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The New Psychology of Virtue - DVD

Enrich Your Relationships & Help Others by Understanding the Psychology of the Spiritual Life

Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Every member of the body of Christ has a "helping ministry." Scripture tells us that we are to bear each others burdens and to love one another as Christ has loved us. So whether you are a parent, a teacher, or caregiver, or just frequently find yourself counseling friends and family over the phone or a cup of coffee, your life offers many opportunities to build up and help others. Now more than ever, people in our society are hurting and searching for hope, and, more and more, they are looking to God for answers. Are you there for them?

The Heart of the Matter
In three new presentations on two DVDs respected psychologist, author, and beloved spiritual director Fr. Benedict Groeschel speaks to the heart of the matter in The New Psychology of Virtue. Taped live before an audience of psychology students and faculty at Azusa Pacific University, Fr. Groeschel imparts practical wisdom gained over thirty years as a therapist and spiritual director for clergy. With wry and winsome wit he introduces a new generation of up and coming therapists to the latest therapeutic insights as well as the timeless wisdom of the greatest psychologists of all time, including St Thomas Aquinas, St. Bonaventure, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and the author of the first-ever psychological biography, St Augustine.

Know Thyself
Father reveals that almost everyone has dark corners in their heart that they don't want anyone else to know about. Often these are not great sins, but tendencies, weaknesses, or proclivities that won't bear the light of day. As he says, "We all have a diagnosis." With clarity and charity he demonstrates why those who would help others must first know themselves. With steadfast courage of his convictions, Fr. Benedict exposes much of the weakness of modern psychology and reveals the simple but unpopular truth that while God's love for us does not depend on our virtues, our happiness most certainly does.
As you watch, you'll discover that most problems people seek counseling for stem from the lack of some virtue, why most people today misunderstand virtue, and how to recognize the character strengths behind the virtues. Whatever your occupation may be, now you can more effectively help the hurting people in your life who need hope and healing, even if it's you! Order now and discover what every concerned Catholic needs to know about The New Psychology of Virtue.

Why you must "know yourself"
What are natural virtues vs. theological virtues
Why chastity is based on respect
How in all human nature there is a desire to be good
What is the most effective form of therapy
Why rationalism is irrational
Why it is not what we say but what we do that is important
What are the five patterns of relationship
Why religious people get better faster and stay better longer
How personal relationships are the best schools for counseling
What are the three stages of the spiritual life in terms of developmental psychology

Item Number: 6093DVD
Sale Price: $24.95




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