood
Featured guest is Joseph Steinberg of Jews for Jesus.

Book By Book: Leviticus:
1: The Sacrifices, Part 1 (ch. 1:1-7:27)
2: The Sacrifices, Part 2 (ch. 1:1-7:27)
3: The Priests (ch. 7:28-10:20)
4: The Clean and the Unclean (ch. 11:1-15:33)
5. The Day of Atonement (ch. 16:1-34)
6. Holistic Holiness (ch. 17:1-20:27)
7. Holy Priests (ch. 21:1-22:33)
8. The Feasts (ch. 23:1-24:9)
9. Living in the Land (ch. 24:10-26:46)
10. Holistic Spirituality (ch. 26:1-27:34)
Featured guest is Joseph Steinberg of Jews for Jesus.

Book By Book: Selected Psalms:
1. Psalm 20- The LORD Saves His Anointed
2. Psalm 22 - The Psalm of the Cross
3. Psalm 23 - The Psalm of Resurrection Hope
4. Psalm 24 - The Psalm of the Ascension
5. Psalm 25 - In You I Trust, O My God
6. Psalm 27 - The LORD Is My Salvation
Featured guest is Stephen Lungu is a former gangster who now heads up African Enterprise in Malawi.

Book By Book: Jonah:
1. Jonah and Nineveh in the Bible
2. Jonah's Commissioning (1:1-2)
3. On the Run from the LORD (1:3-16)
4. Trusting in Christ in Death (1:17-2:10)
5. Mission to Nineveh - (ch. 3)
6. The Universal Gospel - (ch. 4)
Featured guest is George Verwer, founder and former International Coordinator of Operation Mobilization.

Book By Book: John:
1: Revealing (ch. 1)
2: Teaching (ch. 2-3)
3: Working (ch. 4-5)
4: Feeding (ch. 6-7)
5: Shining (ch. 8-10:21)
6: Dividing (ch. 10:22-12:50)
7: Loving (ch. 13-15:17)
8: Sending (ch. 15:18-17:26)
9: Dying (ch. 18-19)
10: Living (ch. 20-21)
Featured guest is Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and well-known writer and speaker.

Book By Book: Philippians:
1: This is my prayer (ch. 1:1-11)
2: Live as a citizen worthy of the gospel of Christ (ch. 1:12-30)
3: Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus (ch. 2:1-11)
4: Shine like stars in the universe (ch. 2:12-30)
5. The power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings (ch. 3:1-21)
6. Rejoice in the Lord, always (ch. 4:1-23)
Featured guest is Joni Eareckson Tada. A quadriplegic since 1967, she is founder of Joni and Friends.

Book By Book: I, II Thessalonians:
1: Waiting for His Son from Heaven (I Thess. 1:1-10)
2: Who Are You Trying to Please? (I Thess. 2:1-16)
3: How Are You Going to Live? (I Thess. 2:17-4:12)
4: What Does the Future Hold for You? (I Thess. 4:13-5:28)
5: When Will Our Suffering End? When Will There Be Justice? (II Thess. 1-2:12)
6: How Are You Going to Wait? (II Thess. 2:13-3:18)
Featured guest is Rico Tice, Associate Minister (Evangelism) of All Souls Church.

Book By Book: II Timothy:
1: Paul and Timothy (ch. 1:1-7)
2: A Herald and a Guardian (ch. 1:8-14)
3: Desertion and Endurance (ch. 1:15-2:14)
4: Correctly Handling the Word of Truth (ch. 2:15-3:9)
5: Scriptures and Preaching (ch. 3:10-4:8)
6: Friends and Family (ch. 4:9-4:22)
Featured guest is Vaughn Roberts, rector of St. Ebbe's Church in Oxford, a writer and popular speaker.

Book By Book: I Peter:
1. Your Faith - of Greater Worth Than Gold (1:1-12)
2. Born Again - Through the Word of God (1:13-2:10)
3. Christ Suffered - Leaving an Example (2:11-3:7)
4. Suffering for What is Right (3:8-4:7)
5. Sharing in Sufferings - and Glory (4:8-19)
6. Clothed With Humility - Firm in the Faith (5:1-14)
Featured guest is Don Carson, Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois.

Book By Book: Esther:
1: The Abuse of Power (ch. 1)
2: Esther: Married to Power (ch. 2)
3: Haman: Corrupted by Power (ch. 3)
4. Mordecai: Using the Power (ch. 4-6)
5. Some Justice through Power (ch. 7-8)
6. The Church under Divine Power (ch. 9-10)
Featured guest is Ruth Chan, ?a former full-time church worker in the UK Chinese community.

Book By Book: II Corinthians:
1. God who raises the dead (1:1-11)
2. God as my witness (1:12-2:11)
3. Transformed into Christ’s likeness (2:12-3:18)
4. Death and life of Jesus in our bodies (4:1-5:10)
5. God’s fellow workers (5:11-6:10)
6. Perfecting holiness out of reverence for God (6:11-7:16)
7. God loves a cheerful giver (8:1-9:15)
8. Sincere and pure devotion to Christ (10:1-11:15)
9. That Christ’s power may rest on us (11:16-12:10)
10. Christ Jesus is in you - unless... (12:11-13:13)
Featured guest is ?Dr. K. P. Yohannan, Director of Gospel for Asia and author of more than 200 books.

Book by Book: James
1: The Testing of Your Faith (1:1-18)
2: Doers of the Word (1:19-2:13)
3: Faith Without Works Is Dead (2:14-26)
4: No Man Can Tame the Tongue (3:1-17)
5: Humble Yourselves before the Lord (3:18-4:17)
6: The Judge Is Standing at the Door (5:1-20)
Featured guest is Robbie Langford, a recently retired missionary of ?30 years who had served in South America, Central Asia, and Sudan.

Book by Book: Acts
1. You will be my witnesses (1:1-26)
2. This is That (Ch. 2)
3. Enable your servants to speak your words (3:1-4:31)
4. They shared everything they had (4:32-7:60)
5. To the Gentiles (8:1-11:18)
6. The word of God continued to increase and spread (11:19-14:28)
7. That the Gentiles might hear (Ch. 15-16)
8. Another king called Jesus (Ch. 17-20)
9. Paul in prison (21:1-25:12)
10. Paul goes to Rome (25:13-28:31)
Featured guest is George Verwer, founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilization.

Book By Book: Daniel:
1: Praise be to the Name of God Forever
2: The Fourth Looks Like a Son of God
3: My God Sent His Angel
4: One Like the Son of Man
5: A Man Dressed in Linen
6: Great Prince who Protects your People.
NOTE: One study guide is included with each DVD!

DVDRunning Time: 32 Hrs 40 min.Region: All Regions Production Year: 2001-2010

$ 374.85



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